Sunday, February 25, 2007

Flags of our Fathers

I really wanted to see this movie in the theater but never made it. I just got it thru Netflix and was not disappointed. It is a very good movie although difficult to watch at times.

It paints a very realistic picture of how horrific the fight at Iwo Jima was for our soldiers. It reminded me of how D-day was portrayed on Saving Private Ryan. You are charging up the beach and men all around you are dropping. It is unfathomable!!

The movie also shows how difficult it was for the 3 surviving men from the famous Iwo Jima picture to cope with coming home and being regarded as a hero. I don't think we ever think about what that would be like.

Seeing the movie also made me think about all the needless deaths that happened during that war. Hindsight is always 20/20 and looking back I'm sure there were things that could've been done to save lives. Yet, that is war. Wars are never planned perfectly or executed perfectly, war is hell! It showed me how unfair so many liberals are being in their criticism of our current war and of our president.

Wordsmith has been debating a liberal in the comments' section of one of my other posts. It is now up to 55 comments :-). Wordsmith made some excellent points that I thought were worth quoting here about the war & Bush:
1st comment

"Democracy, especially in the presence of an insurgency and those who are working actively to sabotage it every step of the way, takes time and effort and energy and sacrifice. It doesn't happen overnight, as much as we may wish it to. There is blood, there is dying, and there are setbacks amidst successes. It's hard work. It's difficult work. Now is not the time to lose one's resolve. Now is the time to do what's right and to do what needs doing, especially when things get tough and it looks like the darkest hour. What did you expect? For our enemies in Iraq to just roll over and play dead? For us to incur zero loss of life? Giving me the latest body count isn't an argument for invalidating this war. It's WAR. And people die. What would the cost in American and Iraqi lives have costed us, in the long run had Saddam remained in power? We will never really know.

We're there now. We're in this war. There's no excuse for not working toward victory. Defeat or a perceived defeat will not make America safer.
But how fair is it for civilians to armchair quarterback and micromanage this war, when we do not have all the facts available to us? Following the press releases is not sufficient to make educated, strategic decisions.

2nd Comment
So many things went wrong during the invasion of Normandy; so many lives that can be seen as avoidable losses. But that's the nature of hindsight. And it creates anguish in all of us- including our elected leaders who made the big decisions- to know that mistakes cost lives. But what's the solution? Fire the generals and Administration officials every time something goes wrong?

I understand you want leaders to be able to "adjust accordingly", and not stubbornly keep doing the same thing over and over again. But I think the situations and relationships are complex ones, and all we end up doing is armchair second-guessing. We are not there, sitting in the war-room, absorbing all the available intelligence and data.

"Stay the course" is a nice, silly little phrase, that unfortunately, has been political ammo for the critics. It shouldn't be. "Staying the course" doesn't mean you keep applying the same strategy when the war has evolved. It means, you have the intestinal fortitude to outlast the enemy, even when the going gets tough. Throughout the past 3 years, we have adapted and changed tactics; as has the enemy.

Now, that being said, some decisions in hindsight should have probably been made sooner (such as more troops) that weren't. But, again, this is the advantage of 20/20 hindsight.

I see President Bush as someone who will go down as one of our nation's strongest leaders, precisely because he has faced so much opposition; that against the odds, I think he will emerge as having been right, and made the big decisions, even when they weren't the popular decisions. Leaders cannot lead a nation, based upon the latest gallup polls. Bush is someone who thinks big, and has tackled head-on, some of the big challenges of our time. He is a mover and a shaker, and has affected the world as a risk-taker, for better or worse you may argue.

I think 9/11 transformed Bush into one of our nation's best; it jumpstarted his greatness to think big and to go long. The status quo was a slow kill for the world, as terrorists festered through the 90's, like a malignant cancer upon the world, largely ignored and left untreated. Reagan was much hated around the world; and there were demonstrations even before he swore the oath, as protestors thought it would be the end of the world."

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Carnival of Bauer LMC Style

Since I am one of Bill Buchanan's favorite chics he has been awaiting with eager anticipation for me to host the Carnival of Bauer. Today his wishes come true!!

I've learned some fun things from reading everyone's posts and info on their blog. Thus today's carnival is entitled, What did I learn?

K.B. Spends the Day with J.B. - Hour 10
I learned all kinds of interesting stuff from Kyle's post and blog. First of all he is a star in his own right and he earns extra points with me right off the bat for posting a pic of Sawyer on last week's recap. What else did I learn? He doesn't like the Chief's uniforms which should offend me since I'm from KC but it doesn't because I don't care about football. He doesn't like Bill Maher (scores more bonus points with me). He sometimes slept in his shower as a kid and wishes he had Chloe's line of "not metabolizing the alcohol" when he was pulled over by the police.

Latest 24 Rundown
I found out that CTU doesn't have a very tough screening process and Logan is Al Gore's long lost twin brother.

24 Day 6 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Jeff gets bonus points for the most analogies and references to a wide range of topics. The list would include a Tennyson poem, Monty Python, Star Trek, the Lifetime channel, congressional hearings and the "Don't ask, don't tell policy". He is also watching Firefly on DVD, thinks there is a type of music called boom-a-chicka music and he has a makenosensemeter.

Treasonous Spies Expunged from Tabernacle
Lone Star Pundit is a little confused and thinks that Jack Bauer actually does work for the Federal government :-).

24 Season 6 - Episode 10 - 3 pm to 4 am Summary
I didn't know before now that Gredenko spelled sideways is Tancredo. I also didn't know that “No one’s life is worth the destruction of everything I’ve built” is Microsoft’s secret company motto.

Your Weekly Dose of "24"
Besides learning that even liberals like Ricky love 24 I also learned some interesting tidbits about the main characters. Chloe's official title is, Socially Inept Computer Analyst, Jack went to the School of Ridiculously Hard Knocks and Bill Buchanan went to Michigan University.

Jack Bauer 'makes it work' a la Tim Gunn and Project Runway
I learned about 24 fashion styles and noticed a reference to Animal House.
New goals in life include...
I discovered all kinds of intriguing things about Kiefer Sutherland's personal life. Also, that Lou would like to hang out with Sutherland on one of his wild, partying nights on the town.

What the?!?!
I found out that Amy is a fellow Lost fan. She posted some great pics and she too has noticed the similarities between Logan and Al Gore. (I would like to add that they are probably similar in a lot of other areas apart from just the insane look.)
I also learned that some psycho in England officially had his name changed to Jack Bauer, thats what I call obsessive. Also, I suspect that Amy must either be a big Smurf's fan or loved "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" because she kept referring to Jack's dad as "Papa Bauer".

This Week's 24: So many questions, so many bitchslaps...
Pantrygirl predicts Al Sharpton will appear on 24 if another Palmer is assassinated. Knowing Sharpton's track record I'd say its pretty likely.

Father of the Year
I learned that there are such things as a local software pirate ring and a L.A. Political Correctness badge. I also noticed references to Justin Timberlake, N'Sync, Okinawa and Karl Rove.

The beard of evil
Tom is now the 3rd person to see the similarities between Logan and Gore, this is getting scary! He also brings up hanging Chads and thinks that Milo is the new Tony. I like Milo but Tony he is not!!

WTF? Moments From Hour 10, Day 6
Adam doesn't bring up Al Gore but he does think Logan is impersonating George Lucas and we get some comparisons to Richard Nixon. Logan has to be pretty despicable to be compared to both Gore and Nixon, yikes!
Leave Politics = Grow an Ugly Beard!
I spoke too soon. In Adam's 2nd post he brings up how there seems to be this tendency after leaving office to grow beards. Not only does he give us our 4th comparison to Gore but he also compares him to Saddam Hussein, ouch!!

A public service announcement from Jack Bauer
I learned that shooting a handgun really isn't that hard and that in Jack's spare time he has fought 767 wild grizzly bears.

Many thanks to the guys at Blogs 4 Bauer for allowing me to be the hostess for the Carnival of Bauer this week.

Monday, February 19, 2007


As many of you know I am a big history and war movie buff. My husband and I watched Flyboys this past weekend.

It is based on the Lafayette Escadrille which was a group of American pilots that fought in World War I. Here is a brief summary about them:
"The Lafayette Escadrille (LE) was made up of American pilots based in France that fought against the Jagdstaffeln of Germany prior to the United States entry into World War 1. Originally called the Escadrille Americaine, this group is perhaps as well remembered for their actions in the officer's club, as their success in the skies.

The Lafayette Escadrille had 38 American pilots that rotated to other squads within the Lafayette Flying Corps, a part of the French Air Service. In all, 65 Lafayette Escadrille and Lafayette Flying Corps members perished during the air war effort over France. The Lafayette Escadrille was formed in April 1916 and carried the cause of freedom to skies over western Europe until the squadron was absorbed by the United States Air Service in 1918."

James Franco did a wonderful job as one of the main pilots. He has also starred in 2 other movies that I love, Annapolis and The Great Raid.

It was a great movie and I recommend it if you like war movies based on factual events in history.

Sites about Lafayette Escradille:
American Volunteer Pilots in WWI

Carnival of Bauer at The Chatterbox Chronicles

Yes, stop the presses a chic is going to host The Carnival of Bauer. I think that I am the first female to have the prestigious honor of hostess. So tune in because this remarkable event will happen this Thursday, February 22nd.

Many of you know the drill- we're looking for reviews, commentary, humor pieces and anything else "24"-related. If you would like to participate, please have your posts to us by midnight on Wednesday (2/21).

You have two options to submit your articles:
1) Email your post to with "Carnival of Bauer" in the subject, or
2) Use the Carnival submission form, linked via the button below.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Video Hat Tip: Mike

This is another clip from The Half Hour News Hour. I laughed so hard I still have tears in my eyes.

24's Joel Surnow

This video is the promo for Surnow's new show "The Half Hour News Hour". It is going to start airing this sunday on Fox News at 10 pm ET.

This is a hilarious clip from the show.

“America wants the war on terror fought by Jack Bauer. He’s a patriot.”--Joel Surnow

I came across an interesting article by Jane Mayer entitled, Whatever it takes. I learned some fascinating things but it wasn't hard to tell that Mayer is not a fan of 24 or of conservatives. Nevertheless, I found some excerpts worth sharing:
Surnow, for his part, revels in his minority status inside the left-leaning entertainment industry. “Conservatives are the new oppressed class,” he joked in his office. “Isn’t it bizarre that in Hollywood it’s easier to come out as gay than as conservative?” His success with “24,” he said, has protected him from the more righteous elements of the Hollywood establishment. “Right now, they have to be nice to me,” he said. “But if the show tanks I’m sure they’ll kill me.” He spoke of his new conservative comedy show as an even bigger risk than “24.” “I’ll be front and center on the new show,” he said, then joked, “I’m ruining my chances of ever working again in Hollywood.”

During three decades as a journeyman screenwriter, Surnow grew increasingly conservative. He “hated welfare,” which he saw as government handouts. Liberal courts also angered him. He loved Ronald Reagan’s “strength” and disdained Jimmy Carter’s “belief that people would be nice to us just because we were humane. That never works.” He said of Reagan, “I can hardly think of him without breaking into tears. I just felt Ronald Reagan was the father that this country needed. . . . He made me feel good that I was in his family.”

Surnow said that he found the Clinton years obnoxious. “Hollywood under Clinton—it was like he was their guy,” he said. “He was the yuppie, baby-boomer narcissist that all of Hollywood related to.” During those years, Surnow recalled, he had countless arguments with liberal colleagues, some of whom stopped speaking to him. “My feeling is that the liberals’ ideas are wrong,” he said. “But they think I’m evil.” Last year, he contributed two thousand dollars to the losing campaign of Pennsylvania’s hard-line Republican senator Rick Santorum, because he “liked his position on immigration.” His favorite bumper sticker, he said, is “Except for Ending Slavery, Fascism, Nazism & Communism, War Has Never Solved Anything.”

A year and a half ago, Surnow and Manny Coto, a “24” writer with similar political views, talked about starting a conservative television network. “There’s a gay network, a black network—there should be a conservative network,” Surnow told me. But as he and Coto explored the idea they realized that “we weren’t distribution guys—we were content guys.” Instead, the men developed “The Half Hour News Hour,” the conservative satire show. “ ‘The Daily Show’ tips left,” Surnow said. “So we thought, Let’s do one that tips right.” Jon Stewart’s program appears on Comedy Central, an entertainment channel. But, after Surnow got Rush Limbaugh to introduce him to Roger Ailes, Fox News agreed to air two episodes. The program, which will follow the fake-news format popularized by “Saturday Night Live,” will be written by conservative humorists, including Sandy Frank and Ned Rice. Surnow said of the show, “There are so many targets, from global warming to banning tag on the playground. There’s a lot of low-hanging fruit.”

I for one am looking forward to Surnow's new show, "The Half Hour News Hour".

Monday, February 12, 2007

Movie Review--Obsession

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. ~Edmund Burke

"This is a film about a radical worldview, and the threat it poses to us all, Muslim and non-Muslim alike."

Since I was sick this weekend I finally had an opportunity to watch two movies that a friend had lent me, Obsession and Fahrenhype 9/11. I will review Fahrenhype 9/11 later this week.

This movie is a must-see for everyone but especially for those that think Bush has exaggerated the terrorist threat that we face. I ask everyone, especially my resident liberals to at least watch this 12 minute clip of the movie.

The movie makes it clear that it isn't talking about all Muslims because many don't buy into this radical worldview. It is also worth noting that Muslims are just as much at risk as anyone else of suffering from the terror that these radicals would inflict. The problem lies in what Khaled Abu Toameh, a Palestinian journalist, had to say. He hopes that "the silent majority is not speaking out against the radicals out of fear and not out of sympathy" but he isn't sure.

Daniel Pipes, director, Middle East Forum, estimates that 10-15% of Muslims worldwide support militant Islam. Many more though, are anti-American and anti-Zionist.


"This religion (Islam) will destroy all other religions through the Islamic Jihad fighters."--Taken from a Jordanian/Palestinian school book--1998

The scariest aspect of dealing with this struggle is the fact that many children are indoctrinated from a very early age to fight in jihad and that it is honorable to die as a suicide bomber. Nonie Darwish, daughter of Shahid (martyr), was raised in the Middle Eastern Islamic culture. She said it is a culture that produces terrorism. "In the Middle East Islam is our identity, it is our political life, our social life; it is our life."


I have always been aware of the similarities between World War II and the struggle against radical Islam but this movie brings it home. The Grand Mufti Al-Husayni collaborated with Hitler. They had the same goal, to exterminate the Jews. There were even Muslim SS Divisions. An excerpt from wikipedia about the Grand Mufti:
"Until the end of the World War II, al-Husayni worked for the Nazi Germany as a propagandist for the Arabs and a recruiter of Muslim volunteers for the German armed forces. Beginning in 1943, al-Husayni was involved in the organization and recruitment of Bosnian Muslims into several divisions of the Waffen SS and other units."
Hitler used the war of propaganda with hate speech and paranoia. Radical Islam is doing the same thing. When you see pictures of Islamic youth being indoctrinated they look just like the Hitler youth did. Many argued on the movie that Islamofascism is actually more dangerous than Hitler's indoctrination because it spreads across many Muslim countries.


"Of course not all Muslims are like that(the radicals in the video clip). But we've been infiltrated with this kind of agenda. America has to wake up. We are strangling ourselves with our political correctness."--Nonie Darwish

The movie mentioned that the press does us a great disservice by minimizing the threat we face. According to Michael Moore and many like him "there is no terrorist threat." Neville Chamberlain disagreed with Winston Churchill over the threat Hitler posed and the result was a longer war and more deaths. We can't afford to ignore this global threat that we face by Islamic militants who would commit suicide just to kill some of us. Just like Hitler admitted in his speeches that he was for exterminating the jews we have video clips of Islamic extremists calling for the death of all infidels (non-Muslims). They can't make it any clearer what their intentions are, are we listening?

Get involved: What we can do
Interview with Nonie Darwish

Other reviews of Obsession:
Lone Pony--Obsession
Chas' Compilation--Obsession: What we are up against
Obsession: Documented Terror

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The World's 10 Worst Dictators

Parade Magazine does an annual report on the worst dictators. Here is the list from, The World's 10 Worst Dictators by David Wallechinsky:
1) Omar al-Bashir, Sudan

2) Kim Jong-il, North Korea

3) Sayyid Ali KhamEnei, Iran

4) Hu Jintao, China

5) King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia

6) Than Shwe, Burma (Myanmar)

7) Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe

8) Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan

9) Muammar al-Qaddafi, Libya

10) Bashar al-Assad, Syria

To see #'s 11-20 go here!

Wallechinsky used the U.S. Department of State, Human Rights Watch and several other organizations to compile his list. I find it interesting when you consider some of the liberal leanings of some of these Human Rights' groups and yet they still have Bush's axis of evil guys as #2 and #3. Maybe W knew what he was talking about during that speech after all. Also, note that Syria's dictator was on the list, the one that Rick Warren praised for having a country where Christians and Muslims were able to get along.

Cross posted at The Astute Bloggers

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Explosion Rocks Kansas City

Photo Credit: My World as I shot it

Every blogger in KC is talking about the same thing. We had a Chemical Plant explode here yesterday. Tony has links and says, Kansas City looked like Mordor for a day. Blog KC broke it down like this:
* Thick ash and 3-inch chunks of crud are falling Downtown and as far away as Midtown. The crud is reported be highly toxic.
* Downtown buildings are shutting down their HVAC system.
* KCMSD has evacuated five elementary schools in the area, all kids have been taken to the Paseo Academy.
* Two big power lines were hit, causing power outages as far away as Barry Road and several of the suburbs.
* The plume of smoke is visible as far away as Libety and Overland Park.
* I-35/29 is closed in both directions at the Paseo Bridge
* The fire has spread to at least one nearby house
* EPA ground monitors report no air problems, but an EPA plane is en route from Texas to test air inside the cloud.
* The plant produces lots of solvents and paint thinners that can cause eye and lung irritation.

Photo Credit: Living in the Scoot Utopia

Personally the kids and I noticed our lights flickering around the time of the explosion. Of course we didn't know at the time what it was from. A little less than an hour later I ironically first found out about it on the national news via Fox (of course). Then a friend whose husband works at our local NBC affiliate called me and told me to turn on the local news. The Chemical Plant really isn't that far from our house but we weren't close enough to be in the danger zone.

The real issue is it wasn't far from my husband's work. He could see the flames and the smoke while driving home which took him twice as long because some of the highways and a bunch of the roads were closed down.

Several friends called to see if I knew since I live the closest to the plant. One friend was driving on the highway all the way in Overland Park and could see the smoke. Another was on I-70 and could see it too. Last night I saw on the news that NKC Highschool was being turned into a Red Cross shelter and many schools were still going to be in session today just at alternative places.

As far as I can tell they still don't know what caused the explosion and one of the main concerns is the toxicity of the air around the plant. Thankfully, everyone was able to evacuate before the plant exploded and no one was hurt or injured.

Lost & Best Movie Line

I was out late watching Lost with a friend so no time to post. I leave you with this pic.


Also, a friend sent me this video clip via email. I have seen it many times on other blogs but it is so good I figured it was time I posted it. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

71 Charges against Michael Devlin

I posted awhile back about the miracle in Missouri where 2 abducted boys were found alive. I also expressed dismay over comments critical of Shawn Hornbeck, who had been missing for over 4 years. Many were questioning why he didn't escape. I brought up that he obviously had been so traumatized and tortured that he was too afraid to escape. Well, yesterday we found out some of the trauma that Shawn was forced to endure.

Devlin faces 71 charges, 17 related to Ben Ownby and 54 related to Shawn Hornbeck. Here is the list of the specific charges. Gateway Pundit breaks down the charges like this:
In the case of 15-year-old Shawn Hornbeck, the abuse lasted four years, according to the charges. For 13-year-old Ben Owbny, the abuse began the day he was abducted last month and lasted until he was rescued four days later.

The charges represented the first time authorities have openly accused Michael Devlin of molesting the children.

...Seventeen of the charges allege that Devlin kidnapped Ben on Jan. 8 and forced the boy to have "deviate sexual intercourse" with Devlin four times that day and four times each day for the next three days. There are no charges for the day of Jan. 12, when the boys were found.

The remaining 54 charges claim that after kidnapping Shawn in October 2002, Devlin kept the boy isolated in Devlin's apartment for the first month.

The boy was forced to have intercourse with Devlin throughout that month and at least once a month until Shawn and Ben were found in January, prosecutors said.

What was done to these boys is really too horrific to contemplate let alone endure. It breaks my heart that even though Ben was only gone for 4 days he was still sexually assaulted at least 16 times. What kind of a monster does this?

Thanks to Missouri's version of Jessica's law that was passed by Missouri's Republican Congress and signed into law by Governor Blunt last year Devlin should get the book thrown at him. He is supposed to get a life sentence for every act of sodomy and he has 69 such charges against him. In my opinion he should get the death penalty but life in prison will work. I just hope he doesn't get any breaks because there is talk of a deal since he may have confessed to some of the charges. Life in prison without the possibility of parole, nothing less!!

Accused kidnapper, Michael Devlin, faces 71 new charges
Gateway Pundit--Michael Devlin Charged With 69 Charges of Sexual Assault

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Dr. Seuss was Awesome

I did a post recently at The Astute Bloggers on editorial cartoons by Dr. Seuss. I just posted one cartoon there but planned to do a more expansive post on his cartoons here. My friend Joia is the one who originally lent me the book, Dr. Seuss Goes to War by Richard H. Minear. Then, since it was taking me forever to sit down and look at the book she found this website with a goldmine of all his editorial cartoons.

It is amazing how these cartoons totally apply to the appeasers of today. You hear how this war is so different than other wars (except Vietnam) and yet there have always been Neville Chamberlains to whine about "talking" with the enemy.

Seuss was actually a Democrat but he was one back when Democrats still cared about national security.

If you go to the website you learn that he did editorial cartoons during World War II from 1941-43. He created over 400 editorial cartoons during that time.

It seems enemy propaganda was a problem during World War II also.

Check out the rest here!

Wordsmith has posted a bunch of them as well!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

LMC--Mouse Killer

We had a funny event happen at our house today and it reminded me of a similar event that happened years ago so I decided I would share both of them.

I'm not sure how old my oldest 2 kids were at the time but they were probably around 3 & 4 years old. They came running upstairs from the basement screaming that there was a mouse downstairs. First of all I totally didn't believe them. Second, I figured by the time I got down there if there was a mouse he would be long gone. I was surprised to be wrong on both counts. There was a mouse and he was sitting in the middle of the room.

I panicked and wasn't sure what I should do. Somehow I got the kids to get me a small box and I trapped the mouse under it. I then proceeded to call my husband and everyone I knew to see if they had any suggestions on what to do with a mouse. No one had a good idea. So what did I do? I moved the box with the mouse under it into the garage and then sprayed (through a small hole) wasp killer. I sprayed a lot because I figured I would try to fumigate it. I put something heavy on top of the box and left him in the garage for my husband to deal with when he got home. My husband got home to find the mouse dead under the box completely drenched with wasp spray :-).

Today my 3rd child (who had no memory of the first event) came running into the living room to tell me there was a mouse in the kitchen. Again I'm thinking she is just seeing things. Sure enough I come in there and amazingly again the mouse is still hanging around. It is hiding behind a door pillow that we have to keep the cold air from coming in. My oldest son sees it peeking its nose out from behind it. My oldest daughter and my youngest son are both hiding in my daughter's bunk bed. My 10 yr. old son is trying to help me figure out what to do.

Once again I call my husband and he doesn't have any good ideas but I manage to scream into the phone as the mouse starts to run out from behind the pillow. My biggest concern at this point is the mouse will escape without us being able to kill it. Amazingly it runs into my daughter's back pack and we can see it moving around in there. I clamp the back pack down and my husband (who had just gotten home) zipped the back pack up. What do we do with it? My husband decides to take it to a dumpster and dump it back pack and all. I told my daughter I would buy her a new back pack. By the time they got to the dumpster on their way to karate the mouse was already dead. Probably from part heart failure/suffocation ;-)!!

The saga didn't end there. My son goes downstairs to find that there is another mouse (I know it has been cold but come on already). So then my kids are freaking out trying to figure out how they've gotten into the house and how much can they climb. Instead of downplaying things my husband assures them the mouse can make it to anywhere in the house including their bedrooms. Nice!! So my 10 yr. old son keeps going downstairs in his boxers and safety glasses on to shoot the mouse with his bee bee gun. Bed time comes and still we haven't gotten the 2nd mouse and we threw away all our mouse traps because its been so long since we've had them.

Needless to say my 9 yr. old daughter who has her bedroom downstairs isn't sleeping down there tonight. My 12 yr. old daughter assured me that she won't be able to sleep tonight. Not because she's worried about the mouse getting to her but because she's convinced he's going to chew up her stuff!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lost, Prison Break & 24


How can you not love Sawyer's humor in this clip? This is a short preview of a future Lost episode where Sawyer is giving Jin advice. Jin is just learning how to speak English and so Sawyer is teaching him the 3 most important phrases to say to a woman.
1) I'm sorry!!

2) You were right!

3) Those pants don't make you look fat.

That about sums it up ;-)!! I can't wait until February 7th.


Prison Break was awesome monday night. I almost feel sorry for Bellick being in prison but not quite, considering all of the evil he did while he was a guard there. I'm still in awe of T-bag setting him up.

Its almost too hard to believe how clever Michael is at times until you remember that he's supposed to be a genius. How did he have that 12 step manual memorized to give Sarah the clues? Pretty impressive and not bad on her part considering that she was able to figure it out.

It was pretty enjoyable seeing Asian dude lose his cool. Mahone aka Alan Colmes doesn't like being accountable now that Michael revealed how out of control he is. I like the fact that Michael and Linc were able to get some of the truth out whether anyone believes it right away or not.

Surely, Kellerman doesn't believe the President is telling him the truth but we won't find out till next week. When we will also see Sarah and Michael get together for awhile at least. Yah!!


Well, anyone who has seen ER knows what a jerk Paul McCrane's character Romano was who now plays Jack's brother Graem on 24. He was completely obnoxious, extremely insensitive to co-workers and patients and he sexually harassed women. So I hate to admit it but seeing Jack torture him for information wasn't all that painful for me. Especially, since you know that he is an evil man on the show who hasn't hesitated to be a part of setting off nuclear bombs. Actually, I guess that probably ranks higher than being a complete jerk on ER :-). By the way has McCrane ever played a nice guy?

On to the White House where Wayne still just can't measure up to his brother David IMHO. He's not as bad as Logan but not all that impressive either. I wasn't Karen's biggest fan but I also don't think she should have let Lennox aka McBeal Weenie blackmail her. I would've told him to bring it on.

Next stop is Gitmo where I hate it when whiners like Sandra Palmer are accidentally right.

At the end when Jack, Graem aka Romano and their dad are all together something hit me. The dad and Romano were both on ER together once. The dad played a Catholic priest who was dying and Romano was his normal jerky, surgeon self. Makes you think of that whole 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon or something like that. Next week looks awesome!!

Also, check out these 2 awesome posts at Blogs 4 Bauer:
V the K's awesome Tivo blogging
Kiefer torches his own action figure--this is hilarious

Finally, I don't know whether this is a good thing or not but guess what Stephen King's 3 favorite shows are? You guessed it, Lost, Prison Break and 24. I don't know whether that means I have good taste or not :-). The only King book/movie that I love is "The Shawshank Redemption".