Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trip Post 1--Grand Canyon!

"The one great sight...every American should see."--Theodore Roosevelt

My trip out West was awesome! I went with my parents and my kids. We survived the thousands of miles of car travel, fast food and motels. My Grandmother was turning 90 and she lives in Washington. So, on the way to Washington for her 90th Birthday party we stopped off at some sites.

We went to the Grand Canyon, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite, Redwoods National Park and Mt. Rushmore. I decided to do a post on each site so I could post pictures on each one.

I had never been to the Grand Canyon so, I was pretty excited about seeing it. We were fortunate that we had good weather at every park we went to. It was a little chilly at the Grand Canyon, but the skies were clear.

I was amazed and somewhat concerned about how close to the edge you were able to get at certain places. I was especially nervous having all of my kids with me. My youngest made a big deal when he turned 9 that he was too old for me to hold his hand anymore. Not only did he make an exception at the Grand Canyon, but he told me that if "I wasn't holding his hand, he might faint." It was very cute!

Since, I homeschool this trip automatically gets turned into an educational field trip ;-). My 15 year old daughter lamented about this. Yet, I enjoyed learning along with my youngest from all the different books we read on the different parks. Below are just a few things that I learned.

Basic Grand Canyon facts:
--Became a national park in 1919
--Its located in Northwestern Arizona
--It is 277 miles long
--5 million people visit the park each year
--90% of those people see the canyon from the South Rim
--It takes 5 hours by car to get to the North Rim, so fewer people see it from there
--You can hike or take a mule train to get to the bottom of the canyon
--The Colorado River flows through it (some take rafting trips down it)
--Major John Powell lead an expedition through the Canyon in 1869

Plants & animals that we saw:
--Yucca plant

--Grand Canyon for kids!
--Welcome to Grand Canyon National Park
--Exploring Canyons
--Grand Canyon National Park
--Grand Canyon National Park

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Headed Out West!

My Grandmother is turning 90, so I, along with some family are headed out West to see her and some sites along the way! I'm hoping to blog and post pictures from some of the sites, if I can get internet access.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Open Mic Tea Party--October 10th!

On April 15th, approximately 5,000 of us showed up at our KC Tea Party at Liberty Memorial. For those that didn't have a chance, or who are inspired to have their voices heard once again, there is another opportunity. Here are the details:
Date: Saturday, October 10, 2009
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: Liberty Memorial
Street: 30 W Pershing Rd
City/Town: Kansas City, MO
Host: Americans for Conservative Training

There will be a whole array of speakers and I will be the MC for the event. Hope to see you all there!!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Thursday Smorgasbord!

1) Going Rogue: An American Life--Sarah Palin's Memoirs

2) Hollywood's New Low--Defending a Child Rapist--I don't know if you've been following this story, but its sick. Roman Polanski drugged and violently raped a 13 year old girl when he was 44 years old. Yet, somehow, because he is a Hollywood Film Director and because it happened 30 years ago, there are those that don't think he should serve any jail time for his crime.

Sean Hannity read a transcript from the case on the air yesterday and it was horrifying. To this day, Polanski still doesn't see that he did anything wrong. So, since he was a coward and fled the country and since he's loved by hollywood, he should be let free is the justification being made by many. Ask Whoopie Goldberg, according to her it wasn't, "rape rape", whatever that means. As a mother of two daughters, I am beyond sickened.

3) Democrats are resorting to becoming "Drama Kings" as they lose public support for Government Run Health Care

--We wouldn't want to actually listen to what the Doctors would have to say about this would we?

If we did, we'd find out that--78% of Physicians Say Public Option Would Negatively Impact Health Care

4) I heart J.C. Watts!--I couldn't say it any better!

5) Sarkozy not an Obama fan??? --But I thought the world was going to love us once Obama apologized and that evil Cowboy Bush guy was gone!

6) Dan Rather's Lawsuit bites the dust!