Thursday, January 13, 2011

Veronica's Voice Opens Magdalene Manor to Help Women Escape Prostitution!

"I'll never forget the dark pit God reached into and pulled me out of. Even after I was out, my heart still pained for my sisters that were still lost, trapped, tricked, or caught-up in "the life". So I started VERONICA'S Voice to be a light for these wonderful women still surviving in the darkness."

-Kristy Childs - Survivor,
Foundress VERONICA'S Voice
The KC Star reported on the opening of Magdalene Manor and I was encouraged to learn of the ministry to women by Veronica's Voice. Below is an excerpt:
The first residents will move into the house, called Magdalene Manor, at an undisclosed location in Kansas City. The home will augment the existing Veronica’s Voice safe center, where clients receive services and support, Childs said.

Childs believes there is only one other similar residential facility in the country for victims of the commercial sex trade, and Veronica’s Voice is only one of a handful of organizations like it in the country.

The persistent perception that prostitution is a victimless crime is belied by the lives of the 8,000 women and girls she has spoken to since founding Veronica’s Voice in 2000, Childs said.

The organization is named for one of those victims — Veronica Neverdusky — a friend of Childs’ who was 21 in 1993 when she was strangled and dumped in Kansas City’s Penn Valley Park.
Kristy Childs is an inspirational woman and its wonderful to know that Kansas City has a place of refuge for victims of sexual abuse and exploitation.

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