Friday, June 30, 2006

Politics in 2006

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I'm getting ready to do a personal post tomorrow so needed to get some politics out of my system first. But before that ages ago someone linked to this neat site where you can make your own map of the states you've been to. The states I've been to are in red. I'm not sure that it is 100% accurate because when I was a kid our family took a trip out west and I'm not positive on all the states we made it to. But this is pretty close. As you can see the main area I haven't been to is the Northeast. I don't consider that too disappointing although I would like to visit those states eventually :-).

Missouri Politics:

Missouri's Senate Race is a closely watched race in the nation this year. Jim Talent is our current strongly conservative senator who is running for re-election. Missouri is a red state but we have a lot of "Truman Democrats" and a lot of liberals who live in the cities of St. Louis and Kansas City. Claire McCaskill ran against Matt Blunt in 2004 for Governor and lost. This year she is running against Jim Talent for the senate seat. She is a hard-core liberal and I shudder to think what it would be like if she were to win this November. I was given a strong reminder of this when I was reading the KC Star's Buzz blog. The post was entitled: McCaskill: Gitmo decision "a wise one". The title alone should give you heartburn but not only does she support the rights of Gitmo detainees above the safety of the American people but she also backs the NY Times' leaks. My response was:
"Lets put these comments in an ad and see how many Missourians agree with Claire on these issues. She believes the rights of terrorists are more important than the safety of the American people. Sounds like a winning campaign to me."
There was another post of interest on the Buzz Blog about McCaskill entitled: Reno to raise cash for Claire. Do you laugh or sigh? Janet Reno was so incompetent that even Clinton was desperate for a way to fire her. I have so little respect for this woman I wouldn't vote for her for dog catcher. And somehow McCaskill thinks its a good idea to bring her to St. Louis to raise money for her. My response: Good luck with that!!!

In the awesome Missouri news department our Governor Matt Blunt was listed 3rd in Human Events' Top 10 Conservative Governors. Here are the top 10 Conservative Governors according to them:

1) Jeb Bush--Florida
2) Bill Owens--Colorado
3) Matt Blunt--Missouri
4) Jon Huntsman--Utah
5) Rick Perry--Texas
6) David Heineman--Nebraska
7) Haley Barbour--Mississippi
8) Tim Pawlenty—-Minnesota
9) Mike Rounds—-South Dakota
10)Mitch Daniels—-Indiana
And speaking of Matt Blunt here is a great article entitled: "MISSOURI GETS TOUGH ON THOSE WHO PREY ON CHILDREN". It discusses the importance of Jessica's law being passed in Missouri earlier this month. Here is an excerpt:
"It is difficult to overstate the importance of Missouri House Bill 1698, commonly known as Jessica’s Law, for Missouri children.

Gov. Matt Blunt signed this comprehensive child sex offender legislation into law on Monday. The result is that Missouri now has perhaps the toughest laws against child predators of any state in the nation.

Blunt and several Missouri legislators, including Rep. Scott Lipke, a Jackson Republican who was the bill’s lead sponsor, and Sen. Matt Bartle, a Lee’s Summit Republican who carried the bill in the Senate, worked closely with police, prosecutors, and child advocates to craft a bill that will dramatically improve our ability to prosecute anyone who preys on Missouri’s children.

At 46 pages, the bill is so sweeping that it is nearly impossible to summarize.

At the heart of the new law is a life sentence for anyone who rapes or sodomizes a child less than 12 years old. And unlike so-called “life” sentences in some states, this sentence will really stick: Offenders will not become parole eligible until they spend at least 30 years behind bars."
Missouri is now safer as a result but Bill O'Reilly lists "The most dangerous states for American kids". Here they are: Vermont, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Wyoming, Arkansas, Tennessee, Idaho and North Dakota. If you live in any of these states I urge you to contact your Governor about protecting the children in your state.

And in conclusion Benjamin Shapiro wrote an excellent article that I never got around to posting on when it first came out but it is great advice for Republicans. It is entitled: "The winning Republican message in '06: Judge the Democrats by their friends". Here is an excerpt:
"The biggest problem for Republicans is their unwillingness to go on the political offensive. The Republicans seem focused on explaining to Americans just how good they have it. And Republicans are right: The economy is up; fewer and fewer Americans are being killed in Iraq; there hasn't been a terrorist attack for almost five years. Yet Americans still have the persistent perception that something is drastically wrong. For electoral purposes, it doesn't matter why Americans are so pessimistic. The bottom line is that they are.

In a one-sided political conversation in which your opponent defines you, you will always look bad. Bringing a "new tone" to Washington wears thin when your opponent refuses to abide by the Marquis of Queensbury rules. That's why, if the Republicans want to win in 2006, they're going to have to remind Americans not only why the GOP deserves votes, but why the Democratic Party doesn't.

If Republicans want to win in 2006, they must emphasize this simple message: Judge the Democrats by their friends. They protect terrorists for political expediency; they protect illegal immigrants for political expediency; they protect Islamofascists in Iraq for political expediency; they protect those who do not work at the expense of those who do for political expediency; they protect radical abortion and homosexuality advocates for political expediency. Americans may be unhappy with Republicans, but Republicans must make clear that the alternative is a country run by those who consistently side with enemies of the American people.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

LMC's News & Politics Highlights

Life has been so crazy I keep having to do these news rundowns. All this exciting stuff happens that I want to blog about but I don't have time to sit down and blog on each one so thus you get my highlights :-). First of all I blamed Mike on saturday's post for sucking away too much of my time. Now I will blame Little Orange Fox for leading me to a website where I got a bunch more of my time sucked away. She talked about this site on her blog where you could create your own South Park character version of yourself. So in case you hadn't figured it out yet this is the South Park version of Little Miss Chatterbox. I wasted way too much time fine tuning exactly what I wanted and I'm still not sure its perfect but it will have to do. Except in real life I wouldn't be brave enough to show off my belly button--I've had 4 kids after all :-)!!

Now onto the heavy stuff. I have studied the Andrea Yates case a lot!!! As with the Terri Schiavo case this one drew me in and I read a lot and learned a lot about it. In all my research I do have to say that I think Andrea Yates is probably mentally ill. Does that make me have compassion for her and think she should be in a mental hospital? No!!! This woman personally drowned her 5 children. I can't tell you how much this horrifies me especially since I am the mother of 4 children. The reason I think she needs life in prison or the death penalty is because I don't want her to hurt anyone else. Do you know how many mothers have killed their children only to be found not guilty by reason of insanity and let out years and sometimes only months later? A lot!!! And I'm not willing to take that chance.

She deserved better help than what she got before she killed them but now 5 children are dead and she's responsible. I must admit that I had an extremely negative opinion of her husband until I saw an interview with him just this past week. He explained a lot of the misconceptions and lies that had been told about him and why they weren't true. I thought he should've done more to prevent this tragedy but I'm more willing now to give him the benefit of the doubt. The only thing that struck me as odd was that at the end of the interview he was saying that him and his mother just wanted to take her out to lunch and thought they should be able to do that someday. What??? She killed all 5 of your kids!!!! His lack of emotion seems strange to me.

All of that to say that I hope this retrial comes up with the same verdict--life in prison. If she goes to a mental hospital and eventually gets out justice will definitely not have been served.

I was so proud of Bush and Tony Snow this week for giving it to the New York Times. Its about time!! I have been very proud of all those coming out against the Times' lack of regard for the safety of people's lives. They don't act like we are in the middle of a war. It is more important to trash Bush than to protect the lives of fellow Americans. It is about time they were called on to the carpet for it.

Toons Credit: Glenn McCoy

Bush Slams Leak of Terror Financing Info and Tony Snow Says 'NYT' Should 'Take the Heat'.


1) Now that we have some sane people on the U.S. Supreme Court we've been getting some encouraging rulings recently: Death Penalty restored in Kansas.

2) A group in Missouri has led a very misleading campaign trying to get an amendment on our ballot allowing embryonic stem cell research which could lead to cloning. It is entitled "Missouri Research and Cures Initiative". They went around gathering signatures for their petition to get it on the ballot. I was approached at a public library. I specifically asked if it would involve embryonic stem cell research and was lied to and told it didn't. I refused to sign the petition because I didn't know for sure. Sure enough it does include embryonic stem cell research. My husband was approached and lied to also and was smart enough not to sign it either. I have talked to numerous people who share the same stories. Unfortunately they lied to enough people and got enough signatures to get it onto the ballot for this fall.

There is a group entitled "Missourians Against Human Cloning" that are fighting this. I encourage anyone who lives in Missouri to check out their site and see what you can do. I signed up to hand out literature at my church, put a sign in my yard, etc... The link is also in my sidebar.

3) I finally got my letter to the editor written about the KC Star not mentioning WMDs until friday and with a misleading headline. Here is the letter, I'm waiting for a friend to edit it before I actually send it to the paper:
Last Wednesday, June 21st we learned that 500 WMDs had been found in Iraq. Many of us in the blog world were quick to report on it but knew it would be ignored in the main stream media. Sure enough Thursday's edition of the KC Star didn't mention anything about it and when it was finally mentioned on friday it was on pg. 11 with a very misleading headline. Tom McClanahan wrote an excellent opinion piece that was in Sunday's paper that helped set some of the record straight. These are old weapons but the whole point is that Saddam was required to destroy all old and new stockpiles. The left has screamed that Bush lied about WMDs for 3 years now. I think it is worth more than a yawn to acknowledge that there were WMDs in Iraq and probably many more as more documents are de-classified.

Monday, June 26, 2006

D is for Defeatist Dems & Some Fun Stuff

Toon Credit: Micheal Ramirez

Mike pointed out awhile back how dead on right Reagan was in wanting to build a missile defense system. Yet at the time the liberals made fun of him and called his plan "Star Wars". Yet who looks like the fool now with Psycho Kim Jong Il at the helm of North Korea?

Originally this was just going to be a fun post and then I found this article with an awesome title: "Give Dem '08 hopefuls a D — for defeatism" by Michael Goodwin. I don't agree with everything he says in the article but here were some great excerpts:
"If any of those Democrats had been at our nation's helm in history, we would not have gotten to D-Day or to Appomattox. Whether it is difficult is not the test of war. Those who would be President must have a steadier, more long-range view of our national interest.

But he (Bush) believes in the war on terror and has staked his presidency on winning in Iraq. In war and peace, but especially in war, the job requires such resolution. Those who don't have it shouldn't apply."

FUN STUFF: Calvin & Hobbes and a Dave Barry Column

When they're out to get you, keep cool by Dave Barry
(This classic Dave Barry column was originally published on July 16, 1995.)

"Recently, I was in my office, with a lot to do, including write a column, when I got a phone call informing me that the electric company had cut off my power.

Years ago, I would have responded to this petty annoyance with a pointless, immature outburst of anger. But since then I have learned that stress management is vital to health. So I hung up the phone, took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, then punched my desk so hard that I could not make a fist for three days.

Then, using my other hand, I called the electric company, which has one of those automatic call-routing systems, designed by escaped Nazis with the aid of the Educational Testing Service, wherein you must use your touch-tone phone to pass a lengthy multiple-choice test (''... If you know your first name but NOT your last name, press ...'' ) This is the electric company's way of testing your worthiness as a customer; it's similar to the way knights of old had to prove themselves by slaying dragons, except that instead of winning the hand of a fair maiden, you get put in line to speak with an actual Customer Service Representative.

While waiting, I kept my stress level down by calmly going over the points I planned to make, as follows:

1. You stupid idiots.

2. Give me back my electricity THIS INSTANT.

3. What are you people using for brains?

4. Pez?

While I was refining these points, a Customer Service Representative came on the line and immediately irritated me by -- I believe this was a deliberate tactic on her part -- being polite. She explained to me that my electricity had been turned off because -- get a load of THIS excuse -- I had not paid my bill.

I was furious. The only thing that prevented me from hiring the entire O.J. Simpson defense team and suing the electric company for every last volt it owns was the realization that I had not, in fact, paid my electric bill. You know how you sometimes make a pile of papers that you Definitely Have To Get To Soon, and then you avoid making eye contact with the pile for several weeks, secretly hoping -- you crazy optimist -- that a giant comet will strike the Earth and wipe out all human life and you won't have to deal with it? My electric bill was in a pile like that.

The irritatingly polite woman told me that they could turn my electricity back on that day, but only if I paid the bill in person before 2 p.m. She told me to pay at a drugstore near where I live. (I don't know why she didn't have me pay at the electric company; probably they don't want anybody to find out their secret method for generating electricity, which I suspect involves a carpet being scuffed by a giant pair of mechanized shoes.)

So I had to rush home to get my electric bill, and naturally my car chose that exact moment to be low on gas, so I had to stop at one of those all-purpose gas stations that also sell beer, cigarettes, magazines, hats, beef jerky and hot dogs the same age as Strom Thurmond. Naturally, I wound up standing in line behind some moron who was investing his family's grocery money in some kind of state lottery transaction so complex as to require the full attention of ALL THREE store clerks for about 15 minutes, during which time I controlled my stress level by staring laser holes into the back of the moron's neck and shrieking silently, inside my head, WHY NOT SAVE YOURSELF SOME TIME? WHY NOT JUST SET YOUR MONEY ON FIRE?

So, as you can imagine, I was feeling very non-stressed when, with 2 p.m. rapidly approaching, I finally got back out onto the highway and immediately got stuck in severe traffic behind a driver with ears the size of pie plates who had just this moment arrived here from the year 1937 and had therefore never seen a left-turn arrow. You could see him studying it, trying to figure it out -- A green arrow! Pointing left! Here in the left-hand lane!

Whatever could it MEAN? -- while those of us behind him controlled our stress levels by pounding our horns and then yelping with pain because we had accidentally used the same hand that we had used, in an earlier stress-control effort, to punch our desk."
To read the rest go here.
Only Dave Barry could create so much humor from forgetting to pay his electric bill :-).

Saturday, June 24, 2006

LMC's Saturday Smorgasboard

Taylor Hicks - Do I Make You Proud

I found this video over at Clew's!! Take the time to watch it and you will be moved. I want to dedicate it to Private First Class Thomas L. Tucker and Private First Class Kristian Menchaca. Their deaths saddened me and we mourn their loss. Many have done some great posts about them including Wordsmith with Bereavement and Old Soldier with Deafening Silence on Gayle's Blog.

Toon Credit: Linda Eddy

This is an excerpt from Old Soldier's post which expresses my sentiments to a tee:
"May God bless and comfort the family, friends and comrades of Private First Class Thomas L. Tucker and Private First Class Kristian Menchaca, and may God rest their souls."

Mike did an awesome post on Bush's speech in Budapest, Hungary and linked to some history on Hungary. Isn't this picture great? Here is an excerpt of Bush's speech:
"The lesson of the Hungarian experience is clear: Liberty can be delayed, but it cannot be denied. The desire for liberty is universal, because it is written by our Creator into the hearts of every man, woman, and child on this Earth. And as people across the world step forward to claim their own freedom, they will take inspiration from your example, and draw hope from your success."

Mike also gave me these classic pictures of Dems and Republicans' brains. They provided great comic relief for me after a frustrating week of dealing with irrational liberals. In fact I spent way too much time at Mike's blog last night. He has some great stuff but I blame him for me not getting anything else done :-).

In the sad news department Aaron Spelling died yesterday. He was truly the King of TV since the 60's and will be greatly missed. These are just some of the shows he was responsible for:
"In his long career, Spelling produced some 200 shows, including Starsky and Hutch, Charlie's Angels, The Love Boat, Vegas, Hart to Hart, Dynasty, T.J. Hooker, Fantasy Island, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place and Charmed."
Here's an article that shares some of his TV legacy.

I heard an awesome group on Laura Ingraham's show the other night. I didn't know much about them but they appear to be the anti-Dixie Chicks. I love their music and have enjoyed listening to their songs. Check out SheDaisy's music.

And to end this smorgasboard on a good note my conservative Senator Jim Talent is kicking his opponent Claire McCaskill's butt in the latest poll. Woo-hoo!!!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

What do you know? WMDs are Found In Iraq!!

WMDs are found in Iraq!! Here are some excerpts from the Fox News article:
"This says weapons have been discovered, more weapons exist and they state that Iraq was not a WMD-free zone, that there are continuing threats from the materials that are or may still be in Iraq," said Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

"It turned out the whole country was an ammo dump," he said, adding that on more than one occasion, a conventional weapons site has been uncovered and chemical weapons have been discovered mixed within them.

Hoekstra and Santorum lamented that Americans were given the impression after a 16-month search conducted by the Iraq Survey Group that the evidence of continuing research and development of weapons of mass destruction was insignificant. But the National Ground Intelligence Center took up where the ISG left off when it completed its report in November 2004, and in the process of collecting intelligence for the purpose of force protection for soldiers and sailors still on the ground in Iraq, has shown that the weapons inspections were incomplete, they and others have said.

"We know it was there, in place, it just wasn't operative when inspectors got there after the war, but we know what the inspectors found from talking with the scientists in Iraq that it could have been cranked up immediately, and that's what Saddam had planned to do if the sanctions against Iraq had halted and they were certainly headed in that direction," said Fred Barnes, editor of The Weekly Standard and a FOX News contributor.

Santorum pointed out that during Wednesday's debate, several Senate Democrats said that no weapons of mass destruction had been found in Iraq, a claim, he said, that the declassified document proves is untrue.

"This is an incredibly — in my mind — significant finding. The idea that, as my colleagues have repeatedly said in this debate on the other side of the aisle, that there are no weapons of mass destruction, is in fact false
," he said."

I was one of those people who never believed they weren't there. I knew the odds were they would eventually turn up, it was only a matter of time! I've already seen amusing responses from liberals explaining this away. Thats all we've heard for years is how Bush lied about WMD's being in Iraq and led us into a war based on lies. Now that we find them there is a deafening silence from the MSM and the liberals say, "Oh, its no big deal." Liberal spin at its finest!! My local paper (The KC Star) has yet to even mention this huge news. If it isn't in Friday's paper I'm writing a letter to the editor.

Others blogging:
Bloviating Zeppelin--Congressman Weldon: There WERE WMD In Iraq!
Suzie--WMD in Iraq Documents Prove it
City Troll--WMDs in IRAQ
Special Agent Utah--Report: Hundreds of WMDs Found in Iraq..

This is the title of the article in the KC Star on pg. 11 for today: No new evidence WMDs were stockpiled. I'm just shaking my head as I look at it. I'm off to write my letter to the editor.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Montage credit: Mike's America & Special Agent Utah

I'm going to do this post Ann Coulter style today and not care who I tick off. I'm sure this post will make liberals irate but it needs to be said. There are many Democrats I now consider to be traitors because they are giving aid and comfort to the enemy--no doubt about it. I'm not going to bend over backwards like so many linguini-spined politicians and say that I'm not questioning their patriotism, blah, blah, blah... I am questioning their patriotism because I don't understand how they can attack our country and our soldiers by incessantly undermining this war. I've had it with listening to them attack everything I love and instead of supporting our country, president and soldiers they are doing everything they can to destroy them. As Abraham Lincoln so eloquently said:
"Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hanged."

I obviously don't believe in hanging Murtha but there was a reason and a point to why Lincoln used such harsh language. It is just so wrong to tear your own country down and give morale boosters to your enemy. We have proof that the anti-war protestors during Vietnam aided the enemy and the Cindy Sheehans of today aid Al-qaeda.

Toon credit: Michael Ramirez

Laura Ingraham was talking about Dick Durbin's latest comments today on her program. His comments are what inspired this post. Upon hearing them I had just had enough. Here is an excerpt of him talking about the tragedy of the recent deaths of 2 heroic U.S. soldiers:
"The killings are "a grim reminder of the price we're paying for a failed policy in Iraq," said Sen. Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the Democratic whip. "It's time for Iraqis to stand up. When will this end?"
The gruesome deaths of these soldiers is a stark reminder of the nature of the enemy we face. It inspires soldiers to get the job done but for many liberals its another reason to cut and run. And the liberals don't like the phrase "Cut & Run" but it is exactly what they are advocating, make no bones about it.

Pic credit: Chas Compilation

Murtha was on "Meet the Press" this past sunday. My blood pressure can't handle watching his fat face on tv anymore but many have posted about his traitorous comments on the show. Also many have dug up some of his previous comments that he made in '93 about Somalia. It turns out this man has been scary for a long time.
Chickenhawk--Murth-Different Battle, Same Story
Wyatt--Straight From the Jackass' Mouth
Wordsmith--"Cut-and-Run, Retreat-and-Defeat" Strategy Vs. "Staying and Paying the Course"
Mike--Redeploy Congressman Murtha
City Troll--The Real Jack Murtha

Michelle Malkin compares Murtha to Grandpa Simpson. Watch the video, it is excellent!! Now, I must admit I don't watch the Simpsons but when I looked up this pic here is a description of Grandpa Simpson:
"Complaining old man, father of Homer. He finds fault with everything and tells stories that go nowhere."
Now if that isn't a description of Murtha I don't know what is :-).

All of this to say I'm fed up with the defeatism, pessimism, negativity and doom and gloom from the democrats. They have no constructive, inspiring things to say except to walk to the drumbeat of "Cut & Run". The only people who will follow are all the other negative, pessimistic people who wouldn't be happy no matter what. To the Dems who think they are going to win back Congress this fall my response is: Good luck with that!!!!!!!!

Other Posts on the Traitorous Democrats:
Chas--Democrats Fight For the Enemy
Chickenhawk--Lefties Make Headlines on "Resistance Fighters" Website
Suzie--Democrats Believe in "Cut and Run"

The 13 Senators Who Voted For Kerry-Feingold To Cut & Run:
1) Boxer
2) Feingold
3) Kennedy
4) Kerry
5) Leahy
6) Harkin
7) Menendez
8) Wyden
9) Inouye

Monday, June 19, 2006

Lone Pony, Little Miss Chatterbox & Lost

Well Becky (Lone Pony) and I had lunch today!! It was the first time for both of us to meet a fellow blogger. We both live in the KC area so we thought it would be fun. We were both nervous having never met someone we knew on the internet first. She wrote a post about it also and was way too kind saying that I was smart and beautiful but I would have to say the same about her.

We have similar personalities and views on issues so there was no lack of things to discuss :-). I am happy to tell you that we solved quite a few of the world's problems in our 2 1/2 hour lunch :-). We talked about how blogging gives you a place to vent, discuss issues and meet other likeminded people. For me it has been an awesome creative outlet and also a fun social outlet as well.

She is my new hero in many ways. She has overcome a lot of difficult things and has stood up and been strong. She is a great role model for so many women & men and the awesome potential we all have to overcome the struggles in our past and start a new life. I am very proud of her and proud to know her. Take the time to visit her great blog.

As I was driving to meet Becky for lunch today I thought of how we all can make new starts and change our lives if we want to. One of my favorite lines from "The Bodyguard" is when a lady is saying to Costner that she thinks her life is pathetic. His response to her was then why don't you change it? As many of us know its not always that easy. But life is meant to be embraced and lived to the fullest. I mentioned in my 100 post that in some ways I don't feel like I really started living until after dealing w/my anxieties and fears.

All of these thoughts made me think of my newest addiction, the Tv series "Lost". A friend talked me into watching it and I'm liking it much more than I expected. It has quickly become one of my favorite shows surpassing many others. You love almost all the characters warts and all. It is done by JJ Abrams who also did Alias so I'm not shocked that I like it so much. No spoilers in the comments please because I'm not even done with season 1 yet.

The way this relates to my thoughts about changing your life is that everyone on the island in "Lost" gets a fresh start. This is their chance to start over, what are they going to do with it? A man who has regained the use of his legs confronts several of the characters on what they are going to do with their new chance.

We don't have to go to an island to have our fresh start. We can start right here and now by leaving the difficult things and/or people from our past behind us. We can embrace life and live it to the fullest by facing our fears, taking risks, doing that thing we were never brave enough to do, traveling to the place we've always wanted to go to, etc...

Since facing my fears and anxieties this is part of what I've tried to do. And God has also given me dreams to pursue. I just pray that he gives me the courage to really chase after those dreams.

Like I said I love all the characters on the show but these two are probably my favorite. Jack (Matthew Fox) plays the good guy who is the Doctor and savior on the show and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) plays the bad boy who has a tender heart under the tough guy image.

One more pic of Sawyer :-).

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!!!

Well, I had a great Father's Day Calvin & Hobbes cartoon but for some reason it wouldn't post right. The pic was black and you couldn't read the words. So what picture to post for my Father's Day post?? I started thinking of my dad and what picture would be appropriate for him. Victor Garber who played Sydney's dad on Alias reminds me a lot of my dad. So I thought how fitting to post a pic of Sydney w/her dad. So Happy Father's Day Dad--I love you!!

My husband has been really disciplined about his eating and exercise over the past 7 months or so. He's lost a lot of weight and is doing great. So for lunch today he wanted to splurge--we talked about various restaurants and he decides on Pizza Street's buffet. Definitely not my ideal place to eat but its Father's Day and the kids were happy :-))).

I also wanted to post a song that has really been speaking to me lately. I'm going to post the words and please take the time to go to the link to hear the song. It is really good. I tried to find a You Tube video of it that I could actually post on my blog but the only version was some people who completely butchered the song.
Here's the link to hear the song, just click on listen to demonstration performance of this song. Here are the lyrics:

My Savior My God Aaron Shust lyrics
Artist: Aaron Shust
Album: Anything Worth Saying
Year: 2005
Title: My Savior My God

I am not skilled to understand
What God has willed, what God has planned
I only know at his right hand
Stands one who is my savior

I take him at his word and deed
Christ died to save me this I read
And in my heart I find a need
For him to be my savior

That he would leave his place on high
And come for sinful man to die
You count it strange, so once did I
Before I knew my savior

My savior loves, my savior lives
My savior's always there for me
My God he was, my God he is
My God he's always gonna be

Yes, living, dying; let me bring
My strength, my solace from this spring
That he who lives to be my king
Once died to be my savior

That he would leave his place on high
And come for sinful man to die
You count it strange, so once did I
Before I knew my savior

My savior loves, my savior lives
My savior's always there for me
My God he was, My God he is
My God he's always gonna be

And Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Good News Just Keeps on Coming!!

"But I hope that everyone who was too busy throwing Bush under the bus last month will be eating some crow."--Mike from Mike's America

And to that comment I say, "Amen!!!"
It has been such a great couple of weeks that you find yourself almost feeling sorry for the Dems. I said almost :-)!!! Life has been so crazy I haven't time to post on all the good news flooding in.

1) Democrats in disarray as Bush basks in glow of Iraq trip
I must admit that the title alone brings a smile to my face.

2) Huge Treasure Chest of Information from the Zarqawi Raid
The End of Al Queda in Iraq?--Mike
Al-Zarqawi's 'Mother Lode' of Information Revealed--Suzie
The info looks to be authentic and if it is its a crushing blow for the cut & run democrats. One Document reveals how the terrorists are weakening and how they use the media to portray a negative view of the U.S. Here is an excerpt:
"To use the media for spreading an effective and creative image of the resistance."
To be honest I think this document proves how much damage the anti-war crowd has to done to our cause and our country. Again we didn't lose Vietnam because of inferior strength or firepower but because of the anti-war's demoralization of the American people.

3) The Votes in the House and Senate that show who is for Victory and who is against it. The "Murtha Democrats" show their true colors by bashing the U.S. and declaring that we can't win the War on Terror. Republicans forced the Dems to put their money where their mouth is and vote. The Kool-aid Drinking Left Wing Kooks are revealed. In the Senate we have 6 lone Kooks--Kerry, Feingold, Boxer, Byrd, Kennedy, and Harkin. We are going to win and history will show what defeatists these men and women were.
Put Up, or Shut Up!--Wordsmith
Cut and Run: The Definitive DNC Iraq Policy--Skye

4)House Boots Jefferson From Committee
Rep. Jefferson Ousted by his Democrat Colleagues--Suzie
It's about time!!!!!!!!!

5)Karl Rove Laughs Last

6) Bush up in the polls!!
Bush Approval Up--Rebekah

Cartoon credit-- Glenn McCoy
Koolaid Pic--JimmyB

Ann Coulter Book Reading Update:
I'm on page 50, 9 pages away from Chapter 3 :-)!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

100 Things

My blog has always been more of a political blog than a personal one but every once in awhile I enjoy throwing personal things on here. I have seen many people on personal blogs list "100 Things about themselves". I have often thought of doing that and Little Orange Fox did a mini version yesterday so it inspired me to finally do one. So here it goes (my list is in no particular order)and I would love to see everyone on my blogroll do this if they haven't already. I know of 2 people who have done it. Check out Clew's and Mark's. Patrick keeps mentioning how eclectic I am, and I suppose thats true as you look at my list.

I ended up spending way too much time on this but it was fun and therapeutic :-). Enjoy!!

100 Things
1) I trusted in Jesus as My Savior when I was 13 yrs. old at Northside Calvary Memorial Church
2) My spiritual mentor (Pastor's wife & Sunday School Teacher) who led me to the Lord has her own blog
3) My parents are still married after 38 yrs.
4) I have 2 younger brothers
5) I always wanted a sister
6) I was born in Ohio and I've lived in Michigan, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri
7) My dad used to work for the U.S. Forest Service
8) My best friend in highschool planned the best surprise birthday party for me for my 16th birthday
9) Most of my life I have been blessed with great friends
10) I am a defeated Perfectionist (which means I would like things to be perfect but they very rarely are :-))
11) In highschool and college I taught CEF backyard Bible Clubs
12) My SS Teacher (who is an author) helped me write an article about my experiences that got published in a Christian magazine
13)I love fruit and hate vegetables
14) I made a list in highschool of what I wanted my future husband to be like and my husband ended up having most of the things on my list
15) I played the clarinet in highschool
16) A very close friend of mine committed suicide when I was 17. Her name was Monica and I named my oldest daughter after her.
17) She wrote a suicide note to me that the police wouldn't let me read until a year later.
18) I wrote a small article about this trauma that got published in a Christian magazine and a letter that got read on Christian Radio.
19) I went to Moody Bible Institute and graduated in 1992--in some ways I consider those 4 yrs. some of the best years of my life
20) I also met my husband at Moody and got married in 1992
21) I had my oldest daughter when I was 24 and my mom had me when she was 24.
22) My Pastor in highschool believed in me and challenged me and treated me like a person not a worthless teenager.
23) It was because of my pastor and his wife that I went to Moody.
24) I have gone on Missions Trips to Puerto Rico (on a Naval Base), Monterrey, Mexico and Oklahoma (Choctaw Indians)
25) I dated a Choctaw Indian :-)
26) I got made fun of a lot in elementary school.
27) I want to be a Radio Talk Show Host some day.
28) I would love to live in the South, Southwest or West someday.
29) My 1st 2 kids are 18 months apart, the 2nd 2 are 21 months apart and my youngest 2 are 23 months apart. All my kids were born in the 90's while Slick Willie was president.
30) I used to have panic attacks and struggled pretty heavily w/anxiety. It all came to a head in 2001 and I got counseling and was able to overcome it for the most part although it will always be my achilles heel.
31) I paid very little attention to current events and politics until I was out of college. I didn't really get hooked until '97 when I was outraged about Clinton's indiscretions and it seemed like so many others didn't care.
32) I love Harley-Davidson's and leather jackets.
33) My life verses are: Jeremiah 33:3, 2 Corinthians 1:3-4, 12:8-10
34) I love Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity & Ann Coulter.
35) I love TV.
36) I love to go to the pool but don't like to swim.
37) I want to be able to travel a lot some day and see all the Presidential Museums & houses.
38) I love history, current events, politics and pop culture.
39) I am a Youth Pastor's Wife.
40) I am an Awana Director of Truth & Training Girls.
41) I teach Children's Church.
42) I'm a night owl and usually go to bed between 1-2 am.
43) I like to lift weights.
44) I would rather have McDonald's than a gourmet meal.
45) I would love to have a tattoo someday.
46) My personality is Sanguine-Melancholy which means I like to have fun but also like to be organized, perfectionistic and detail oriented.
47) My personality doesn't have one ounce of phlegmatic--the laid back one.
48) I usually hate or love things, not a whole lot of in between.
49) I love to read but it never seems like I have time.
50) I love geography now, even though in school I didn't know where Europe was.
51) I'm an optimist.
52) My real name is Dionne and I was named after Dionne Warwick.
53) Because of my name people sometimes think I'm black or a guy before they meet me (obviously).
54) I had lots of nicknames growing up and got teased (in a good way) a lot. Probably one of my favorites was Neon Deon after the football/baseball player Deon.
55) I talk a lot and loudly. My dad was convinced I had a hearing problem growing up. The main thing I got in trouble for in college was being too loud after quite hours :-).
56) I was on and off bedrest when I was pregnant with my youngest son. I had an abrupted placenta that resulted in him having mild brain damage.
57) As a result he has developmental delays which are similar to mild cerebral palsy. He didn't walk until he was 2 1/2, and he didn't talk much until he was 3 1/2. He has mild ataxia.
58) I was devastated when he was diagnosed at 10 months. I just told someone the other day that if I could've seen how well he's doing now, then, I wouldn't have taken it so hard.
59) I threw firecrackers out my dorm window and put smoke bombs in the stairwells.
60) In a lot of ways I don't feel like I really started living and embracing life until after dealing w/my fears and anxieties.
61) I love blogging.
62) Things I love fresh, straight from the garden/patch/vine: corn on the cob, strawberries, blueberries and concord grapes.
63) I wrote for my highschool newspaper and loved it.
64) I was basically the only conservative Christian on the newspaper staff. I was one of only 2 votes against writing an editorial endorsing giving out condoms in the public school.
65) I went to a Jesus People church while attending Moody. They had the best worship music I've ever experienced.
66) I'm still nostalgic about the 80's.
67) One of my best moments from highschool was winning a debate. My friend and I debated another team on the topic of evolution. We kicked butt and won the debate hands down. It felt really good!!
68) I love Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables.
69) I love Michael Landon and the character he played on Little House.
70) I collect salt and pepper shakers. I have some from many different states and countries.
71) I yell at the TV/Radio when liberals make me mad.
72) I love Fox News and hate CNN.
73) I love having cable, a cell phone and high speed internet.
74) I worked at Burger King in highschool.
75) My husband thinks I'm crazy but I like to watch Lifetime movies.
76) I like learning about the Mob and serial killers.
77) I've volunteered in a Crisis Pregnancy Center.
78) I've participated in Life Chains.
79) I love music.
80) I memorized the Gettysburg Address in 8th grade.
81) I am good at bowling and was on a league in junior high.
82) I used to be a nanny.
83) I was fired for teaching the kids about God.
84) I love Focus on the Family and James Dobson.
85) Focus on the Family is the main reason why I decided to homeschool my kids and whetted my appetite for politics.
86) The movie "Cheaper by the Dozen" reminds me of my husband and I and our kids even though I only have 4.
87) I like to play card and board games with my family and friends.
88) I love Guesstures, Pit and Phase 10.
89) I would love to live on a ranch in a log cabin.
90) I love reading Presidential biographies and have read a lot.
91) I have heard George W. Bush, Ann Coulter, Rudy Giuliani and Laura Ingraham speak in person.
92) I have met John Ashcroft, Sean Hannity, David Limbaugh and Dick & Lynne Cheney.
93) I like war movies.
94) I love Alias, Prison Break, 24, Little House on the Prairie, Seinfeld, That 70's Show, Lost, Roswell and many other shows.
95) I have a lot of favorite movies but if you made me pick one I would pick "Braveheart".
96) I had a dog named Buddy growing up. He meant a lot to me and I still remember the day he disappeared when I was like 4 or 5 yrs. old.
97) A great friend gave me my 1st leather jacket on my 21st birthday.
98) 3rd grade camp was one of the worst weeks of my life and 8th grade camp was one of the best.
99) I love my Bible.
100) I love the song "Watch me Shine"

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly #2

It is time once again for a run down of the news--the good, the bad and the ugly.


1) Our Awesome President is in Iraq today speaking to the troops and meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister.

2) Karl Rove isn't going to be charged in the CIA leak case. And the good news just keeps on coming :-)))!!

3) A Kansas City Subdivision is going to be off-limits to sex offenders. I think this is one of the best ideas I've heard yet. If this area was closer to me and in my price range you can bet I'd be moving there. I'm sure the liberals and the ACLU will be howling in protest but I can't think of a better way to keep your kids safe.

4) The Democrats are having a bad run of luck lately. They have no ideas on how to make things better and their attacks on Republicans are coming up empty. They scream and scream about how awful the Republicans are and how they are going to take the House and the Senate back in the fall. But the first race to give an indicator of how true that is doesn't pan out for them.

And Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have talked about the Culture of Corruption till the cows come home when it turns out the dems have more of an issue with that. Lets see, where do we start? William Jefferson (who is so arrogant he refuses to step down), Harry Reid, Cynthia McKinney, etc...

5) Despite how the liberals try to spin it the death of Zarqawi is truly a big victory and providing a morale booster for side of the Victors. The War on Terror is going well despite the negative spin by the libs and the MSM. I found a quote on The Hedgehog blog that I thought was very telling. The Vietnam war wasn't lost because of inferior fire power but because the anti-war activists were successful at disheartening the American people. Here's the quote:
"We were not strong enough to drive out a half-million American troops, but that wasn't our aim. Our intention was to break the will of the American government to continue the war."
--North Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap, in a 1990 interview with historian Stanley Karnow

The reason we won't lose the War on Terror is because George W. Bush won't back down and give up and give in to the anti-war activists like Nixon did. This is what W said to the Iraqi Prime Minister just today:
I’ve come to not only look you in the eye,” Bush told al-Maliki. “I also come to tell you that when America gives its word, it keeps its word.


1) Al Gore is back and boring even members of his own party. Tipper announced today that she's ready for another White House run. Yah--you can just feel the enthusiasm!!

2) The Supreme Court is giving rights back to death row inmates. William Rehnquist is rolling over in his grave.

3) Many Sex Offenders live near schools despite buffer zone laws.

4) Faith-Based Prison Program Ruled Unconstitutional. Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship Ministries is an awesome program. I hope this decision is overruled by a higher court. Barry Lynn won't be happy until we take God out of everything.

Cartoon Credits:
Scott Stantis
Michael Ramirez
Glenn McCoy

My First Good, Bad and Ugly post

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Annoying MSM

Toon Credit: Glenn McCoy

I know I've posted this cartoon before but it is so on target and worth re-posting. As I've said before my gym insists on leaving their TV's on local channels, ESPN and CNN. I've made 2 complaints but obviously I need to make more and I'm trying to convince my husband to complain also (even though he could care less whats on the TV's). Tonight on CNN Larry King actually did a whole program on Ann Coulter's supposed controversial statements. A whole program!!!!!!!! I just wanted to scream. Then ofcourse we need to proceed to the next hot topic for liberals--Haditha. There is definitely a reason why many have nicknamed CNN the Clinton News Network and the Communist News Network. No wonder liberals are so negative and pessimistic. If I watched CNN on a regular basis I think I'd be suicidal!!

Once again I'm behind on my KC Star newspapers so I've been trying to wade thru them. I come across the headline the day we found out about Zarqawi, "A Victory But How Big?" I just had to shake my head and laugh. A huge victory for Bush and the War on Terror and the liberal KC Star has to put a negative spin on it even in the headline.

I have some relatives who are left wing liberals and also some of the most pessimistic/negative people I've ever met. A lifetime of getting your news from MSM news sources will do that to you.

As I was thinking about this post I remembered my Carnival Cruises specifically for liberals and media people. If you are new and didn't read these posts take the time to check them out. They were very enjoyable to write. Psychos-R-Us Cruise #1 and Psychos-R-Us Cruise #2, and my other post on MSM liberal bias--Main Stream Media Bias--Stuck on Stupid.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Who Would I Be???

AbFreedom did a post on which sitcom character he would be when he grew up. I loved the whole concept and was going to do a post on it even without being tagged but then Rebekah tagged me before I got a chance to post it. So it's now official :-)!!

Ofcourse most of you know how much I love Alias and Sydney Bristow. I even talked about wanting to be a cross between Wonder Woman and Sydney so it's no shocker that my first pick would be Sydney Bristow. She is caring, compassionate, smart, great looking and she kicks some serious evil tail!! If she had been in charge of finding Zarqawi we would've been rejoicing long before this week :-)!!

You all know what a TV buff I am so I couldn't just pick one. My 2nd choice would be Elaine from Seinfeld. I even had a friend's husband tell me once I reminded him of her and I took that as a compliment. Now I have another friend who doesn't even like Elaine because she says she's too selfish. Now I will admit that at times she is. What I love about Elaine is her ability to say what she's thinking without holding back. She always says what I would love to say if I was brave enough. On the other hand there are some things that probably shouldn't be said but its always fun to imagine what it would be like if you did say them. Did you get that :-)?? It made sense to me.

Probably my favorite thing about Elaine is when someone would say something that would shock or excite her she would say, "Get Out!!" and she would affecionately shove the person (usually Jerry). That was one of her trademarks and I loved it.

My 3rd pick would be Jackie from That 70's Show. Again she probably needs a disclaimer because she could be selfish and a little money hungry but you had to love her. She was genuine and honest about what she wanted :-)!!

I usually don't tag people when I do these things but since it's only 3, I might as well!!

I'll tag: Kelli, Wyatt and Outlaw!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

A Week of Awesome News

Zarqawi - Sabotage

Justice is Served

(I found this great video at Mike's blog and am ecstatic that I figured out how to post it on my blog. It was much easier than I thought.)

This has been a great week for Republicans and for the American People!! Ofcourse the best news is how justice was served in the death of Zarqawi!! I can't tell you how encouraged I was wednesday morning when I turned on the TV and saw the news. (The best thing about having cable and Fox News is to be tuned into these things when they first happen. I was talking to a relative of mine wednesday night and she was casually mentioning how she had heard something about this but hadn't turned the TV on yet. Thats something I just can't relate too, I like being in the know from the second the news breaks.) But I digress, It was a good wednesday morning. I felt like doing that motion with your arm and saying, YES!!!!!! To be honest I was disappointed that W and Tony Snow weren't more elated. I know they have to be more restrained but I don't.

Most of you have probably already heard the whining by the left on why we shouldn't be celebrating this. This was my response to a liberal who was whining about this on another blog:
I will not apologize for being ecstatic about his death. This man is responsible for an astounding number of gruesome deaths and justice has indeed been served. There is absolutely no comparison between us and those who celebrated the death of INNOCENT men and women on 9/11. Zarqawi was a monster. I listened and watched Nick Berg's beheading on the internet. His screams are the most horrific I have ever heard in my entire life. Zarqawi didn't cut his head of like a Samurai would w/a sharp sword in one fell swoop. He slowly cut off his head with a dull blade. Does it get any more gruesome than that?

I will celebrate and make no apologies. A very evil man is dead and because he's dead many innocent lives will be spared and the terrorists will have lost a leader who inspires them to do evil. It was a great day yesterday and I don't have to be restrained in my joy like W does.

And don't even get me started on the absurdity of Nick Berg's father's comments. I heard his comments several times yesterday and each time I heard them I got more upset. How he can blame Bush who has never maliciously taken anyone's life and not Zarqawi who beheaded his son with his own bare hands is beyond my comprehension.

I think Zarqawi's death is a huge blow to Al Qaeda and a huge success for the War on Terror. Al Qaeda has lost a charismatice leader which will be hard to replace. At the same time our troops and Iraqi forces have received a much needed boost in morale. George W. Bush gets a lot of criticism for how things go wrong so he deserves a lot of credit for when things go right. God Bless George W. Bush and God Bless our Troops!!!

I found this great article on Zarqawi's legacy entitled, Zarqawi's Final Atrocities. Check it out!!

Also, let us not forget that if Murtha had gotten his way and we had cut and run Zarqawi would still be alive and beheading innocent men and women!!

Others posting on Zarqawi:
Mike's America, Suzie, Bloviating Zeppelin, Grizzly Mama, The City Troll, Patrick, Crazy, Rebekah, Wyatt, Gayle, Bushwhack, Blue Star Chronicles, Cajun Tiger, Chickenhawk, God Bless America, Skye, Wordsmith.

Next, was the awesome news in California this week. Wordsmith listed all the successes for Republicans in the elections on tuesday. The biggest one was that Republican Brian Bilbray defeated Democrat Francine Busby in a Congressional Race. The Democrats were bragging about how this race would be an indicator of the voters' mood in November. Well if it is, things look good for Republicans :-).

And last but not least we had some good news in Missouri this week. My wonderful Governor Matt Blunt signed a much tougher sexual predator law. Here is an excerpt from the article:
"Gov. Matt Blunt on Monday signed a sweeping sex offender law that lengthens prison terms, denies bail to repeat offenders and strengthens reporting requirements for the sex offender registry."

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ann's New Book

Sam's got it in a day late but I finally got my copy of "Godless" yesterday. I have been terrible about my book reading this year so you guys are my new accountability partners. I want to have her book read by the end of June so I can do a review of it in early July. So don't let me forget :-)!!

Ann Coulter is no stranger to controversy. She is already being demonized by the MSM and of all people Hillary Clinton. Hillary had the audacity to call Coulter heartless. Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black? One of Coulter's points in the book is that liberals use people and their grief to make political points. Examples would include Cindy Sheehan, the politically outspoken 9/11 widows and others. Obviously we sympathize with their losses but it doesn't mean they are immune from criticism because they've experienced tragedy. The 4 9/11 widows have said extremely hateful things about Bush, Rumsfeld and other administration officials. But because they have suffered a loss we aren't allowed to criticize their extremely leftist opinions. And obviously Coulter's point is accurate since she is now being attacked even by people like Bill O'reilly.

I started reading it already and here was a particularly great excerpt:
"Liberal doctrines are less scientifically provable than the story of Noah’s ark, but their belief system is taught as fact in government schools, while the Biblical belief system is banned from government schools by law. As a matter of faith, liberals believe: Darwinism is a fact, people are born gay, child-molesters can be rehabilitated, recycling is a virtue, and chastity is not. If people are born gay, why hasn’t Darwinism weeded out people who don’t reproduce? (For that, we need a theory of survival of the most fabulous.) And if gays can’t change, why do liberals think child-molesters can? Pedophilia is a sexual preference. If they’re born that way, instead of rehabilitation, how about keeping them locked up? Why must children be taught that recycling is the only answer? Why aren’t we teaching children “safe littering”?"

To read the 1st Chapter of the book go here.

Skye has already gotten her copy too.

Ann's review of her own book.

Rebekah made a really good comment in the comments section on how to take Ann Coulter. Would most of us have said what Ann said about the 9/11 widows? No, but Ann says strong things to make a point and get people to pay attention. Here was Rebekah's comment that I thought made the point very well:
"I love Ann Coulter! I think the thing people don't understand about Ann is that sometimes she purposely says outrageous things - so people are like "Did she just say that??" - and then goes on to make a very good point. Her point was that once Liberals have picked someone as a victim, no one can say anything about them, no matter what. Would I have said exactly what she did? No. But her point was still a good one, and I think it's being proven by all the backlash."

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I Love and Support Our Troops!!

I am beyond tired of all the negative news about our troops. We have freedom because of their sacrifices. I resent anti-war activists using their political agendas to trash our troops. Cindy Sheehan isn't doing what she's doing for her son (because he didn't agree w/her and he would never have endorsed this) but she's doing it to further her extremist political agenda and to bathe in the spotlight. She's degrading the very things that Casey stood for and it is despicable.

Toon Credit: Scott Stantis

Patrick posted a letter written by Anthony Ippoliti, a Marine Infantryman currently serving in Fallujah. Ippoliti wrote the letter to his local paper, The Ridgefield Press. Please take the time to read this letter, it is worth your time:

Jun 2, 2006
COMMENT: Letter from Iraq: They're not supporting the troops
By Anthony Ippoliti

I am fortunate enough to receive The Ridgefield Press every few weeks and enjoy keeping abreast of the local issues currently pressing in our small town. I am a U.S. Marine Infantryman currently serving in Fallujah, Iraq, and my mother usually includes The Press in the many care packages she sends me.
Since we have very limited access to telephones, The Ridgefield Press is the primary means by which I receive local news.
Almost every week, I open The Press and find an article or letter to the editors denouncing the coalition effort in Iraq. Invariably, the individuals behind these anti-war letters and rallies mask their political agendas by asserting that they “support the troops but not the war.” People like Vince Giordano, Paul Sutherland and Anne Stubbs are pictured in the April 13 edition of The Press carrying a yellow-ribboned coffin and signs that say “Bring Them Home Now.” They read off the names of the dead and claim to “show support for our troops” while urging lawmakers to “bring them home.” They believe that the U.S.-led coalition should never have entered Iraq and that the current effort is a never-ending quagmire that has made no progress. They believe that things are progressively getting worse and think that our forces should just pick up and leave.
They do all this under the pretense that they are supporting the troops. However, what they are really doing is using our lives and the issue of our safety and well-being as a means to achieve a political end.

• • •

My primary concern is the assertion that these individuals support the troops in Iraq but not our mission. It boggles my mind that this logic is actually utilized on a large scale.
Supporting the troops but not the war is like saying that you support filmmakers but not making films. One cannot claim to support an individual in a given profession but not support what the said profession entails. This is essentially a slap in the face to those in the service.

How protesting the job we are doing in Iraq while demanding our withdrawal constitutes supporting us is beyond me.
Furthermore, I am particularly interested in how these people support us, specifically. I have never once received a letter from an individual who claims to “support the troops, not the war.” Not a single Marine I know has received anything that could be considered remotely supportive from any of these people or the groups they represent. We have received phone cards, hygiene supplies, food, etc. from members of state and local government, radio stations, schools, private individuals and organizations, but never once from any group claiming to “support the troops, but not the war.”
I ask again: How can these groups claim to support our troops while telling us that what we are participating in is wrong?
How can they support us if they are essentially saying that our blood and sacrifices have all been given in vain?
How can they support us if they say that our comrades and brothers who have been wounded or killed in action have done so for a hopeless and morally questionable cause?

• • •

I reply to the questions I pose with a simple answer: They can’t. As a matter of fact, I assert with a considerable degree of confidence that their efforts make our already difficult job even more difficult. I’ll go so far as to say that their rallies and protests cost more and more servicemen their lives and limbs every day.I support my assertion with evidence gathered first hand. I see the Iraqi people every day. The protesters do not. I speak with the Iraqi people every day. The protesters do not. I don’t sit behind a desk and do paperwork or resupply efforts in the military. I am an Infantry Marine and I walk the sewage-filled streets of this city every single day.
In Fallujah, the people watch Al Jazeerah. However, they also watch CNN. A lot of them fear that the United States will soon cut and run. The people of Iraq see when our country is divided. When they see rallies to “Bring The Troops Home,” they see that as a sign that we will end our efforts prematurely.
Furthermore, they know that the insurgents will not end their efforts early. That leads them to the conclusion that when we leave, the insurgents will still be there. Therefore, if they help us, their lives and the lives of their loved ones will be in great jeopardy the minute we leave — if we don’t finish the job.
Much that they see on American television leads them to believe that we intend to abandon our efforts before the new Iraqi government is capable of defending itself and its citizens.

• • •

The actions of these aforementioned organizations and the heavy media coverage their rallies often generate serves as fuel for the insurgency. Insurgents believe they can drive us out through the idea of “death by a thousand cuts.” The longer they persist in their efforts, the more the American public becomes disenchanted with the coalition effort.
The insurgency sees this as a result. These criminals will continue to kill Iraqi civilians, Iraqi Police, Iraqi Army and coalition forces so long as they see that their efforts are alienating the American public from its military.
And for those of you that aren’t up to speed with the situation in Iraq, the insurgents attack and kill established public services (such as Iraqi police and Iraqi army) more often than they attack coalition forces. As a matter of fact, an explosive-laden insurgent blew himself up last week outside the Iraqi police station that is attached to our compound.
The insurgents aren’t fighting simply to drive America out of Iraq. They are fighting to destroy any semblance of the Iraqi government so that they can impose their will on its people.
Publicly protesting our efforts in Iraq fuels the insurgency. Doing it under the pretext of “supporting our troops” is disgraceful.

• • •

Let me now emphasize that I respect an American citizen’s right to voice his or her opinion in a public forum. Such a right is granted in the U.S. Constitution.
However, voicing one’s opinion in such an irresponsible way is something I do not support. Additionally, using deployed service members as a mask to serve your purely political purpose is downright shameful. If your desire is to protest the war, then protest the war, but don’t use me or any reference to our troops as a tool to bolster your purpose.
I’ll summarize by saying this: Organizations such as The Ridgefield Coalition to Stop the War do not support our troops. No matter what they say or what is printed on the signs they carry, they effectively do the opposite of support us. They downright hurt us.
Such organizations damage the morale of the men and women in the armed forces and progressively cause them to believe less and less in the mission at hand. The conditions here are difficult as it is. Opening a month-old edition of The Ridgefield Press and reading an article about an anti-war demonstration that uses our troops in an effort to mask its true cause doesn’t help.
Please do not feign support while effectively telling us that we are fighting for an unworthy cause. I think I speak for an overwhelming majority of our troops when I ask organizations like The Ridgefield Coalition to Stop the War to discontinue using Marines, soldiers, airmen and sailors as a means to serve a political end.
You are neither supporting us nor honoring us. You are doing the exact opposite.

I think our troops are heroes!! I sleep better at night knowing that men like Anthony Ippoliti are out defending our freedoms. God Bless Anthony Ippoliti and all our soldiers. We love you!!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Highlights of Last Week

This is the Calvin & Hobbes I kept trying to post w/my list of things that irritate me. Its good and it would've gone perfect but blogger was being a pain in the rear this week when it came to posting pics. It still is because again it won't let me post more than 3 pics per post. Ugh....

My week of Dee went well but I am completely and utterly exhausted. My kids loved the Sports Camp and I enjoyed getting stuff done at home. The problem was having to get up early to take them there. As I've mentioned before I am a major night owl so I don't get up early. I was hoping that after not getting sleep after a night or two I would be forced to go to bed early because I would be so tired. The problem was I had something going on every night till 8 or 9 and then I would go straight to the gym after that. I wouldn't get home till 11 or 12 and then I would need to unwind, etc. Anyway it made for a week of no sleep. Then I had a bunch of non-stop activities this weekend. So all of that to say I got 3 rooms thoroughly de-cluttered, a lot of stuff thrown away and carted off to Goodwill. But the rest of my house is now trashed and I'm tired :-))). But its summer so I guess I will eventually get my act together.

My kids and our American Girls group finally got to go volunteer at Operation Iraqi Child this weekend. It was an awesome experience and we are definitely planning on doing it again next year. We worked hard and got a lot done. It felt good to know that our kids were learning how to help others and also know that what we were doing was going to help kids thousands of miles away.

I was in a Republican Party planning meeting this week. My big mouth is why I would never make it as an actual candidate. During the meeting someone was talking about how the immigration issue is really ticking people off. I had talked to a voter on the phone earlier that week who was upset with Republicans. And I had tried to explain to him that our Senator Talent who was running for re-election is on the right side of this issue. He voted against the current senate immigration bill. So I said during the meeting don't blame Talent because Arlen Specter is an idiot. Everyone had smiles on their faces but no one said much. I almost said, "You all know you agree with me, what is the problem?" I don't know if there were moderates there or what but somehow they weren't used to someone being so blunt, I guess :-).

I wanted to post a pic of Ann Coulter's new book but *@#% blogger won't let me. But I am excited because its coming out tomorrow hot off the presses and I am planning on going to Sam's to get a copy.