Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ConservaLib Consulting

I have said many times that my liberal buddy James needs to apply to be a writer at Saturday Night Live. He comes up with the most hilarious skits and his latest one is no exception. It is a must read and I guarantee you tears while laughing it is so funny.

(*Disclaimer--The following is just a comedy skit and does not necessarily reflect our real comments or thoughts. Also, James' language is "colorful" so you've been warned.)

Here is the beginning of his post:
"With such a difficult and challenging election cycle upon us, politicians are scrambling to find experienced campaign consultants to help navigate the treacherous road to the White House.

The current candidates have found the consultation of established political pundits lacking in creativity and disconnected from the true concerns of the average American.

To fill the void of insightful political punditry, two overwhelming intelligent, immensely creative, and at times violent bloggers have joined together to form a new political consulting firm.

ConservaLib Consulting and Public Relations Inc., founded by Liberal blogger, James Manning and Conservative blogger, Dee Vantuyl, brings a fresh approach to political consulting and public relations manipulation. Between them, they have assaulted Presidents, fought with the press and James Manning has even gotten his ass whooped by the President’s mother.

This unique experience enables us to provide insight to a campaign that other consulting firms cannot. The proof is in the results of candidates who didn’t follow our advice."
He goes on to share how he and I critique the following candidates: Kucinich, Biden, Ron Paul and Fred Thompson. Make sure to read the entire post by going here!

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