Thursday, February 22, 2007

Carnival of Bauer LMC Style

Since I am one of Bill Buchanan's favorite chics he has been awaiting with eager anticipation for me to host the Carnival of Bauer. Today his wishes come true!!

I've learned some fun things from reading everyone's posts and info on their blog. Thus today's carnival is entitled, What did I learn?

K.B. Spends the Day with J.B. - Hour 10
I learned all kinds of interesting stuff from Kyle's post and blog. First of all he is a star in his own right and he earns extra points with me right off the bat for posting a pic of Sawyer on last week's recap. What else did I learn? He doesn't like the Chief's uniforms which should offend me since I'm from KC but it doesn't because I don't care about football. He doesn't like Bill Maher (scores more bonus points with me). He sometimes slept in his shower as a kid and wishes he had Chloe's line of "not metabolizing the alcohol" when he was pulled over by the police.

Latest 24 Rundown
I found out that CTU doesn't have a very tough screening process and Logan is Al Gore's long lost twin brother.

24 Day 6 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Jeff gets bonus points for the most analogies and references to a wide range of topics. The list would include a Tennyson poem, Monty Python, Star Trek, the Lifetime channel, congressional hearings and the "Don't ask, don't tell policy". He is also watching Firefly on DVD, thinks there is a type of music called boom-a-chicka music and he has a makenosensemeter.

Treasonous Spies Expunged from Tabernacle
Lone Star Pundit is a little confused and thinks that Jack Bauer actually does work for the Federal government :-).

24 Season 6 - Episode 10 - 3 pm to 4 am Summary
I didn't know before now that Gredenko spelled sideways is Tancredo. I also didn't know that “No one’s life is worth the destruction of everything I’ve built” is Microsoft’s secret company motto.

Your Weekly Dose of "24"
Besides learning that even liberals like Ricky love 24 I also learned some interesting tidbits about the main characters. Chloe's official title is, Socially Inept Computer Analyst, Jack went to the School of Ridiculously Hard Knocks and Bill Buchanan went to Michigan University.

Jack Bauer 'makes it work' a la Tim Gunn and Project Runway
I learned about 24 fashion styles and noticed a reference to Animal House.
New goals in life include...
I discovered all kinds of intriguing things about Kiefer Sutherland's personal life. Also, that Lou would like to hang out with Sutherland on one of his wild, partying nights on the town.

What the?!?!
I found out that Amy is a fellow Lost fan. She posted some great pics and she too has noticed the similarities between Logan and Al Gore. (I would like to add that they are probably similar in a lot of other areas apart from just the insane look.)
I also learned that some psycho in England officially had his name changed to Jack Bauer, thats what I call obsessive. Also, I suspect that Amy must either be a big Smurf's fan or loved "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" because she kept referring to Jack's dad as "Papa Bauer".

This Week's 24: So many questions, so many bitchslaps...
Pantrygirl predicts Al Sharpton will appear on 24 if another Palmer is assassinated. Knowing Sharpton's track record I'd say its pretty likely.

Father of the Year
I learned that there are such things as a local software pirate ring and a L.A. Political Correctness badge. I also noticed references to Justin Timberlake, N'Sync, Okinawa and Karl Rove.

The beard of evil
Tom is now the 3rd person to see the similarities between Logan and Gore, this is getting scary! He also brings up hanging Chads and thinks that Milo is the new Tony. I like Milo but Tony he is not!!

WTF? Moments From Hour 10, Day 6
Adam doesn't bring up Al Gore but he does think Logan is impersonating George Lucas and we get some comparisons to Richard Nixon. Logan has to be pretty despicable to be compared to both Gore and Nixon, yikes!
Leave Politics = Grow an Ugly Beard!
I spoke too soon. In Adam's 2nd post he brings up how there seems to be this tendency after leaving office to grow beards. Not only does he give us our 4th comparison to Gore but he also compares him to Saddam Hussein, ouch!!

A public service announcement from Jack Bauer
I learned that shooting a handgun really isn't that hard and that in Jack's spare time he has fought 767 wild grizzly bears.

Many thanks to the guys at Blogs 4 Bauer for allowing me to be the hostess for the Carnival of Bauer this week.

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