Sunday, May 02, 2010

Winning America Back with Sarah Palin, JC Watts and Fred Thompson!!

I had a great time at the Independence Events Center this past Saturday at the Winning America Back Conference!

I got to hear some great speakers:
~~Jeri Thompson
~~Fred Thompson
~~Marjorie Dannenfelser (President of the Susan B. Anthony list)
~~Kris Kobach (Constitutional Scholar)
~~JC Watts
~~Sarah Palin

Also, both Darla Jaye from 980 KMBZ and Chris Stigall spoke and did question and answer sessions. I have heard Chris speak many times and am a huge fan and am always impressed. Yet, I had never really heard Darla Jaye much, and I have to say I really enjoyed her.

Fred Thompson did a better job than I expected and I really enjoyed getting to see him in person. He reminds me of Dick Cheney with his dry wit and he was very endearing and had great things to say.

Kris Kobach really blew me out of the water. He has been so demonized by the left (which is what the left does when they are scared of someone) that I didn't know what to expect. He knew exactly what he was talking about (without a teleprompter) and he was so captivating that you enjoyed every minute of it. I hope Kansas is smart enough to vote him in as their next Secretary of State.

I am such a huge fan of JC Watts that I was really looking forward to getting to hear him speak. However, I was fortunate enough to snag a VIP ticket the day before the conference which enabled me to get my picture with Sarah Palin. I was ecstatic, but that ended up meaning I was in line for that while Watts was speaking. I got to hear the end of his speech and the Q&A, but it was worth it to meet Sarah and the 1st Dude and to get my picture with her.

Sarah Palin did a great job in her speech and was so encouraging. One of her best lines:
“You don’t need an office. You don’t need a title. And, you don’t need a TelePrompter to make a difference.”
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