Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Cook Wins it by 12 Million Votes!!


Last night was an incredible night!! Our boy, KC's own, walked away the winner of Season 7 of American Idol!! Despite the whining by many critics, this year was a spectacular season for American Idol and over 97 million votes were cast Tuesday night. Cook won by 12 million receiving 56% of the votes compared to Archuleta's 44%.

All the signs were pointing to David Cook winning but I was still incredibly nervous. When Seacrest announced Cook the winner I screamed so loud I'm sure the neighbors heard. Right before the announcement Simon gave Cook a well deserved apology for being too harsh the night before. I commented to many of my friends that it would've been too little too late had David Cook lost but alls well since David Cook's fans obviously could've cared less about what Simon had to say.

It was a great night and helps make up for an election year that sucks. And look, David Cook even brings Kansas City Democrats and Republicans together. I found a fellow David Cook fan in Kansas City who happens to be a Dem but we put politics aside to celebrate David Cook!!

Congratulations David Cook!! You have a bright future ahead of you with a lot of fans who love you!!

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