Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts

--I loved the above cartoon about McCain. It says it all for me!!

--Patrick had a ton of good posts yesterday. I am going to link to several of them. The first is his shocking find that explains A LOT about the nature of Fred Thompson's campaign. It also makes the critics of Fox News for not giving Fred enough coverage look pretty silly.

--Duncan Hunter endorses the Huckster. Unfortunately, I was warned this might be coming down the pike. The Hunter campaign guy that I had on the radio show told me that the only candidate he had favorable things to say about were Huckabee. I think this was a huge mistake. First, Huckabee probably won't get the nomination so he just shot himself in the foot for being on the short list for VP. Second, Hunter stood for core conservative principles. To endorse Huckabee violates everything he stood for and ran on. It is a huge disappointment for me.

Also, Hunter's reasons for not supporting Romney and Rudy were pretty ridiculous. When the campaign guy said he had some bad news about both of them I braced myself for some really negative news only to be left scratching my head.

--Many think Huckabee is done, I'm afraid to get my hopes up just yet. Patrick found 2 very enlightening articles on him that were very good. One quote that I found very striking was this one:
"He's very good at what he does, but beyond the surface glitter of his rhetoric, there's no there there. This is not a man who can (or would want to) discuss the finer details of Kirkean conservatism; even though he is a seminary-trained preacher, he has little patience for, nor interest in, the complexities of theology that underlie Christian social thought."
This is the exact impression I get of him. Even on religious issues he doesn't seem to have any depth. Many pro-Huckabee people site his views on creationism. I applaud him for those but what was astonishing is when he was grilled on his views he started to back down and waver. It was almost as if he didn't know for sure exactly what he believed, this coming from a preacher who should be an expert in the field. Yikes!!

Also, when you see that he sided with the liberal wing of the Southern Baptists you can see that there isn't any there there.

--The group accusing Bush of Iraq lies is a Soros funded group, shocker!! Gateway Pundit has an excellent post and round-up of it all.

--I'm done with Laura Ingraham. I left this comment at Wordsmith's blog:
I've gotten to the point where I can't listen to Laura Ingraham anymore. I stopped listening to her for awhile because of her incessant Bush bashing. I decided to give her another chance the other day, I kid you not, I was listening for less than 5 minutes and she started trashing Bush. Nope, I'm done with Ingraham for a very long time, probably for good. Its not even that she's bashing people I really like such as Bush and Rudy but she is just so negative.

The reason Rush and Sean Hannity are so popular is because they are so optimistic and positive. Who wants to listen to someone who constantly trashes good people on their own side? I now put her a distant second after Michael Savage as a negative talk show host that I have no desire to listen too.

Also, you hit the nail on the head when you said that she doesn't speak for me. Exactly!! I was actually shocked when Rush promoted her book about what the people want. To me it is a book written by a whiner who has no positive solutions.

She came here to KC a couple of months ago and someone tried to give me free tickets. I let them know I had no desire to go see her.

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