Monday, January 31, 2011

The Citizen--Kansas City's Conservative Newspaper!

Kansas City is finally going to have a Conservative Newspaper! Below is a description of what its going to be about:
Our mission

The Citizen provides news, opinion and a voice for readers committed to liberty and freedom.

* We are a much-needed balance to the regional media landscape and a provocateur. We are not passive — nor should you be.

* We think for ourselves and understand that independence carries responsibility — to help create a more educated, more active civic conversation. We want our readers to read, to learn, and, ultimately, to act.

* Finally, we report using all the facts available, but we don’t stop there. We intend to motivate our readers and our elected officials to action. We are in this to change things.

So, what is The Citizen?

We're a new monthly newspaper for the Kansas City metro area. We're planning our first issue in February, but you can have a peek right now.

Are we biased? Yes -- just like every other newspaper and magazine. Are we different? Yes -- because we're not afraid to admit that things like a love of freedom and a belief in personal responsibility matter, and they inform what we choose to cover.

We'll be free to readers and ad-supported.
I am excited about it for numerous reasons, but also because I'm going to be writing for it! My monthly column is under the "Faith and Family" category, but those who know me, know it will encompass much more than that.

Check out the facebook page, the website will be finished soon, and follow on Twitter.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Veronica's Voice Opens Magdalene Manor to Help Women Escape Prostitution!

"I'll never forget the dark pit God reached into and pulled me out of. Even after I was out, my heart still pained for my sisters that were still lost, trapped, tricked, or caught-up in "the life". So I started VERONICA'S Voice to be a light for these wonderful women still surviving in the darkness."

-Kristy Childs - Survivor,
Foundress VERONICA'S Voice
The KC Star reported on the opening of Magdalene Manor and I was encouraged to learn of the ministry to women by Veronica's Voice. Below is an excerpt:
The first residents will move into the house, called Magdalene Manor, at an undisclosed location in Kansas City. The home will augment the existing Veronica’s Voice safe center, where clients receive services and support, Childs said.

Childs believes there is only one other similar residential facility in the country for victims of the commercial sex trade, and Veronica’s Voice is only one of a handful of organizations like it in the country.

The persistent perception that prostitution is a victimless crime is belied by the lives of the 8,000 women and girls she has spoken to since founding Veronica’s Voice in 2000, Childs said.

The organization is named for one of those victims — Veronica Neverdusky — a friend of Childs’ who was 21 in 1993 when she was strangled and dumped in Kansas City’s Penn Valley Park.
Kristy Childs is an inspirational woman and its wonderful to know that Kansas City has a place of refuge for victims of sexual abuse and exploitation.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Pray for Peace for Sudan--January 3-9, 2010!!

Photo Credits: Samaritan's Purse

Christians are praying for peace as millions prepare to vote on independence for southern Sudan on January 9 ~~Samaritan's Purse

Samaritan's Purse along with many other Christian groups are praying for peace for Sudan as millions prepare to vote on independence for southern Sudan on January 9. Here is an excerpt from Samaritan's Purse's website:
Following decades of civil war that claimed more than 2 million lives, the people of southern Sudan may soon declare independence in a historic referendum on January 9. A peaceful vote is critical for the future of Sudan and surrounding nations.

Church leaders from Khartoum to Juba have asked Samaritan’s Purse to help coordinate seven days of prayer, from January 3-9. Believers across Sudan and around the world will be gathering on January 9 for 24 hours of fasting and prayer.

Return to our Hope for Sudan website for daily prayer updates, January 3-9.

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