Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why I Adore Sean Hannity

As many of you may remember I used this picture for my icon picture for a long time in the beginning. The reason being that I am a big Sean Hannity fan.

When we were live blogging the another night we had a newcomer start to criticize Hannity. For me those are fighting words. It is not that Hannity is perfect or never wrong but there is so much to love about him. He and Rush are my favorite talk show hosts by far but I like the two of them for different reasons. I like Sean because he has a similar personality to me, he is a genuine Christian and he genuinely cares about people. Aside from all of that he and I seem to see politics through a very similar prism. When pressed to describe my radio style I would have to say the closest analogy would be that I am a female version of Sean Hannity.

I was reminded of all this yesterday when he started out his show expressing some of the very thoughts that I've been having lately. He has done an extremely good job up until now of staying pretty objective on all the Republican candidates praising them each for their strengths. He always reaffirms that any of them would be far better than any of the Democrats and he has given them all many opportunities to be interviewed on his radio and TV show.

There have been some accusations by others that he was pro-Rudy and I thought about this and had to admit that I hadn't noticed it. The reason being that I like Rudy for the same reasons that Sean likes him and so it all resonated with me. That said, I still think he has been more than fair to the rest of the candidates, a lot fairer than I would've been.

Yet, yesterday he finally admitted his frustration with the fact that the Drive By Media seems to be promoting two Republican candidates. He is frustrated with the fact that they are promoting McCain and Huckabee, who he deemed to be the two most liberal candidates of the five front runners. As he continued it was all music to my ears. He was expressing the exact frustration that I have been feeling about the whole race. He said it was unfair to say that it is over for Romney if he doesn't win Michigan or for Thompson if he doesn't win South Carolina. He didn't like the fact that the Drive By Media was trying to force two liberal candidates on us. We should be able to vote for who we like the best, not who we are told is viable.

I was so encouraged that he finally started talking about the liberal records of both McCain and Huckabee. He also referred to David Limbaugh's latest column where Limbaugh does a great job of exposing Huckabee's record as well. It was so refreshing that I finally called into the show at the end while I was on my way to Karate. The call screener said she was looking for liberals. I laughed and said well, that wouldn't be me. She then took my information down and said they would call for me to be on the show for Monday. I'm not sure if it is guaranteed but if I do get to talk to him on Monday I will be sharing these exact thoughts. You go Sean Hannity!!

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