Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Justice for These Missing Women!

I am reading Fatal Vows by Joseph Hosey about Drew Peterson's wives.  He was convicted of killing his 3rd wife Kathleen Savio and sentenced to 38 years in prison, but his 4th wife, Stacy Peterson is still missing from Bolingbrook, Illinois in Will county. 

While reading the book, Hosey mentioned several other women that have gone missing in the same area, under similar circumstances, with their husbands (soon to be ex-husbands) as the prime suspects.

Lisa Stebic went missing on April 30, 2007, six months before Stacy Peterson's disappearance in the same place, Will county.  Her soon to be ex-husband, Craig Stebic, is considered a person of interest in her disappearance.  She has never been found.  There is a facebook group dedicated to finding justice for both Lisa Stebic and Stacy Peterson.

Joan Bernal went missing on December 9, 1988 in Downer's Grove, IL.  Charges were filed against her husband Gilbert Bernal, but dropped 11 months later because no body was found.  Joan told a relative before she disappeared that "her husband allegedly said he could kill her and put her in a barrel and make sure nobody would find her."  There were 2 barrels purchased by Gilbert Bernal, but only one was found after her disappearance.  There is a facebook page dedicated to finding Joan Bernal.

Jeri Lynn Duvall went missing on June 8, 1990 in Will county.  Her husband, Bob Duvall is the only suspect in her disappearance.  Their oldest daughter witnessed many violent acts committed by Bob against Jeri Lynn.

Mothers are Vanishing

Chronicles of a Waitress!--Part 1

I have worked at several different jobs the past 2 years, and right now I am a waitress.  It is amazing how differently you see the world, once you are on the other side of it.  I have gained a whole new respect for those whose wages are based solely on tips.

So, that said, I thought I would make a humorous list that would help people to see what it is like to serve the public.  I'm sure there will probably be some follow up posts after this.

1) Just in case you were wondering, a $4 tip for a $70 order is not acceptable.  Especially, when your waitress busted her butt for you.

2)  Please don't blame your waitress for something she has no control over.  Example: the kitchen staff drops your food on the floor, and your waitress has to wait for them to remake your food.  Your waitress makes $3.70 an hour, so when you punish her by not tipping, you are taking away her livelihood. 

3) When you give your waitress a generous tip, you make their day and restore their faith in mankind, especially when that waitress has had a rough week.

4) Gel inserts in your shoes help, but not enough!

5) I totally get high maintenance guests (since I can be one), but that requires extra work and means you should leave your waitress a better tip.

6) Waitresses are required to do more than just wait on their guests.  They are constantly working during their entire shift, doing side work in the kitchen, running other food, helping the kitchen staff.  And again, they only make $3.70 an hour, so tips are their main source of income.