Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lee Dewyze is My American Idol!

Its down to the final 2, Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox. I think Mama Sox is a great singer, but I like Lee's voice better and the type of music he sings. He reminds me of David Cook and Chris Daughtry.

The KC Star mentioned last week that Dewyze might get some of the "Cougars for Cook" vote, and yes, that would be me ;-)). According to Dial Idol, Lee is in the lead, but you never know until you hear the actual results. Tonight will be an exciting night, especially since it will be Simon Cowell's last night on the show.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stunner: China Accuses U.S. of Human Rights Violations!

China is one of the biggest human rights violators in the world. So, the fact that they have the audacity to criticize a free country that protects human rights is beyond the pale.

When I first heard this, I thought it would be laughable if it weren't so sickening. The Obama administration brought this on by apologizing for the Arizona immigration law.

Flopping Aces concludes his post this way:
I’m guessing the ambassador won’t say a peep about this. Why should he? He works for a man who lives and breathes anything Anti-American. Every person brought into the administration knew what Obama was about, and the multiple apology tours have just reinforced the truth. Ayers, Wright, Meeks and so on, ooze their hatred for this country, and they were his teachers.

Which has finally led us to our State Department apologizing to one of the worst human rights violators on this planet about one of our States having the audacity to actually try to stop illegal immigration by enforcing the law already on the books.

Imagine that!

Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 Clay County Republican Lincoln Days!

Quote of the night--
"John Ashcroft makes Eric Holder look like a Mall Cop!"~~Chris Stigall
Chris Stigall hosted his 8th and last Lincoln Days for the year, in his own county, Clay County.

It was another great night, thanks in large part to the Central Committee's chairman, Ben Wierzbicki.

The night opened up with awards given to two of the most deserving legislators, not only in Clay County, but in all of Missouri. Rep. Doug Ervin has term limited out and Rep. Tim Flook is not seeking re-election. Rep. Jerry Nolte presented the award to Rep. Tim Flook and Rep. Bob Nance presented the award to Rep. Doug Ervin.

Chris Stigall then did two short interviews with former ambassadors. The first was Ambassador to Afghanistan Tom Schweich. Schweich talked about one of his areas of expertise, Afghanistan. He did a great job and he is now running for Missouri State Auditor.

The second was Ambassador to Luxembourg Ann Wagner, who also used to be the Chair of the Missouri Republican Party for six years, from 1999 until 2005, and Co-chair of the Republican National Committee for four years.

After her interview with Chris, she gave some remarks of her own. She told a compelling story of an incident that happened in Luxembourg, reminding us of why we don't want America to go the way of Europe. She then announced that she was now the chair of Roy Blunt's campaign for Kit Bond's senate seat. She talked about how crucial the elections are going to be in November. A loose paraphrase of my favorite line of hers is when she said, if you don't have skin in the game, you lose your passion. She was reminding us to get out there and get some skin in the game and have passion for the principles that we believe in.

Rep. Roy Blunt himself was up next. He talked about the article in the KC Star from last Thursday. It talked about early polls showing that Blunt already has an 8 point lead over Robin Carnahan. What was Carnahan's reason for this? She said that the public isn't engaged in the race yet. Meanwhile, Carnahan's campaign has spent $2 million trying to demonize Blunt over being against the Cap and Trade bill. How much more will they have to spend before people will be engaged ;-)?

Blunt's conclusion was, "I think freedom is going to win, and I need you to help me." Again, I was impressed with Blunt personally as I was the last time I met him. He went out of his way to talk to everyone in the room and shake their hand and really talk to them.

Finally, the main speaker, John Ashcroft got up to speak. I am such a huge fan of Ashcroft, for so many reasons. This is the second time I've heard him speak, and he was even better this time than the last.

He thanked us for being there because of how important it is for good people to be involved in politics. He talked about American Exceptionalism and how freedom is the special catalyst. He said that America must continue to distinguish itself and not be europeanized. The United States of America and American Exceptionalism is worth defending. He hoped we didn't take the blessings of our country for granted and that we would participate and work hard to make sure our principles are kept.

He made so many great points, I was wanting to cheer and stand every other sentence. He had so much passion for what he was saying. My favorite part was when he talked about how foolish it was to "reach across the aisle". He talked about how anytime he tried to do that, he got bit. It was nice to hear someone tell it like it really is with out being concerned about political correctness.

The night ended with several more awards. Shawna Searcy received the Clay County Woman of the Year and Jeff Roe got the Clay County Man of the Year award. They were both surprised, but not as shocked as Ben Wierzbicki was when Jeff Roe presented him with the Man of the Decade award.

2009 Clay County Republican Lincoln Days!
2008 Clay County Republican Lincoln Days!
2007 Clay County Republican Lincoln Days!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Winning America Back--Part 2-Pictures!

Darla Jaye does Q&A with Fred Thompson!

Marjorie Dannenfelser (President of the Susan B. Anthony list)

Kris Kobach (Constitutional Scholar)

Chris Stigall (710 KCMO Talk Show Host)

JC Watts

Darla Jaye (980 KMBZ Talk Show Host)

Singer Jon David

Sarah Palin

Chris Stigall with Q&A for Sarah Palin

Some of my friends and I at the conference!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Winning America Back with Sarah Palin, JC Watts and Fred Thompson!!

I had a great time at the Independence Events Center this past Saturday at the Winning America Back Conference!

I got to hear some great speakers:
~~Jeri Thompson
~~Fred Thompson
~~Marjorie Dannenfelser (President of the Susan B. Anthony list)
~~Kris Kobach (Constitutional Scholar)
~~JC Watts
~~Sarah Palin

Also, both Darla Jaye from 980 KMBZ and Chris Stigall spoke and did question and answer sessions. I have heard Chris speak many times and am a huge fan and am always impressed. Yet, I had never really heard Darla Jaye much, and I have to say I really enjoyed her.

Fred Thompson did a better job than I expected and I really enjoyed getting to see him in person. He reminds me of Dick Cheney with his dry wit and he was very endearing and had great things to say.

Kris Kobach really blew me out of the water. He has been so demonized by the left (which is what the left does when they are scared of someone) that I didn't know what to expect. He knew exactly what he was talking about (without a teleprompter) and he was so captivating that you enjoyed every minute of it. I hope Kansas is smart enough to vote him in as their next Secretary of State.

I am such a huge fan of JC Watts that I was really looking forward to getting to hear him speak. However, I was fortunate enough to snag a VIP ticket the day before the conference which enabled me to get my picture with Sarah Palin. I was ecstatic, but that ended up meaning I was in line for that while Watts was speaking. I got to hear the end of his speech and the Q&A, but it was worth it to meet Sarah and the 1st Dude and to get my picture with her.

Sarah Palin did a great job in her speech and was so encouraging. One of her best lines:
“You don’t need an office. You don’t need a title. And, you don’t need a TelePrompter to make a difference.”
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~~I will post pics of the event soon