Thursday, January 31, 2008


"Don't give up your ideals. Don't compromise. Don't turn to expediency. And don't for heaven's sake, having seen the inner workings of the watch, don't get cynical."

--Ronald Reagan, in 1976 when he barely lost the Republican nomination. He said this in a speech to his loyal, teary-eyed supporters.

So after my little pity party I'm picking myself up and several things have come to mind.

First of all, Reaganism and Conservatism is not dead. Lets not get over dramatic and go this far. It may not win this election cycle but it will rear its head again in 2012.

Second, it may be a long shot but I'm not giving up hope that Mitt Romney may be able to stop the McCain train. I and many other conservatives will be casting our vote for him on Super Tuesday and we can't be silenced. I'm also contacting the Romney campaign to have someone on my radio show next Monday represent his campaign.

Third, for whatever reason Republicans picked pathetic Gerald Ford over Reagan in 1976 and Bob Dole in 1996. Both times they were huge mistakes that cost us the election. And believe me, John McCain is a Bob Dole/Gerald Ford ALL THE WAY!!! I have no confidence that if McCain gets the nomination that he will win the general as so many liberals are predicting. In fact, if Obama gets the Dem nomination there is NO WAY McCain wins.

No matter what we still have hope. Conservatism and Reaganism is around for another day. We may not have a victory this time around but I don't think this was cut out to be a Republican year anyway. But here's to hoping for a groundswell of support for Governor Mitt Romney next Tuesday.

Check out Ann's column on McCain which is priceless and right all at the same time. And Gateway Pundit has an excellent post on how even in Florida Conservatives did not vote for McCain. He also did a good job of highlighting last night's debate which I couldn't bring myself to watch. Seeing Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee and John McCain on the stage with only Mitt Romney on the side of sanity did not sound appealing to me.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McCain Wins Florida--Life Sucks!!

I'm still feeling sick and now I am officially depressed!! I can't tell you how disappointed I was in Florida voters last night. If Rudy couldn't pull off a win I really wanted Romney to win. Instead, we get the traitor McCain. I can't muster any good news today, except Lost starts tomorrow night. Did I mention life sucks?

I will be casting my vote for Mitt Romney on Super Tuesday and I encourage anyone who believes in conservative principles at all to do the same!

We can take comfort in these wonderful words spoken by Ronald Reagan in 1976 when he barely lost the Republican nomination. He said this in a speech to his loyal, teary-eyed supporters:
"Don't give up your ideals. Don't compromise. Don't turn to expediency. And don't for heaven's sake, having seen the inner workings of the watch, don't get cynical."

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Adore President George W. Bush!

"Others have said they would personally be happy to pay higher taxes. I welcome their enthusiasm, and I am pleased to report that the IRS accepts both checks and money orders."

"We must do the difficult work today, so that years from now people will look back and say that this generation rose to the moment, prevailed in a tough fight, and left behind a more hopeful region and a safer America."--President George W. Bush, January 28, 2008

Bush came out shining and strong last night with his last State of the Union Address! I was so proud of him. I have to say that I have never felt so strongly about what a wonderful president he has been. IMHO, no matter who wins the Republican nomination or who wins the presidency this fall, it will be a lesser man that takes office next year.

When you just look at how he words things. He talks about how we "trust Americans with their own money". I still remember Bill Clinton saying that the American people couldn't be trusted to spend their own money wisely, yikes!!

Not only is he great economically, coming up with tax cuts to help stimulate the economy and give people back their own money, but look at Iraq. It was pretty ironic to see the camera pan to some of the people who a year ago were screaming for us to cut and run in Iraq and now look how well the surge has gone. If it weren't for Bush refusing to give into the naysayers we might not be having some of the successes we are having today.

Here is the wonderful way that he concluded his address:
"The strength -- the secret of our strength, the miracle of America, is that our greatness lies not in our government, but in the spirit and determination of our people. (Applause.) When the Federal Convention met in Philadelphia in 1787, our nation was bound by the Articles of Confederation, which began with the words, "We the undersigned delegates." When Governor Morris was asked to draft a preamble to our new Constitution, he offered an important revision and opened with words that changed the course of our nation and the history of the world: "We the people."

By trusting the people, our Founders wagered that a great and noble nation could be built on the liberty that resides in the hearts of all men and women. By trusting the people, succeeding generations transformed our fragile young democracy into the most powerful nation on Earth and a beacon of hope for millions. And so long as we continue to trust the people, our nation will prosper, our liberty will be secure, and the state of our Union will remain strong. (Applause.)

So tonight, with confidence in freedom's power, and trust in the people, let us set forth to do their business. God bless America."

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Blessing

I can't tell you how long I've searched for this song, and I finally found it. I kept hearing it on the radio but didn't know the title or the singer. My music expert was having trouble finding it too. It finally came up in a google search even though that hadn't worked earlier. It is a beautiful song.

The above video is a bunch of famous people who the person who made the video said have "chosen life". I'm not sure if that means the people are supposed to be pro-life or Christians. Either way, most of the people are recognizable as being one or the other, although not perfect representations ;-)).
The Blessing
sung by John Waller

Let it be said of us
While we walked among the living.
Let it be said of us
By the ones we leave behind.
Let it be said of us
That we lived to be a blessing for life.

For the rest of the lyrics, go here!
The surgery went well but I am still recuperating and in some pain and on drugs ;-). I'm glad I let Church know I wouldn't be doing Children's Church today. Thanks to everyone for your kind wishes.

Here is an email my Pastor sent to me that shows how well he knows me and totally cracked me up:
"I will be praying that your consternation over the possibility of John McCain being the Republican nominee for president won’t hinder your recovery ;-)."

I think I am going to have a verse of the week that I will sometimes combine with my Worship video each Sunday. The following verse is one that I have always loved and have been meditating on as of late and memorizing. I hope it brings some comfort to you today.
Matthew 11:28-30 (NASB)--
Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

"Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

"For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."

Friday, January 25, 2008

Life is Short

James 4:14--Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.

I could talk about the Republican debate (even though I missed it) or Icognito getting to see Rudy in person or Bush's awesome tax cut plan, but I'm not going to.

Instead, I'm going to talk about cherishing life. The tragic death of Heath Ledger got me to reflecting on life and how fleeting and precious it is. I'm one of those people who doesn't like to use someone's death as a way to exploit some cause. I don't care why someone died, I'm just sad they are dead. If we want to talk about causes and preventions thats fine, lets just do it later.

My kids and I listen to Odyssey, and we were listening to an episode yesterday about a little girl dying of cancer. I got all teary-eyed listening to it. Its just sad to think about someone's life being cut short.

Death happens every day. Yet, I think when it doesn't hit close to home we tend to have the illusion that we will never die and no one close to us will die. When I lost a close friend to suicide at age 17 it came as such a huge shock. When you are in high school you think you and your friends will live forever, it is a big jolt when you have that rude awakening to reality.

So today, lets make sure our lives have a purpose and meaning to them and live them to the fullest. One of my favorite quotes is the one Becky has at the top of her blog:
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn'€™t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." ...Mark Twain
Carpe Diem!! Seize the Day!!

P.S. I will probably be out of commission this weekend, I'm having a minor, out-patient surgery. Everyone have a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts

--I loved the above cartoon about McCain. It says it all for me!!

--Patrick had a ton of good posts yesterday. I am going to link to several of them. The first is his shocking find that explains A LOT about the nature of Fred Thompson's campaign. It also makes the critics of Fox News for not giving Fred enough coverage look pretty silly.

--Duncan Hunter endorses the Huckster. Unfortunately, I was warned this might be coming down the pike. The Hunter campaign guy that I had on the radio show told me that the only candidate he had favorable things to say about were Huckabee. I think this was a huge mistake. First, Huckabee probably won't get the nomination so he just shot himself in the foot for being on the short list for VP. Second, Hunter stood for core conservative principles. To endorse Huckabee violates everything he stood for and ran on. It is a huge disappointment for me.

Also, Hunter's reasons for not supporting Romney and Rudy were pretty ridiculous. When the campaign guy said he had some bad news about both of them I braced myself for some really negative news only to be left scratching my head.

--Many think Huckabee is done, I'm afraid to get my hopes up just yet. Patrick found 2 very enlightening articles on him that were very good. One quote that I found very striking was this one:
"He's very good at what he does, but beyond the surface glitter of his rhetoric, there's no there there. This is not a man who can (or would want to) discuss the finer details of Kirkean conservatism; even though he is a seminary-trained preacher, he has little patience for, nor interest in, the complexities of theology that underlie Christian social thought."
This is the exact impression I get of him. Even on religious issues he doesn't seem to have any depth. Many pro-Huckabee people site his views on creationism. I applaud him for those but what was astonishing is when he was grilled on his views he started to back down and waver. It was almost as if he didn't know for sure exactly what he believed, this coming from a preacher who should be an expert in the field. Yikes!!

Also, when you see that he sided with the liberal wing of the Southern Baptists you can see that there isn't any there there.

--The group accusing Bush of Iraq lies is a Soros funded group, shocker!! Gateway Pundit has an excellent post and round-up of it all.

--I'm done with Laura Ingraham. I left this comment at Wordsmith's blog:
I've gotten to the point where I can't listen to Laura Ingraham anymore. I stopped listening to her for awhile because of her incessant Bush bashing. I decided to give her another chance the other day, I kid you not, I was listening for less than 5 minutes and she started trashing Bush. Nope, I'm done with Ingraham for a very long time, probably for good. Its not even that she's bashing people I really like such as Bush and Rudy but she is just so negative.

The reason Rush and Sean Hannity are so popular is because they are so optimistic and positive. Who wants to listen to someone who constantly trashes good people on their own side? I now put her a distant second after Michael Savage as a negative talk show host that I have no desire to listen too.

Also, you hit the nail on the head when you said that she doesn't speak for me. Exactly!! I was actually shocked when Rush promoted her book about what the people want. To me it is a book written by a whiner who has no positive solutions.

She came here to KC a couple of months ago and someone tried to give me free tickets. I let them know I had no desire to go see her.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yesterday was a Crazy News Day!

"I had such great hope for him," said Mel Gibson, who played Ledger's father in "The Patriot," in a statement from the actor's publicist. "He was just taking off and to lose his life at such a young age is a tragic loss. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family."

1) I was deeply saddened by the sudden death of Heath Ledger at the young age of 28. I adored him in both The Patriot and 10 Things I Hate About You. My sentiments would very much echo Mel Gibson's.

2) I was totally SHOCKED when my Governor Matt Blunt announced that he will not be seeking re-election. Liberals have not been happy with him over the past 4 years and some Conservatives were upset when he supported Amendment 2 in 2006. That said, there was still no expectation for him not to seek re-election. While I was upset with him over the support of Amendment 2, I think he has been an excellent Governor. He was very aggressive in supporting and passing Missouri's version of Jessica's law and he was a wonderful fiscal conservative. He was the only Governor in 2006 to get an A from the Cato Institute.

It will be interesting to see what Republican will run in his place against Democrat Jay Nixon. Lt. Governor Peter Kinder has already said that he will announce his plans to run.

3) Fred Thompson drops out of the Presidential Race. This did not surprise me but did sadden me. I was hoping he would at least stick it out for awhile to suck votes away from Huckabee but many are saying a lot of his votes will go to Romney, so not too bad.

4) Frances Semler finally resigns from the Parks Board. You would not believe how this woman was demonized by the liberals here in KC. What was her crime? She had the audacity to be a member of the Minute Man group. She was accused of being a member of a hate group and as a result minority groups started threatening not to have their conventions here. I am astonished at how ultra-liberal the city of Kansas City actually is.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Reflections by Dee

I wanted to do another "thoughts for the day" post but decided that title was getting boring ;-). Thus, Reflections by Dee.

--Interesting Democrat endorsements in Missouri:
--Former U.S. Senator Jean Carnahan endorses Barack Obama
--U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill also endorses Barack Obama
--African-American, Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver endorses Hillary Clinton
(So the 2 white women endorse Barack Obama and the African American man supports Hillary)

----KC Star endorses 2 liberals:
--Hillary on the Democrat side and McCain on the Republican side (why am I not surprised)

--Conventional wisdom on the status of the Republican race says that Huckabee and Fred Thompson are done. Rudy will be out if he can't win Florida. Then it comes down to Romney and McCain.

I'm not willing to make any predictions yet because this race has been so fluid and unpredictable. That said, I hope Shane and others are right in their predictions that Huckabee is finished. It will be extremely telling to see what happens in Florida and then on Super Tuesday.

--What is clear is that McCain won in New Hampshire and in South Carolina only because of Independents. So this quote is telling:
"The Jan. 29 contest in Florida will be the first Republican primary closed to independent voters, who have provided McCain with his margins of victory in both New Hampshire and South Carolina."
As many Republican pundits have pointed out, once the majority of the conservative base gets to pick, it is highly unlikely that they will be picking McCain. Even a Democrat pundit finally admitted this weekend on Fox News that there is a huge anti-McCain sentiment among Republicans ,where many want anyone BUT McCain. Include me in that camp with the addition, anyone but McCain or Huckabee.

--Rush made some really good points on yesterday's show. There has been some resistance to those like Rush, me :-) and others who have been critical of McCain. Rush said that was too bad, he was going to continue to be honest. His main point was that Huckabee and McCain are the 2 most liberal Republicans in the race because they want to redefine conservatism. He is exactly right.

He pointed out that while Rudy and Romney are not "perfect conservatives" they are honest about their positions and aren't trying to change conservatism into something it isn't. He said that there are no "perfect" conservatives in this race and that it is a picking of the lesser of evils but the race is what it is. He said that while Thompson is the most consistent conservative even he supported McCain-Feingold which Rush has huge issues with.

It was so encouraging to hear him say all of this because this is exactly where I'm coming from in my own analysis before Rush weighed in on any of this. I like Rudy and Romney for the very reasons he brings up and have issues with Huckabee and McCain because they are trying to make conservatism about something it isn't. Huckabee wants to bring about a "Christian form of socialism" and say that it is the conservatism with compassion. Never mind that it is a form of slavery and I'm not interested in John Edwards lite. McCain is labeled a maverick for a reason. You can never predict what he'll do and he has no "conservative principles" or a conservative world view that guides him.

Say what you will about Rudy, he has core conservative principles and a world view that has been consistent and he proved it when he was Mayor of NYC.

--Dennis Prager makes a very, convincing case for Rudy in this article. Here is an excerpt:
Rudy Giuliani may have made a great mistake by not campaigning in New Hampshire, Nevada, Iowa and South Carolina. But between Rudy Giuliani (and, for that matter, Mitt Romney) on the one hand and John McCain on the other, there is little question as to who more embodies mainstream conservative and Republican principles.

But Giuliani is not merely more of a conservative than John McCain. In fact, if it is Ronald Reagan that Republicans want, Giuliani is extraordinarily close to that venerated man. Ronald Reagan stood for two great beliefs: that big government is a big problem for a free society and that America must be militarily strong and lead the war against global communism.

Substitute "global jihadism" for "global communism" and you have Rudy Giuliani's twin pillars. His one major weakness in appealing to all conservatives is that he is for abortion rights. Let me, then, briefly address all those who, like me, consider nearly all abortions immoral.

Ronald Reagan was pro-life, and it mattered little to the pro-life cause. Concerning abortion, what matters most in a president is the type of judges he appoints to the Supreme Court. As George Will wrote on behalf of Giuliani, "The way to change abortion law is to change courts by means of judicial nominations of the sort Giuliani promises to make." It is extremely unlikely that John McCain would appoint similarly conservative judges. After all, why would he appoint judges like Scalia and Alito who apparently differ with him on the constitutionality of McCain's own "campaign finance reform" laws?

Pro-life Republicans need to ask themselves: Will a Democrat or Giuliani as president render abortion less common in America? The best is the enemy of the better. And Giuliani is far better on abortion than any Democratic nominee.

Giuliani is for school vouchers, against bilingual education, for reducing taxes further, for reducing government spending. And he has well-thought-out positions on how to achieve these things. He also has the experience of cleaning up the most liberal major city in America.

I write this column aware that Giuliani may have lost his chance at getting the Republican nomination. But I could not live with my conscience if I did not articulate one week before the potentially decisive Florida primary why I believe Rudy Giuliani would make an excellent president of the United States.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

This is Martin Luther King giving his "I have a Dream" speech. It is very moving to actually see the footage since this took place before I was even born. It is incredible when you see how many people were there. It is awe-inspiring and a remarkable moment in history.

Gateway Pundit points out how King got some of his speech from an African American preacher by the name of Rev. Archibald Carey who gave his speech at the Republican National Convention in 1952. You'll never hear that from Jesse Jackson :-). Gateway Pundit also points out that Ronald Reagan is the one who signed the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday into law.

Conservatism with Heart--Live!!

LIVE TODAY at 9:00-10:00 am CST!! To listen, go here!!

Some of the articles & topics that I might be discussing:
--I may get a phone call all the way from Iraq. Shane aka Cajun Tiger is going to try and call in with his analysis on the current state of the Presidential race.

--The status of the Republican Presidential race

--The anniversary of Roe vs. Wade

--Martin Luther King Jr. Day

--Dennis McCarthy from the Duncan Hunter campaign is going to be my guest. We will talk about the Hunter campaign and the aftermath of his dropping out of the race.

--And more.....

To be a part of the show, call in, toll-free 1-877-864-4869!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

El Shaddai

El Shaddai--means God Almighty. El points to the power of God Himself. Shaddai seems to be derived from another word meaning breast, which implies that Shaddai signifies one who nourishes, supplies, and satisfies. It is God as El who helps, but it is God as Shaddai who abundantly blesses with all manner of blessings.

This is a beautiful song that I have loved for a long time and was reminded of recently.

El Shaddai
sung by Amy Grant

Through your love and through the ram,
You saved the son of abraham;
Through the power of your hand,
Turned the sea into dry land.
To the outcast on her knees,
You were the God who really sees,
And by your might,
You set your children free.

For the rest of the lyrics, go here!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thoughts for the Day...

--I read about the above bumper sticker in an interview that Ross Perot did. Then Sandy sent me the pic in an email, classic stuff :-)).

--My kids and I are memorizing The American's Creed

--Rush had a lot of encouraging things to say yesterday about how much support Fred Thompson is getting in South Carolina. I am really pulling for a surprise victory for Thompson today in SC.

--Tom Delay said if McCain gets the nomination he may have to sit this election out. I wouldn't do that but I have to say that I greatly empathize with him. The thought of being forced to pick between McCain and Hillary makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

--Rivka points out that not only is Huckabee a liberal but he has some major character flaws in how he treats others.

--Has anyone noticed that while the Drive By Media is in love with McCain and Huckabee, no major conservative likes either one of them?

--In fact, here is a list of just some of the most influential conservatives who don't like Huckabee and/or McCain:
--Rush Limbaugh
--Sean Hannity
--Mark Levin
--Tom Delay
--Tammy Bruce
--Robert Novak
--Rich Lowry
--George Will
--Hugh Hewitt
--David Limbaugh
--John Fund
--Phyllis Schafly
--Pat Toomey
--Ann Coulter

--Also, both McCain and Huckabee are playing the victim card. I thought thats what liberals do, oh, yah, they are liberals!!

--The following quote totally sums up my feelings about Huckabee. I couldn't have said it any better:
"Or will Huckabee supporters understand that we criticize and disagree with Governor Huckabee not because of who he is as an Evangelical Southern Baptist, but because of his liberal record as a Governor, his questionable ethical conduct, and his overall naivete about international affairs and foreign policy?"

--My youngest son and I are getting our gold belts in Karate today.

--I'll be joining a phone bank for Rudy in the late afternoon.

--Don't forget about live blogging tonight at 6 pm CST at Mike's.

--I finally found out when the Fox Special is going to air on KC bloggers that I was interviewed for. It is going to air on Fox 4 here in KC on February 8th. I'll let you know when I have a specific time.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Review of My Grandfather's Son

"Keep a clear eye toward life's end. Do not forget your purpose and destiny as God's creature. What you are in His sight is what you are and nothing more. Do not let worldly cares and and anxieties or the pressures of office blot out the divine life within you or the voice of God's spirit guiding you in your great task of leading humanity to wholeness. If you open yourself to God and his plan printed deeply in your heart, God will open Himself to you."--St. Francis of Assisi

Thomas recited this prayer daily for sustenance and guidance to help him cope with controversy.

I got this book for Christmas and was able to read it while on vacation in Michigan. I can't say enough good things about this book. It is a MUST READ for everyone whether you are a conservative, moderate or even a liberal. It is the compelling true life story of a man who rose from poverty against all odds to become a Supreme Court Justice.

Thomas is very honest about his life, struggles, faith and what he faced through it all. I think the most difficult thing about what he went through during the hearings is how he was so unjustly accused. One of the reasons he was picked was that he had no skeletons in his closet and was a man of integrity. He went out of his way to help Anita Hill in every step of her career and yet she repaid him by blemishing his record by her outlandish claims. Yet, even through the difficult times his faith became stronger than ever and he learned who his friends were.

Once again, you find out what kind of person someone is by how they face trials. Instead of becoming bitter Thompson only allowed this trial to make him stronger. I was astonished that some liberal critics said he appeared to have a "chip on his shoulder" in the book and in the interviews. Nothing could be further from the truth in the picture I saw of him in all the interviews and especially the book.

Another thing I gained from reading the book was a new found respect for former U.S. Senator John Danforth. Danforth is a very moderate Republican and I have vehemently disagreed with him on several issues but his treatment, loyalty and friendship to Thomas was unwavering. He was one of the first people to take a chance on Thomas when others were unwilling to give him a chance and he weathered the storm with Thomas through the hearings. Anyone who has that caliber of character deserves my respect whether I agree with him on certain issues or not.

The book so inspired and moved me that I'm going to write Thomas a personal letter telling him how much it meant to me.

Book Rating--10 out of 10 stars!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just in Case someone is still considering voting for Mike Huckabee

I did some research on where Huckabee is on some of the issues for my brother who lives in South Carolina and will be voting on Saturday. I thought I'd put it in post form for anyone who is still on the fence.

1. Education:

A) Against school vouchers, in his own words.

B) Endorsed by the National Education Association (aka Teacher's Union) in New Hampshire.

2. Club for Growth (a conservative think tank) gives a rundown on Mike Huckabee's record on economic & school choice issues by citing Huckabee's own record.

3. Mike Huckabee's active lobbying to pardon Rapist/Murderer Wayne Dumond.
--A video ad on the pardon

4. Cato Institute (conservative/libertarian think tank) rates all the Governors and in 2006 they gave Huckabee an F based on "23 objective measures of fiscal performance".

(Side note: I didn't realize until looking this up that my Governor was the only one to get an A :-). And we have all these one issue voters here in Missouri who don't want to re-elect him this year, sigh....)

5. Wikipedia on Huckabee

6. His foreign policy views in his own words.

--Another article about his foreign policy

7. For Federal Smoking Ban (aka sliding into socialism).
--He has since retracted this position. I think it was a case of realizing how unpopular it is. It doesn't instill a lot of confidence either way.

8. His campaign appears to be aligned with a group that is responsible for some of the extremely negative push polling.

Some of my previous posts on the Huckster:
--Huckabee and Romney Too!!
--The Case Against Mike Huckabee
--Dee's I told you so Moment!
--Why I'm not thrilled about Mike Huckabee

Other posts and articles on Huckabee:
--Reagan Conservatives Say: Huckabee Not One of Us
--Huckabee's Counterproductive Sweet Talk
--The Problem with Populists
--Huck = Harriett Miers?
--There’s a Huckabee Born Every Minute
--The Huckabee Hustle
--Personal Presidential Elimination Process: The Case Against Mike Huckabee
--Don’t Be Scared
--The False Conservative
--Another Man From Hope
--A Tale of Two Candidates
--Dump the Huck
--Huckabee: Pastor-in-Grief
--As if I needed another reason not to like Huckabee

This article,
An Open Letter From An Arkansas Evangelical, is a must read. As an Evangelical, politically active, homeschooling father from Arkansas he lists 7 key reasons that he cannot in good conscience support Mike Huckabee as the Republican nominee for President. Here are his 7 reasons:

1) Governor Huckabee did lasting damage to the Republican Party and conservative movement in Arkansas.
Governor Huckabee's non-stop clemencies continually hindered the work of criminal prosecutors and miffed Republicans.
Governor Huckabee's pattern was to ignore immigration laws, often in the name of Christianity.
4) Governor Huckabee was no friend to fiscal conservatives in Arkansas.
5) Huckabee left a long trail of ethics questions while Governor of Arkansas.
6) Huckabee's education record shows him to be an advocate of the "status quo".
7) Huckabee has very little support for his Presidential bid here in Arkansas.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday Smorgasbord

Which Great US President Are You Most Like?
created with
You scored as Ronald Reagan

40th President, in office from 1981-1989
Born: 1911 Died: 2004

Ronald Reagan


Franklin Roosevelt


Dwight Eisenhower


Theodore Roosevelt


John Kennedy


Lyndon Johnson


Harry Truman


Thomas Jefferson


Abraham Lincoln


George Washington


Woodrow Wilson


1) I found the above quiz at Joe's blog. I loved my results except for I found the Lyndon Johnson coming in 6th a little disturbing ;-)!! Although, I would also have an issue with Johnson being classified as "great".

2) Romney's Michigan win is a victory for conservatism! Even though Romney is a distant 3rd behind Rudy and Fred in my rankings he kept the 2 more liberal Republicans from winning.

Monday on the radio show I predicted the following scenario:
New Hampshire--McCain
South Carolina--Fred
This is more optimistic thinking on my part than solid predictions but it would be interesting if it happened. At this stage of the game as long as we can keep McCain or Huckabee from getting the nomination I will be a happy camper. Rush said that if either of them wins the nomination they could end up destroying the Republican party as we now know it, and I think he's right.

3) Scalia is coming to Missouri and several of us are going to go hear him speak. I am beyond excited!!

4) I was tagged, and since I'm such a sucker for meme's I decided to indulge. I'll try to pick some new things that I haven't mentioned before.
7 Random facts about me:
1. I'm getting my gold belt in Karate this weekend.
2. I don't cook much anymore.
3. I have started journaling more recently and love my American flag journal for this year.
4. In the future I want to travel a lot.
5. I'm on book 7 in the Stephanie Plum series.
6. I love the Tv show, One Tree Hill.
7. My youngest son, cute boy, got me this great pink gym bag for Christmas.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ConservaLib Consulting

I have said many times that my liberal buddy James needs to apply to be a writer at Saturday Night Live. He comes up with the most hilarious skits and his latest one is no exception. It is a must read and I guarantee you tears while laughing it is so funny.

(*Disclaimer--The following is just a comedy skit and does not necessarily reflect our real comments or thoughts. Also, James' language is "colorful" so you've been warned.)

Here is the beginning of his post:
"With such a difficult and challenging election cycle upon us, politicians are scrambling to find experienced campaign consultants to help navigate the treacherous road to the White House.

The current candidates have found the consultation of established political pundits lacking in creativity and disconnected from the true concerns of the average American.

To fill the void of insightful political punditry, two overwhelming intelligent, immensely creative, and at times violent bloggers have joined together to form a new political consulting firm.

ConservaLib Consulting and Public Relations Inc., founded by Liberal blogger, James Manning and Conservative blogger, Dee Vantuyl, brings a fresh approach to political consulting and public relations manipulation. Between them, they have assaulted Presidents, fought with the press and James Manning has even gotten his ass whooped by the President’s mother.

This unique experience enables us to provide insight to a campaign that other consulting firms cannot. The proof is in the results of candidates who didn’t follow our advice."
He goes on to share how he and I critique the following candidates: Kucinich, Biden, Ron Paul and Fred Thompson. Make sure to read the entire post by going here!

One of our previous adventures--LMC Ambassador/Butt Kicker

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm on Cloud 9!!

This past Saturday I wrote a post entitled, Why I adore Sean Hannity. I talked about how Sean Hannity expressed some of the very same frustrations with the Republican race that I had and how we saw things in similar ways.

Imagine my surprise when I got an email from him this morning thanking me for the post. Then, when the call screener called me about being on the show she wanted me to talk about Obama and Hillary. I said I wanted to talk about McCain and Huckabee and she was against it until I told her about the email. Then she said, Wow, okay go ahead and mention it.

Sean was so gracious. Not only did he remember my website but he remembered that I had an internet radio show. He let me talk about both and was very sweet. He said he had found my post through the KC Star and someone else also alerted him to my post. It was awesome!! I then got to talk with him about how I had the same frustrations with the Drive By Media forcing the 2 most liberal candidates on us. It was great.

I got to talk to him before the show started so they must have pre-taped it today. The 2 other times I got through I was on the air right away but this time they called me back from Friday. I thought it was going to air around 2:40 ish CST but that has passed so it could possibly be on around 3:40 or 4:40 ish. I have no idea, except I assume it will be on sometime today.

Conservatism with Heart--Live!!

LIVE TODAY at 9:00-10:00 am CST!! To listen, go here!!

Some of the articles & topics that I might be discussing:
--You tube clips of Fred Thompson at last Thursday's Debate
--A campaign update on Fred Thompson by Warner Todd Huston

--You tube clip of Rudy's new tax plan
--A campaign update on Rudy by Mike Becker
--Rudy's tax plan
--American Thinker on Rudy

--Reagan Conservatives Say: Huckabee Not One of Us
--A possible call-in from New Hampshire to talk about the New Hampshire results
--And more.....

To be a part of the show, call in, toll-free 1-877-864-4869!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I adore this song. Take the time to sing along and worship the Lord today with this awesome song.
sung by Nichole Nordeman

How many roads did I travel
Before I walked down one that led me to You?
How many dream did unravel
Before I believed in a hope that was true?
How long? How far?
What was meant to fulfill only emptied me still
And all You ever wanted…

Only me on my knees
Singing holy, holy
And somehow
All that matters now is
You are holy, holy

For the rest of the lyrics, go here!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why I Adore Sean Hannity

As many of you may remember I used this picture for my icon picture for a long time in the beginning. The reason being that I am a big Sean Hannity fan.

When we were live blogging the another night we had a newcomer start to criticize Hannity. For me those are fighting words. It is not that Hannity is perfect or never wrong but there is so much to love about him. He and Rush are my favorite talk show hosts by far but I like the two of them for different reasons. I like Sean because he has a similar personality to me, he is a genuine Christian and he genuinely cares about people. Aside from all of that he and I seem to see politics through a very similar prism. When pressed to describe my radio style I would have to say the closest analogy would be that I am a female version of Sean Hannity.

I was reminded of all this yesterday when he started out his show expressing some of the very thoughts that I've been having lately. He has done an extremely good job up until now of staying pretty objective on all the Republican candidates praising them each for their strengths. He always reaffirms that any of them would be far better than any of the Democrats and he has given them all many opportunities to be interviewed on his radio and TV show.

There have been some accusations by others that he was pro-Rudy and I thought about this and had to admit that I hadn't noticed it. The reason being that I like Rudy for the same reasons that Sean likes him and so it all resonated with me. That said, I still think he has been more than fair to the rest of the candidates, a lot fairer than I would've been.

Yet, yesterday he finally admitted his frustration with the fact that the Drive By Media seems to be promoting two Republican candidates. He is frustrated with the fact that they are promoting McCain and Huckabee, who he deemed to be the two most liberal candidates of the five front runners. As he continued it was all music to my ears. He was expressing the exact frustration that I have been feeling about the whole race. He said it was unfair to say that it is over for Romney if he doesn't win Michigan or for Thompson if he doesn't win South Carolina. He didn't like the fact that the Drive By Media was trying to force two liberal candidates on us. We should be able to vote for who we like the best, not who we are told is viable.

I was so encouraged that he finally started talking about the liberal records of both McCain and Huckabee. He also referred to David Limbaugh's latest column where Limbaugh does a great job of exposing Huckabee's record as well. It was so refreshing that I finally called into the show at the end while I was on my way to Karate. The call screener said she was looking for liberals. I laughed and said well, that wouldn't be me. She then took my information down and said they would call for me to be on the show for Monday. I'm not sure if it is guaranteed but if I do get to talk to him on Monday I will be sharing these exact thoughts. You go Sean Hannity!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Fred Thompson Rocked Last Night!!

The above video clips are so awesome, especially the one where Thompson exposes the Huckster for the fraud he is.

I have become a Rudy chick as of late but my dream team would be some combination of Rudy/Fred and Fred finally came out swinging last night at the debate. All of us that were live blogging agreed hands down that Fred won the debate. Then the Fox News focus group said the same exact thing.

Fred had an awesome night!! Hopefully this momentum will carry him into South Carolina. The only regret is that he didn't come out swinging like this earlier.

Hat tip for the videos goes to Curt at Flopping Aces, check out his post as well!!

Also, I adore Brit Hume and Carl Cameron but I am not big fans of either Chris Wallace or Wendall Goler. The debate would've been much better had only Hume and Cameron hosted it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thoughts for the Day...

Okay, so my thoughts for the day have nothing to do with the above pic of Sawyer/Josh Holloway but I'm going through Lost withdrawals. I figured Skye and I were due for a nice Sawyer pic ;-))!

Random Thoughts from yesterday:

--The phrase Gag Me With a Spoon came to mind when I heard John McCain saying that he is going to court me (aka Evangelicals) by talking about man-made global warming. You have got to be kidding me!!! I don't know who his advisers are but they seriously need to get a life. Rick Warren may have gotten on the global warming bandwagon but most Evangelicals, including myself, aren't that gullible.

--Rush thinks that McCain has conned Huckabee into helping him take out Romney to clear the way for himself. Then McCain will dump Huckabee. That sounds very plausible to me.

--I have a close friend that personally knows Dick Armey. He is a great guy but ticked me off as of late with some of his off the reservation comments. But he redeemed himself quite a bit with this latest article that I found via Patrick. He takes on Mike Huckabee and shows how his policies would be devastating for the Republican party. The article is a must read, especially if you are one of those who has swallowed the Huckabee kool-aid.

--Fred Barnes doesn't think Huckabee is going to win the nomination. Hey, I cling to whatever hope I can find ;-)!!

--My parents live in Michigan so I called them yesterday. I "recommended" that they vote for Romney. I see that as a way to stop McCain/Huckabee. My philosophy right now is do whatever we can to stop McCain/Huckabee. If you can't bring yourself to vote for Rudy then pick Fred or Romney, whoever has a better chance of beating the "fake conservatives".

--Thanks to a friend I am addicted to Janet Evanovich's, Stephanie Plum series. I'm blaming her for the fact that my new book addiction is keeping me from cleaning my house and doing many other important life tasks.

--I've gotten off to a really good start on my 50 book challenge but the problem is I'm having a hard time finding the time to write my reviews.

--Mike pimps for Rudy, which I will be doing some of in the near future.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

How the Race is shaping up in 2008

The live blogging was fun last night although I think most of us were pretty bummed. When you have a group that consists mostly of Fred and Rudy supporters no one is too happy to see McCain win.

I was tempted to title this post Iowans and the people of New Hampshire suck, but Mike said it was too harsh :-). I also didn't want to offend poor Steve who happens to have to live with these people in New Hampshire :-). He said he was casting his vote for Romney so its not his fault McCain won.

The amazing event of the night was that Hillary pulled off a win even though the polls predicted an Obama landslide. It is just as well, if the fighting goes on longer on the Dem side it can only be good news for us. Since the polls were wrong in New Hampshire for Obama, one can only hope they will be wrong for Huckabee in South Carolina. I'm an optimist, what can I say?

I've thrown caution to the wind and have joined Rudy's campaign here in Missouri. Things look good here but there are some Huckabee supporters already to contend with as well.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Live Chat Tonight for New Hampshire Primary Results

Starting shortly before 7 PM CST (8 PM EST) we'll be hosting a live chat to discuss the results of the New Hampshire primary election.

This will be another experiment in blog simulcasting as several blogs will have the chat screen available on their site with the chat playing on all.

We're also returning to the more free-wheeling Gabbly Chat, which requires no moderator but also makes banning offensive kooks more difficult.

Keep in mind you can always mute offensive commenters by clicking on their name in the sidebar and it's usually a good idea NOT to feed their poisonous egos by responding.

Tune in tonight before 7PM CST and join the party!

My Ranking of the Presidential Candidates!!

"Mike Huckabee wouldn't know the Reagan Revolution if it bit him in the ass."--Troll

For those of you that missed it we had a ton of fun live blogging the Fox News Forum Sunday night and thats where I got the above quote. I liked it so much I used it on the radio show yesterday morning after getting permission from the producers to use the "A" word. Sometimes, its just necessary and I felt this was one of those times :-).

I also thought the above cartoon was very appropriate since all of us were extremely annoyed by all the talk about being an "agent of change".

I've been pretty open and honest about how I feel about all the candidates over the past year but I figured its time to do a definitive post and kind of put it all on the line. I'm going to follow along the lines of Joe and others and list them starting with my least favorite and going to my top choice.

While I adore Duncan Hunter, it is blatantly clear that he doesn't have a shot so I'm not going to include him in this ranking. It is too bad because there is a lot to like about him but the situation is what it is.

Ron Paul is a certifiable nut job and the list is too long to post here on why I'm not sure I could even cast my vote for him were he the Republican nominee. When I see signs for him in small towns I'm convinced that aliens have landed there and forced the citizens of these towns to drink the Ron Paul kool-aid.

5. Mike Huckabee--In the beginning I didn't have a clue who he was and I decided to check him out. I looked at a blog site that was promoting him and went to find a place to hear him speak. I wasn't impressed but figured he didn't have much of a chance.

Then, I saw him in the first debate and started hearing rumblings about him. I was really turned off not only by his bashing of Bush and the war but just the way he came across in general. He reminded me of a used car salesman and my gut check said no way. At first, I felt bad for disliking him but then the bad stuff started pouring in about his record and I felt vindicated.

What I didn't expect was for people to fall for his "populism" message which I like to term "socialism lite". I'm kind of in shock that so many seem to be open to this message that is clearly Democrat speak. For just one of the many posts that more clearly explains why I'm not a fan of his, go here.

4. John McCain--I've never been a fan of McCain's since he back-stabbed conservatives with his infamous gang of 14. I did a comprehensive post on why he would be a disaster a year ago. I was content that his campaign bit the dust long ago and then he had a resurgence as of late, groan...... That said, I've decided Huckabee is more dangerous than McCain thus he gets ranked 4th.

3. Mitt Romney--I've never been excited about Mitt but again, seeing the rise of Huckabee and McCain makes him look much more palatable. I see him as a flip-flopper and not one of genuine principles but he is not without his redeeming qualities. I do think if he was elected president he would stick with the issues he has run on and that he would govern more conservatively and more reliably than either Huckabee or McCain. Both the Huckster and McCain are wild cards whereas I think Mitt would be more reliable.

He also has a great family and marriage which I think speaks well of him. I think his five good-looking sons have definitely been an asset for him out on the campaign trail :-).

2.Fred Thompson--I adore this man and I do think he is the most "genuine conservative" in the race. I like his outspokenness and his lack of political correctness. For awhile I thought he was going to come in and save the day but many of us have since been disappointed. Whether it is a lack of fire in the belly or leadership, he is just lacking something that keeps people from really rallying to him. When he speaks he often rambles and just can't seem to communicate convincingly that he's ready to lead this country.

I do adore his wife and think she is the ideal first lady. I think Fred would be a far superior choice than any of the other candidates save Rudy. I also admire Heidi, Patrick, Joe and others for their unwavering support for him.

David Limbaugh wrote an excellent column saying that Fred was his favorite but even he conceded that Fred is going to have to step it up, and soon. He also had an excellent excerpt on why he is gravely concerned about where Huckabee is on the issues.

1. Rudy Giuliani--While I am aware that Rudy is flawed and isn't 100% conservative I think he is the best pick of the field to lead our country at this time. He has shown by what he did in New York that he can come in and lead this country, take on the terrorists, cut taxes and fight for moral values and principles that he believes are right. He is real, honest and inspiring and when he says that he will pick strict constructionist judges I believe him. I feel that I can trust him on that score much more than the others, save Fred Thompson.

Mike did an excellent post on why Rudy is his pick and my sentiments would echo his in many respects. Shane also did a similar post to this and him and I are very much kindred spirits when it comes to politics. He is a strong Conservative Christian who seems to see things through a similar prism as I do. Wordsmith also has endorsed Rudy in his "Wordsmith" way :-)!!

I will leave you with this excerpt from Mike's post on the issue of Rudy and Value's Voters:
As the perceived threat of terrorism recedes, the question of social values has come to the fore in Rudy's campaign. Rudy tackled those issues head on in his speech to the Value's Voters Summit in October, and I won't hear any criticism of him on those issues from persons who haven't read excerpts from that speech.

He reminded his audience: "Ronald Reagan had a great way of summarizing it. He used to say my 80 percent friend is not my 100 percent enemy." Rudy is not the enemy of values voters. He is their friend. Adoptions soared in New York and abortions declined on Rudy's watch as mayor. Can Mike Huckabee say the same about his time as Governor of Arkansas?

Monday, January 07, 2008

Conservatism With Heart is Back!!

LIVE TODAY at 9:00-10:00 am CST!!

After taking a break for the holidays I am back in rare form :-)! There is lots to talk about, enough for more than an hour but we'll try to squeeze it all in. I will be focusing on all the players in the Presidential Race on both the Democrat and Republican sides. The Republican Race is still very fluid. Call in with your take on who you like, who you don't like and who you think is doing well and who is tanking.

Some of the articles & other topics that I might be discussing:

--Fox News Republican Forum last night
--The Problem With Populists
--Support for Rudy
--Support for Fred
--Hillary buses people in to have a larger crowd in New Hampshire
--Huckabee's campaign chairman Rollins is just as despicable as Huckabee himself
--My book reviews
--And more.....

To be a part of the show, call in, toll-free 1-877-864-4869!!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Live Blogging on Fox News Roundtable

Fox News is going to have a roundtable discussion with the Republican candidates tonight starting at 7:00 p.m. CST and I am inviting you to join us as we Live blog during the debate!

Mike From Mike's America is going to host our live blog, but you can stay on my blog and comment on it. Mike has connected several blogs together so your comments will be seen on all the blogs as well as you seeing their comments. Shortly before 7:00 p.m., Mike is going to open the Live blogger and we can begin!

Join us for the fun!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm Back!!

Tales from my Trip
--I had overdone it in December and had only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before we left so I slept a lot the first couple of days.

--I got lots of reading done. I joined a fun group this year where we are committing to reading 50 books for the year so I wanted to get a good start. I will be doing some book reviews in the near future. The Clarence Thomas book was the best book I have read in a long time. It was very inspirational and whether you are a liberal, conservative or a moderate it is a MUST READ!!

--My oldest daughter is finally old enough to watch Alias, so we are watching all the episodes in order from the beginning. It has been a lot of fun and we are bonding watching Sydney, Vaughn, Will and Marshall :-).

--I felt like I was in a nightmare as I watched the surges of Huckabee and McCain on Fox News. Susan Estrich (and many other Dems) view Huckabee as their dream candidate to run against. No wonder why.

--I didn't have internet access while I was gone but I have still stayed on top of the news. So stay tuned for my thoughts on all of the current events. I was stunned by Bhutto's assassination. Obama winning and Hillary coming in 3rd definitely is a blow to unity for the Dems, the only good news from tonight.

--We got 17 inches of snow in Michigan, so it delayed my return. Mike was starting to wonder if I was going to be the next missing woman on Fox News :-). Huge thanks to him for blog sitting and troll watching while I was gone.
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and New Years wishes to you all!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Live Chat for Iowa Results Thursday Night

The Live Chat is closed, but I've been told it was lots of fun!!

I missed the action because I was driving home from Michigan. I do want to say that I did drive through Iowa at the exact time the caucuses were going on so that was interesting. My friend said I should go in somewhere and have my kids sing some kind of song begging people not to vote for Huckabee :-)))!!

2007: The Year Al Queda Lost The War

By Lt. Col. Ralph Peters
New York Post
Jan. 2, 2008

January 2, 2008 -- AS 2007 drew to a close, embarrassed journalists sought to play down American military successes and avoided questioning Democratic presidential contenders about their predictions of inevitable failure in Iraq.

Magically, Iraq disappeared from the headlines - except on those rare occasions when a problem could be reported. At the close of a year of stunning progress, media stories on New Year's Eve leapt to report that 2007 had been the deadliest year for US troops.

You had to read deep into the columns to learn that those casualties occurred in the first half of 2007, as we battled and defeated the terrorists and militias - or that, in recent months, American and Iraqi casualties have plummeted as a relative peace broke out.

Still, all that was just hushing up dirty family secrets in the media clan and an effort by left-leaning journalists and editors to protect the politicians they favor.

The greatest media story of 2007 was the one you never read (unless you read The Post): The year was a strategic catastrophe for Islamist terrorists - and possibly a historic turning point in the struggle against al Qaeda and its affiliates.

While al Qaeda in Iraq can still launch suicide missions, such acts now serve only to further alienate the Iraqi people, who've come to hate the grisly foreign interlopers with a passion you have to encounter first-hand to appreciate.

That fundamental change in outlook, especially among Sunni Arabs, may well mark last year as Islamist terrorism's high-water mark, the point at which fellow Muslims by the tens of millions publicly rejected the message and methods of self-styled holy warriors who revel in the slaughter of the innocent.

Tens of thousands of fellow Muslims, previously allied with al Qaeda, turned their weapons against the fanatics. It was the biggest global story since 9/11. And it was buried on Page 14, if mentioned at all.

Many factors came together to transform Iraq, including the fierce and incisive leadership of Gen. David Petraeus, the effectiveness of a new breed of subordinate commanders honed by war, the psychological impact of the troop surge and the pervasive Iraqi weariness of violence and destruction - a strategic mood swing.

Yet, for all that, the greatest strategic development - which will reverberate for years to come - was the Arab-Muslim repudiation of al Qaeda, an organization that claims to be the champion of Sunni Islam.

Islamist terrorism isn't going to go away, of course. Countries from Algeria to Pakistan are newly endangered as fanatics turn from futile attempts to defeat America to punishing local populations. We'll still see decades of bombings and assassinations.

But Islamist terrorism is no longer viewed as a solution by the masses of the Middle East.

That self-tormented region will struggle for decades with its religious civil wars. And terrorists may still muster the ability to strike the American homeland again in the hope of reinvigorating their cause.

But 2007 may have been to the struggle against Islamofascism what 1943 was to the Second World War: the year in which it became clear that, no matter how long the war lasted, civilization's enemies couldn't win.

The lack of attention paid to the disaster that befell the terrorist cause - essentially acknowledged by Osama bin Laden's "holiday" audio tape - is as if, in 1943, the Allied media hadn't reported any Axis defeats.

Instead, as Iraq improved, we only heard how things were turning bad in Afghanistan. Political and media critics of our efforts to defeat Islamist terror attempt to discourage the American people (and voters) by downplaying progress anywhere and by raising the bar for success impossibly high.

As this column has maintained for years, Afghanistan is never going to become Iowa. Much of the country is still decades away from the electric light. Impoverished, backward and torn by three decades of war, it just isn't going to meet civics-class norms anytime soon.

But the essential question regarding Afghanistan isn't how closely Kandahar resembles Des Moines this week, but simply this: "Is Afghanistan a better place today, for the Afghan people and for our own security, than it was 9/10/01, when religious fanatics ruled the country and al Qaeda had a homeland?"

The answer, of course, is "Yes!"

But that won't do for journalists or pols who've staked their reputations and careers on America's failure. And now we're seeing a shift to declaring all our efforts in vain because of the rising terror threat in Pakistan.

Well, we helped create that situation - not because we supported Gen. Musharraf, but because we undercut him by insisting that his government share power with some of the most corrupt politicians in the world, including the cynical, unscrupulous and incompetent Benazir Bhutto.

(How many chances does a political leader deserve to wreck his or her country? Bhutto had two and left an astonishing legacy of malfeasance.)

The bottom line on 2007 is simply this: While many in the media want you to believe it was another disaster for the United States, it was the worst year for the terrorists since 2001.

Much could still go wrong, of course, in Iraq and elsewhere. We should never underestimate the genius for self-destruction ingrained in Middle-Eastern mentalities. And Islamist terror, to some degree, will be with us throughout our lifetimes.

But in 2007 we saw how superficial Muslim support really was for al Qaeda and its ilk. We learned that bloodthirsty fanatics who invoke religion can - and will - be defeated.

And we should have learned the utility of fighting, instead of letting liberal-elite America-haters inflict their defeatist agenda on our country and the world.

If the forces of civilization and freedom do as well in 2008 as they did in 2007, we'll all have a great deal to celebrate next New Year's Eve.

2007 may turn out to be the year that the Bush strategy with Iraq as the keystone to defeating Islamists worldwide began to bear fruit.

I don't expect the defeatists, the appeasers, the peaceniks or the naysayers to recognize that reality any more than they did when Reagan's visionary plan for strategic missile defense ended up winning the Cold War and opening the gates of freedom to Eastern Europe.

But then, the defeatists, the appeasers, the peaceniks and the naysayers have never been right about anything, EVER and history proves that point over and over and over.