Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Horrific Flogging of Woman in Sudan!

Via Gateway Pundit:

Societies that treat women badly, are dangerous societies.~~Condoleeza Rice
I have been outspoken about human rights abuses in other countries, especially against women. Sudan is plagued by genocide in Darfur and their human rights' abuses are atrocious. Sudan is run by Omar al-Bashir, who was listed as the world's 2nd worst dictator by Parade Magazine last year.

Sudan needs our prayer, and the women in the Middle East and other countries need our help and prayers as well.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Friday, December 03, 2010

My 2010 Book List!

I am finishing up my books on Women in the Civil War. I have loved learning about the courage and bravery of these amazing women.

As soon as I am done with my latest book, I am going to embark on Bush's book. I am looking forward to it.

Below I have my final list for 2010. 

Here are the books that I have read:

1) Going Rogue: An American Life~~Sarah Palin
2) 365 Ways to Live Cheap!~~Trent Hamm
3) Sarah~~Kaylene Johnson
4) Margaret Thatcher, Britain's "Iron Lady"~~Doris Faber
5) Madam Prime Minister~~Libby Huges
6) Margaret Thatcher~~Bernard Garfinkel
7) Praying God's Word~~Beth Moore
8) Finding Peace in Life's Storms~~Charles Spurgeon
9) I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced~~Nujood Ali w/Delphine Minoui
10) The Girl Friend's Bible~~Cathy Hamilton
11) Wit and Wisdom of the American Presidents~~Joslyn Pine
12) Our Presidents...At a Glance~~Rolf Benj. Vinmont
13) Clarence Thomas~~Vicki Cox
14) Uncle Bert~~Hulda Hoover McLean
15) The Power of Prayer in a Believer's Life~~Charles Spurgeon
16) The First World War~~Paul Dowswell
17) Tad Lincoln~~John D. Weaver
18) Uncharted Territori~~Tori Spelling
19) The Official Record of the Oklahoma City Bombing~~Oklahoma Today
20) Finger Lickin Fifteen~~Janet Evanovich
21) A Pictorial Biography Ike~~William F. Longgood
22) Women in the First World War~~Neil Storey and Molly Housego
23) First Ladies of the White House~~Nancy Skarmeas
24) Plum Spooky~~Janet Evanovich
25) Fields of Fury~~James McPherson
26) Harriet Beecher Stowe~~Henry Elliot
27) I'll Pass For Your Comrade~~Anita Silvey
28) Women at the Front~~Jean F. Blashfield
29) Spies! Women in the Civil War~~Penny Colman
30) Dr. Mary Edwards Walker~~Bonnie Goldsmith
31) Women in the Civil War~~Larry G. Eggleston
32) The Practice of Praise~~Charles Spurgeon

Here are the books on CD that I've listened too:

1) Feminist Fantasies~~Phyllis Schafly
2) Blue Skies, No Fences: A Memoir of Childhood and Family~~Lynne Cheney
3) The Downing Street Years~~Margaret Thatcher
4) Roots~~Alex Haley
5) Hand of Providence~~Mary Beth Brown
6) The Long Road to Gettysburg~~Jim Murphy
7) U is for Undertow~~Sue Grafton

Book List 1

Book List 2

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Stephanie Plum's 12 Days of Christmas!!

Its time for a little levity!! You won't get the significance of the video unless you are a fan of Janet Evanovich's book series about Stephanie Plum.

Its a great series that is similar to Sue Grafton and Mary Higgins Clarks' books. Yet, Evanovich throws in some great comedy and romance. I literally laugh out loud every time I read one.

I will issue a warning though, there is a lot of language and some "adult" issues that are discussed in the books.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Conversation with President George W. Bush in Kansas City!!

The best word to describe last night's event is that it was AMAZING!! Rainy Day Books sponsored an interview with President George W. Bush at Unity Temple on the Plaza about his memoirs, Decision Points. Tickets for the event sold out last Monday, and the extra autographed copies sold out last Tuesday. Unity Temple was filled to capacity with over 1200 people. My friends and I arrived at 4:00 and were in the doors by 5:00. So, I missed the lame protesters, according to news media outlets, there were 18 of them.

As I was listening to Bush talk, and taking notes, I was struck by how he was even more real, down to earth, likable, charming and funny in person. He also exuded confidence, but was not arrogant, and the way he described his faith was inspiring! It was a very memorable experience. It is hard to imagine why anyone would hate him.

Below is a summary of my notes and observations of the event:
He was interviewed by Vivien Jennings, Founder & President of Rainy Day Books. He started off with some self-deprecating humor, by saying that most people didn't think he could read a book, let alone write one. He also said that Laura and Jenna had been invited by Rainy Day Books first, and now he finally got invited.

Jennings asked him what question would he liked to have been asked, that had not been asked so far. He joked that it would be, "Why did you trade Sammy Sosa?" He then went on to say, "Why did you spend tax money to help the people of Africa?" His answer was:
1) The enemy can only recruit when it has hopeless people
2) It is in the moral interests of a nation. He quoted the old adage, of whom much is given, much is required.

He talked about how important it is to have genuine friends. Harry Truman said, "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog." According to Bush, a friend in Washington is one that you had, before, you came to Washington.

He gave a passionate monologue on how life is full of risks. He took a big risk to run for president. He risked either being called "a pathetic candidate" or if he got elected, "a pathetic president." Yet, he didn't want to be sitting in a corner as an old man drooling, saying he could've been a great president, but he never ran. He got huge applause after this, as he did after many of his lines.

He described himself as a "half-glass full guy" and someone who has a passion for history. As someone who would describe myself exactly the same way, it was music to my ears. He said it was fascinating to be making history and reading it, at the same time.

He talked about a time that he bragged about how Laura was the greatest first lady ever, and then realized he was mentioning this in front of his mother. That would be a unique problem no one has had to deal with, since John Quincy Adams. He also mentioned Laura being the first, first lady to give the Radio Address, where she spoke to the women of Afghanistan. I would have to imagine that meant something to quite a few women in Afghanistan, who had virtually no rights before the war.

He mentioned that he was upset with Jenna and her husband, because there are no grandchildren yet. She says she is young, but Bush says he isn't. There was another nice round of applause after this too.

He defended his pick of Dick Cheney as Vice-President. He said he wanted someone who was capable of becoming president and who had Washington and Foreign policy experience. He also didn't want someone who wanted to be his successor. I remember when I first heard that Cheney was his pick for VP, I was like who is Dick Cheney? Yet, I couldn't have been happier with Cheney as VP. I'm with Bush in that I think he was the perfect choice.

One thing Bush didn't understand was the endless, childish name calling, and he refused to engage in it. Many of us wished he would've defended himself more against those attacks, but he didn't want to lower the office of the presidency. He reminded us of the names that Lincoln was called. I remember being struck by that when I visited the Lincoln Museum. He was called a tyrant, a hick and a stupid baboon and yet, today he is regarded by most as our greatest president.

When asked about his faith, I was struck by how genuine and humble Bush was as he responded. He said prayer is key and success in your Christian walk is accepting your place with the risen Lord by surrendering, which is a continual process. The White House was joyous because of his relationship with the Lord. One of his favorite verses is Matthew 7:5-"...first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye." He said its a good verse for all politicians.

Yet, he was quick to reiterate that what makes the United States great is the fact that we have freedom of religion. The contrast is that we face an enemy that kills you, if you don't believe in the right religion.

As I mentioned, it was so much more amazing to see him in person than on TV. I came away with even more admiration for him.

The media was only allowed to stay for a short amount of time. Below are links to their short coverage:
--Fox 4
--KC Star

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

George W. Bush Coming to KC on November 22nd!

While at the Condi Event, they announced that Bush was coming on November 22nd:
What: Former President George W. Bush will be in conversation with Vivien Jennings, Founder & President of Rainy Day Books, and discuss his new Book and his life. The program will last approximately one Hour.

When: Monday, November 22, 2010, 7:00 PM

Where: A Rainy Day Books Author Event at Unity Temple on The Plaza, Sanctuary, 707 W 47th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64112
It was a good thing I bought my tickets right away, because it sold out yesterday. I purposely waited to buy a copy of his book hoping that he would come to KC, and the event includes an autographed copy of his book! Stay tuned for a post on the event!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lunch with Condoleezza Rice!

"Today's headlines and history's judgment are rarely the same."~~Condi Rice

I mentioned last week that I was going to the KMBZ Business Forum to hear Condi Rice speak. It was pouring down rain, and my friend and I narrowly avoided an 8 car pile up, but we arrived in time. I had to laugh when I saw 2 loony protesters standing in the rain, across the street, with their signs. So, I made their day by taking their picture.

The place was packed as you can see by my pictures. The interview was amazing and I was struck by the similarity between Rice and Antonin Scalia. Rice and Scalia are both such experts in their fields and extremely intelligent that you are surprised at how witty they are too. Rice told several, great stories that had everyone either laughing or clapping.

She began by saying that it was nice for her to start off her day by not having to read terrorist reports with her morning coffee anymore. Below are some of the questions she was asked and summaries of her answers. Neither the questions nor the answers are direct quotes.

How has race been an issue?
~~She said it hadn't been an issue as Secretary of State because no one wanted to make her mad :-). Yet, she did share a story from her school years of a counselor not expecting much of her. She quoted her former boss, Bush's phrase, "the soft bigotry of low expectations".

What was her response to the Bush/Kanye West incident?
~~She said that Bush cared deeply about minority children and that the incident was hurtful. She said that we have to be very careful how we talk about race because the conversation ends once you call someone a racist.

How do you stay so optimistic?
~~She mentioned that she is a minister's daughter and that her faith plays a big part in her optimism. She also makes sure she exercises and tries to take some time to rest.

How has religion played a role in your life?
~~She talked about how you can't really separate religion from her life, its just a part of who she is. Prayer is a huge part of it, her prayers and then she was often overwhelmed at how many people would tell her that they were praying for her.

Why have you decided not to criticize the current administration?
~~She said she figured they have enough people chirping at them and besides if she wants to give them advice she can call them instead of telling the NY Times (that got a lot of applause).

She talked about 9/11, Iran and Iraq and about encouraging young people to pursue what they are passionate about and love to do.

We also got autographed copies of her book, Extraordinary People, Ordinary People as part of the ticket price. It was a great time!

Friday, November 12, 2010

George W. Bush talks to Oprah and O'Reilly!

To see the rest of the interview with Oprah, go here!

I love that Bush chose to use his book as a time to defend all the decisions he made. I'm also glad that while he seems to take most criticism in stride, he admits that being called a racist was beyond the pale. So many people seem so willing to play the "race card" and I find it disgusting.

As Bush says, this shows how awful the political discourse has gotten that if you don't agree with someone you think its okay to say some of the most hurtful and evil things.

Politik Ditto has the video of Kanye West apologizing to Bush over his hurtful comments about him regarding race. As GG says, it might be more impressive had it come much earlier.

Bush often didn't defend himself while President (when many of us wish he would've) and he hasn't criticized the current President (when many of us wish he would). Yet, he is a better man for it, and the chasm between him and Obama is deep. Since, Obama hasn't stopped blaming Bush for all the country's ills.

To see the rest of the interview with O'Reilly, go here!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

George W. Bush talks to Rush, Hannity and Lauer about his book, "Decision Points"!

For more of the Hannity interview, go here!
Democracy is a beautiful thing!~~George W. Bush's response to last Tuesday's election results
I love this man!!! What an awesome response in the above quote. I am thoroughly enjoying all of the interviews Bush is doing for his book, Decision Points. It reminds me how much I miss having a real man in the White House.

I am hoping he comes to KC on his book tour. I am looking forward to getting my copy of Decision Points soon.

For more of the Lauer interview, go here!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Review of "Attack on Darfur"!

Darfur is an issue that I continue to care about. I watched the movie, Attack on Darfur over the weekend. It was a difficult, but important movie to see.

As I watched the Janjaweed rape and murder the innocent villagers, I could hardly comprehend how there could be such evil people in the world. People need to have their eyes opened to the genocide that is going on over there.

While, I wouldn't recommend this movie for children, I think its important that people watch it, so more can be done for the people of Darfur! Yet, I would caution that many of the scenes are obviously pretty disturbing

To learn more about what is going on in Darfur and how you can help, go here!

Genocide in Darfur
President Bush Fed Up With UN's Lack of Action on Darfur
Against Darfur Genocide

Other Links:
Save Darfur Coalition

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Condi Rice Comes to Kansas City!

KMBZ Business Forum 2010 Featuring Condoleezza Rice
November 12th 2010 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Marriott Muehlebach Tower

If you still want tickets, go here!
A friend and I are going, and I'm looking forward to it. Stay tuned for a complete report on the event!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Women in the Civil War!

As I've mentioned, I've been studying the Civil War with my son for school. I'm now doing further research for my own personal study. Imagine my delight when I found out how many books there are on the role women played in the Civil War.

Above are just some of the books I've checked out from the library. I've already read, Women at the Front and I'll Pass for Your Comrade.

It is amazing what so many women dared to do that was considered "unladylike" and "scandalous" behavior. Women were nurses, some out on battlefields with bullet holes in their dresses, as proof of their courage. Women were spies on both the north and the south side when it was an offense punishable by hanging. Women took over all duties at their homesteads when their men went off to fight. Somehow, they managed to run farms and businesses all while doing their 24/7 duties that they already had, including raising large families on their own.

Yet, last but not least, over 400 women disguised themselves as men so they could actually fight as soldiers on the battlefield.

I hope to do some individual reviews of the books and maybe profiles of some of the amazing women!!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Studying The Civil War!

I am studying the Civil War with my youngest son and I am loving it. National Geographic's Atlas of the Civil War is an excellent, comprehensive book that covers every detail of the Civil War. It has excellent time lines for each year of the war.

The Civil War documentary by Ken Burns is wonderful. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. I had numerous people recommend it to me and it is regarded as one of the best documentaries of all time.

Fields of Fury does a great job of highlighting the important battles and people of the Civil War.

The Civil War for Kids was one of several craft books that I got to do activities with my son. One of the things we are doing is making a Civil War alphabet book.

The Long Road to Gettysburg is an audio book telling about the events leading up to Gettysburg through the eyes of a Confederate and a Union soldier.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Doesn't Miss George W. Bush??

I'm listening to Mary Beth Brown's book, Hand of Providence on CD right now. It is about Ronald Reagan's faith.

Brown does a wonderful job, and at the beginning of the book she plays several of the eulogies that were given at Reagan's funeral. I was struck by how moving George W. Bush's words were in his speech. Below are some excerpts from that eulogy:
The qualities all of us have seen in Ronald Reagan were first spotted 70 and 80 years ago. As the lifeguard in Lowell Park, he was the protector, keeping an eye out for trouble.

As a sports announcer on the radio, he was the friendly voice that made you see the game as he did.

As an actor he was the handsome all-American good guy, which in his case required knowing his lines and being himself.

Along the way certain convictions were formed and fixed in we should strive to know and do the will of God. He believed that the gentleman always does the kindest thing. He believed that people were basically good and had the right to be free. He believed that bigotry and prejudice were the worst things a person could be guilty of. He believed in the golden rule and in the power of prayer. He believed that America was not just a place in the world, but the hope of the world.

And he believed in taking a break now and then, because, as we said, there's nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.

Ronald Reagan spent decades in the film industry and in politics, fields known on occasion to change a man. But not this man. From Dixon to Des Moines to Hollywood to Sacramento to Washington, D.C., all who met him remembered the same sincere, honest, upright fellow.

Ronald Reagan's deepest beliefs never had much to do with fashion or convenience. His convictions were always politely stated, affably argued, and as firm and straight as the columns of this cathedral.

The clarity and intensity of Ronald Reagan's convictions led to speaking engagements around the country, and a new following he did not seek or expect.

He often began his speeches by saying, "I'm going to talk about controversial things." And then he spoke of communist rulers as slave masters, of a government in Washington that had far overstepped its proper limits, of a time for choosing that was drawing near.

In the space of a few years, he took ideas and principles that were mainly found in journals and books and turned them into a broad, hopeful movement ready to govern.

As soon as Ronald Reagan became California's governor, observers saw a star in the west, tanned, well-tailored, in command and on his way. In the 1960s his friend Bill Buckley wrote, "Reagan is indisputably a part of America and he may become a part of American history."

Ronald Reagan's moment arrived in 1980. He came out ahead of some very good men, including one from Plains and one from Houston. What followed was one of the decisive decades of the century as the convictions that shaped the president began to shape the times.

He came to office with great hopes for America. And more than hopes. Like the president he had revered and once saw in person, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan matched an optimistic temperament with bold, persistent action.

President Reagan was optimistic about the great promise of economic reform, and he acted to restore the rewards and spirit of enterprise. He was optimistic that a strong America could advance the peace, and he acted to build the strength that mission required.

He was optimistic that liberty would thrive wherever it was planted, and he acted to defend liberty wherever it was threatened.

And Ronald Reagan believed in the power of truth in the conduct of world affairs. When he saw evil camped across the horizon he called that evil by its name.

There were no doubters in the prisons and gulags, where dissidents spread the news, tapping to each other in code what the American president had dared to say. There were no doubters in the shipyards and churches and secret labor meetings where brave men and women began to hear the creaking and rumbling of a collapsing empire. And there were no doubters among those who swung hammers at the hated wall that the first and hardest blow had been struck by President Ronald Reagan.

The ideology he opposed throughout his political life insisted that history was moved by impersonal tides and unalterable fates. Ronald Reagan believed instead in the courage and triumph of free men and we believe it all the more because we saw that courage in him.

As he showed what a president should be, he also showed us what a man should be.

Ronald Reagan carried himself, even in the most powerful office, with the decency and attention to small kindnesses that also define a good life.

He was a courtly, gentle and considerate man, never known to slight or embarrass others.

Many people across the country cherish letters he wrote in his own hand to family members on important occasions, to old friends dealing with sickness and loss, to strangers with questions about his days in Hollywood.

See, our 40th president wore his title lightly, and it fit like a white Stetson.

In the end, through his belief in our country and his love for our country, he became an enduring symbol of our country.

We think of the steady stride, that tilt of the head and snap of the salute, the big screen smile, and the glint in his Irish eyes when a story came to mind.

We think of a man advancing in years with the sweetness and sincerity of a scout saying the pledge. We think of that grave expression that sometimes came over his face, the seriousness of a man angered by injustice and frightened by nothing.

We know, as he always said, that America's best days are ahead of us. But with Ronald Reagan's passing, some very fine days are behind us. And that is worth our tears.

Americans saw death approach Ronald Reagan twice in a moment of violence and then in the years of departing light. He met both with courage and grace. In these trials, he showed how a man so enchanted by life can be at peace with life's end.

And where does that strength come from? Where is that courage learned? It is the faith of a boy who read the Bible with his mom. It is the faith of a man lying in an operating room who prayed for the one who shot him before he prayed for himself. It is the faith of a man with a fearful illness who waited on the Lord to call him home.

Now death has done all that death can do, and as Ronald Wilson Reagan goes his way, we are left with the joyful hope he shared.

In his last years he saw through a glass darkly. Now he sees his savior face to face.

And we look for that fine day when we will see him again, all weariness gone, clear of mind, strong and sure and smiling again, and the sorrow of this parting gone forever.

May God bless Ronald Reagan and the country he loved.

Yet, its not just me that misses Bush. The military misses him too! As is seen in the pictures above (a friend of a friend was actually there and took them), when he made a surprise visit to the USO in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport last month.

And, in bizarro news, there are apparently LIBERALS WHO MISS BUSH!! Plus, Joe Biden is giving Bush some credit for the war on terror. There must be something in the water.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

My 2010 Book List So Far...Part 2

I visited Reagan's Boyhood home and Eisenhower's home and Museum this summer. So, it worked out well that I was in the middle of reading the above book on Eisenhower. I also bought a book on First Ladies at one of the gift shops, and found out some fun things about Mamie Eisenhower. When she was First Lady she conducted morning business meetings from her bed, and she halted whatever she was doing each day to watch her favorite soap opera (of course, there was no DVR back then ;-))!

Below I have updated my list. The titles in blue are the ones that I've read since the last post.

Here are the books that I have read so far:
1) Going Rogue: An American Life~~Sarah Palin
2) 365 Ways to Live Cheap!~~Trent Hamm
3) Sarah~~Kaylene Johnson
4) Margaret Thatcher, Britain's "Iron Lady"~~Doris Faber
5) Madam Prime Minister~~Libby Huges
6) Margaret Thatcher~~Bernard Garfinkel
7) Praying God's Word~~Beth Moore
8) Finding Peace in Life's Storms~~Charles Spurgeon
9) I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced~~Nujood Ali w/Delphine Minoui
10) The Girl Friend's Bible~~Cathy Hamilton
11) Wit and Wisdom of the American Presidents~~Joslyn Pine
12) Our Presidents...At a Glance~~Rolf Benj. Vinmont
13) Clarence Thomas~~Vicki Cox
14) Uncle Bert~~Hulda Hoover McLean
15) The Power of Prayer in a Believer's Life~~Charles Spurgeon
16) The First World War~~Paul Dowswell
17) Tad Lincoln~~John D. Weaver
18) Uncharted Territori~~Tori Spelling
19) The Official Record of the Oklahoma City Bombing~~Oklahoma Today
20) Finger Lickin Fifteen~~Janet Evanovich
21) A Pictorial Biography Ike~~William F. Longgood
22) Women in the First World War~~Neil Storey and Molly Housego
23) First Ladies of the White House~~Nancy Skarmeas
24) Plum Spooky~~Janet Evanovich

Here are the books on CD that I've listened too:
1) Feminist Fantasies~~Phyllis Schafly
2) Blue Skies, No Fences: A Memoir of Childhood and Family~~Lynne Cheney

Book List 1

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Weeks in Review!!

I have been to Dixon and Aurora, Illinois, Out-in-the-Boonies, Michigan and St. Louis, Missouri in the past 2 weeks! As a result, I've ignored my blog and have a lot to catch up on.

--The pictures above show me at Ronald Reagan's Boyhood Home in Dixon, Illinois! The one is of me with a cardboard cutout of Reagan (obviously). Several people thought my picture of Sarah Palin and I was a cardboard cutout, so I took this one to show people what it does look like ;-)!!

What I missed reporting on:
~~Ecstatic about Proposition C passing by 71%

~~Bummed about the outcome of the Clay County Auditor Race

~~An interesting perspective on the 34th District Senate Race

~~More on the Iranian Woman Stoning Case
Shocker!! She was tortured before her "tv confession". What has been done to this woman and what continues to be done to women all over Iran is reprehensible. We as women from free countries need to start speaking up for our sisters who have no freedoms.

~~Obama shocks no one by supporting a controversial Islam Center near 9/11 site
Sickening!! After seeing the OKC bombing memorial I can't imagine having something to celebrate the likes of Timothy McVeigh close by. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Yet, in his classic decisive nature, he then backtracks his support. What a leader we have, what a man of solid convictions...... I guess he gets a little weak spined when he sees that 2/3rds of the American people don't support something.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Museum!

Freedom from fear and injustice and oppression will be ours only in the measure that men who value such freedom are ready to sustain its possession-to defend against every thrust from within and without.--President Dwight D. Eisenhower

I thoroughly enjoyed the Eisenhower Museum. It was well done and I added to my history knowledge.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Museum!

Americans will come here and be better people for having walked through the Memorial Museum.--President George W. Bush on February 19, 2001, dedication of Memorial Museum

We will never forget. One hundred sixty-eight lives were lost that bright, sunny morning more than nine years ago. Children lost moms and dads; brothers lost sisters; mothers and fathers lost innocent, irreplaceable children, including unborn children.

We will not forget because, in this nation, we are dedicated to the fundamental belief that every life is precious. We remember the achievements, the dreams, and the potential of those who were lost. And it is because we hold every life precious that this nation will never bow to terror.
--Attorney General John Ashcroft, on May 3, 2004, dedication of Federal Building

I took a short trip to Oklahoma this past week and was able to go to the OKC Bombing Memorial. I, like anyone else that was alive at the time, remember exactly where I was at the time it happened. I was a new Mom at home and my husband called me and told me to turn on the TV.

Yet, this was before I became a political/current events junkie, so I didn't pay much attention to the details. As a result, I learned a lot going through the museum, as did my 14 year old son who was with me.

I was amazed at several things:
--168 people died
--That more than 300 buildings were damaged or destroyed
--850 people were injured
--How quickly they were on the trail of Timothy McVeigh

The Survivor Tree
This 90 year old American Elm survived the bombing, and is therefore now called the Survivor Tree.

This message was spray painted on the wall of the Journal Record Building by a team of rescue workers.

I bought the above book, The Official Record of the Oklahoma City Bombing and I'm already half way through it. It is a great, detailed account of what happened with plenty of pictures and short biographies of each of the 168 people who lost their lives.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Iranian Woman's Possible Stoning Finally Sparks Worldwide Outrage!

So many women don't have basic human rights in the Middle East. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani's story is just one of many women who face executions for crimes they don't even commit. After international pressure, the Iranian embassy is now saying that Ashtiani won't be stoned. Yet, reports had been out that she had been convicted of adultery and had been sentenced to death by stoning.

Sean Hannity and scores of others were speaking out, while noticing Obama's silence. Nevertheless, this time it appears enough may have spoken up.

Yet, it doesn't touch the problem that millions of women face all over the Middle East. Since, I am doing research on women this year, I have been reading about just such women. Over the next week I will be touching on some of the very stories that have popped up recently dealing with the plights of some of these women:
~~I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced
~~U.S. Journalist Roxana Saberi Finally Freed from Iranian Prison!
~~The Stoning of Soraya M.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Governor Sarah Palin and I!!

I got my picture taken with Governor Palin at the Winning America Back Conference back on May 1st and we finally got the pictures. I liked the picture, except next to Sarah I kind of looked like a pale Cullen vampire ;-)!

~~Tammy Bruce's Sarah Palin Interview
~~Draft Sarah For RNC Chair

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day!!

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (and women ;-)) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happines!!~~Thomas Jefferson

God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood, always brings tears to my eyes. A great song about our great country.

John Stossel had a great show on Fox last night entitled, What's Great About America. It reminds us of why we can be so proud of our country.

~~2006 Independence Day
~~2007 Independence Day
~~2009 Independence Day

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse Premiere!

We attended the Midnight premiere of the 3rd movie in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse. Several of my friends came and I brought my daughters and 5 of their friends.

It was even crazier than New Moon because kids weren't having to get up for school the next day. AMC also decided that they would change how they opened up the theaters and it wasn't a great plan. Yet, the movie was good and of course, worth it. We will be back when Breaking Dawn comes out ;-)!!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Miss George W. Bush!!

President Bush gives his Facebook Inaugural Address!! He is working on his memoirs which will come out on November 9th. He is also working on the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Inspirational Woman #1--Liz Bohannon!

My focus this year is on heroic women. I'm trying to focus my research and reading on women that I find inspirational. I decided that whenever I find a woman worth highlighting, I will do a post on them and I'm turning it into a series.

Thus, my first post is on a woman right here in Kansas City who traveled to Uganda. I found her story fascinating for several reasons. For one, my youngest son and I were memorizing the countries of Africa during school this year. We also had read and prayed for various countries in Africa, including Uganda, using Samaritan's Purse's Prayer Point.

Liz Bohannon not only traveled to Uganda and wanted to make a difference for the women living there, she actually has made it happen. She went to Uganda in 2008 and she wanted the women there to get an education. The main obstacle for them was of course money, so Bohannon came up with a way to overcome that obstacle.

The plan was simple, but took a lot of work and ingenuity on Bohannon's part. She came up with a way for Ugandan women to make sandals for her to sell here in the U.S. The result:
Now 24, Bohannon is running an international shoe business and changing the lives of young women in Africa.

The sandal business hasn’t put any money in Bohannon’s pocket yet, but it is growing. Last year Sseko sold 1,000 sandals online. This milestone was crossed in the first four months of this year.

In the U.S., women have taken to throwing Sseko house parties, displaying and taking orders on the sandals.

About a dozen area boutiques have committed to stocking the sandals, and several have placed big orders. Bohannon hired an American woman living in Uganda to manage the east African operation and the shipping.

Back in Uganda, 12 women, ages 18 to 22, get a monthly salary that in some cases is more than the combined annual income earned by their entire family.

I found the story amazing and inspirational, but not shocking. Women love shoes!! If more of us took the time to not only care about a situation, but to make a difference, the world would be a different place. Liz Bohannon has set a great example for us all!!

To read the rest of her story and to find out how to get a pair of the sandals yourself, go here!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lee Dewyze is My American Idol!

Its down to the final 2, Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox. I think Mama Sox is a great singer, but I like Lee's voice better and the type of music he sings. He reminds me of David Cook and Chris Daughtry.

The KC Star mentioned last week that Dewyze might get some of the "Cougars for Cook" vote, and yes, that would be me ;-)). According to Dial Idol, Lee is in the lead, but you never know until you hear the actual results. Tonight will be an exciting night, especially since it will be Simon Cowell's last night on the show.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stunner: China Accuses U.S. of Human Rights Violations!

China is one of the biggest human rights violators in the world. So, the fact that they have the audacity to criticize a free country that protects human rights is beyond the pale.

When I first heard this, I thought it would be laughable if it weren't so sickening. The Obama administration brought this on by apologizing for the Arizona immigration law.

Flopping Aces concludes his post this way:
I’m guessing the ambassador won’t say a peep about this. Why should he? He works for a man who lives and breathes anything Anti-American. Every person brought into the administration knew what Obama was about, and the multiple apology tours have just reinforced the truth. Ayers, Wright, Meeks and so on, ooze their hatred for this country, and they were his teachers.

Which has finally led us to our State Department apologizing to one of the worst human rights violators on this planet about one of our States having the audacity to actually try to stop illegal immigration by enforcing the law already on the books.

Imagine that!

Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 Clay County Republican Lincoln Days!

Quote of the night--
"John Ashcroft makes Eric Holder look like a Mall Cop!"~~Chris Stigall
Chris Stigall hosted his 8th and last Lincoln Days for the year, in his own county, Clay County.

It was another great night, thanks in large part to the Central Committee's chairman, Ben Wierzbicki.

The night opened up with awards given to two of the most deserving legislators, not only in Clay County, but in all of Missouri. Rep. Doug Ervin has term limited out and Rep. Tim Flook is not seeking re-election. Rep. Jerry Nolte presented the award to Rep. Tim Flook and Rep. Bob Nance presented the award to Rep. Doug Ervin.

Chris Stigall then did two short interviews with former ambassadors. The first was Ambassador to Afghanistan Tom Schweich. Schweich talked about one of his areas of expertise, Afghanistan. He did a great job and he is now running for Missouri State Auditor.

The second was Ambassador to Luxembourg Ann Wagner, who also used to be the Chair of the Missouri Republican Party for six years, from 1999 until 2005, and Co-chair of the Republican National Committee for four years.

After her interview with Chris, she gave some remarks of her own. She told a compelling story of an incident that happened in Luxembourg, reminding us of why we don't want America to go the way of Europe. She then announced that she was now the chair of Roy Blunt's campaign for Kit Bond's senate seat. She talked about how crucial the elections are going to be in November. A loose paraphrase of my favorite line of hers is when she said, if you don't have skin in the game, you lose your passion. She was reminding us to get out there and get some skin in the game and have passion for the principles that we believe in.

Rep. Roy Blunt himself was up next. He talked about the article in the KC Star from last Thursday. It talked about early polls showing that Blunt already has an 8 point lead over Robin Carnahan. What was Carnahan's reason for this? She said that the public isn't engaged in the race yet. Meanwhile, Carnahan's campaign has spent $2 million trying to demonize Blunt over being against the Cap and Trade bill. How much more will they have to spend before people will be engaged ;-)?

Blunt's conclusion was, "I think freedom is going to win, and I need you to help me." Again, I was impressed with Blunt personally as I was the last time I met him. He went out of his way to talk to everyone in the room and shake their hand and really talk to them.

Finally, the main speaker, John Ashcroft got up to speak. I am such a huge fan of Ashcroft, for so many reasons. This is the second time I've heard him speak, and he was even better this time than the last.

He thanked us for being there because of how important it is for good people to be involved in politics. He talked about American Exceptionalism and how freedom is the special catalyst. He said that America must continue to distinguish itself and not be europeanized. The United States of America and American Exceptionalism is worth defending. He hoped we didn't take the blessings of our country for granted and that we would participate and work hard to make sure our principles are kept.

He made so many great points, I was wanting to cheer and stand every other sentence. He had so much passion for what he was saying. My favorite part was when he talked about how foolish it was to "reach across the aisle". He talked about how anytime he tried to do that, he got bit. It was nice to hear someone tell it like it really is with out being concerned about political correctness.

The night ended with several more awards. Shawna Searcy received the Clay County Woman of the Year and Jeff Roe got the Clay County Man of the Year award. They were both surprised, but not as shocked as Ben Wierzbicki was when Jeff Roe presented him with the Man of the Decade award.

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