Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm on Cloud 9!!

This past Saturday I wrote a post entitled, Why I adore Sean Hannity. I talked about how Sean Hannity expressed some of the very same frustrations with the Republican race that I had and how we saw things in similar ways.

Imagine my surprise when I got an email from him this morning thanking me for the post. Then, when the call screener called me about being on the show she wanted me to talk about Obama and Hillary. I said I wanted to talk about McCain and Huckabee and she was against it until I told her about the email. Then she said, Wow, okay go ahead and mention it.

Sean was so gracious. Not only did he remember my website but he remembered that I had an internet radio show. He let me talk about both and was very sweet. He said he had found my post through the KC Star and someone else also alerted him to my post. It was awesome!! I then got to talk with him about how I had the same frustrations with the Drive By Media forcing the 2 most liberal candidates on us. It was great.

I got to talk to him before the show started so they must have pre-taped it today. The 2 other times I got through I was on the air right away but this time they called me back from Friday. I thought it was going to air around 2:40 ish CST but that has passed so it could possibly be on around 3:40 or 4:40 ish. I have no idea, except I assume it will be on sometime today.

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