Wednesday, May 21, 2008

David Cook Round-up!!

Cook's 2nd song last night was a new one that he picked, "Dream Big". I ABSOLUTELY loved it and was stunned when the judges didn't. Not only did he do an awesome job of singing it but I LOVED the message!!

Of course, Cook is going to be a huge singer whether he wins tonight or not. He has already established that. The question is does it help or hurt his career to win? Many have speculated that Chris Daughtry was actually helped as a "rocker" by coming in 4th on American Idol and not winning because he had more creative control with his album and American Idol didn't own him. He obviously has been way more successful than that season's winner, who was Taylor Hicks.

That said, I think David Cook will be just as successful as Daughtry (and I'm a huge Daughtry fan) whether he wins or not. I would just like him to win, there is just something about having your favorite win.

Last night, I thought it was all over when the judges, specifically Simon all out declared Archuleta as the winner. Nevertheless, my kids and I spent the night voting. We monitored Dial Idol all night and we were shocked to see David Cook way in the lead the entire night. As of this writing, he still holds a 12 percentage point lead over Archuleta. Obviously, the Dial Idol is not always right but it seems hard to believe that they could be that far off. I also participated in this poll and was surprised again to see that the majority of the fans there thought that not only SHOULD David Cook win but that they thought he WILL win.

Either way, David Cook is a winner and I look forward to his first Cd. Below are some interesting articles I came across in reading up about him. What I found amusing in one article is that I fit into his largest group of fans, women in their 30's ;-))). Imagine that!!

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