Friday, December 03, 2010

My 2010 Book List!

I am finishing up my books on Women in the Civil War. I have loved learning about the courage and bravery of these amazing women.

As soon as I am done with my latest book, I am going to embark on Bush's book. I am looking forward to it.

Below I have my final list for 2010. 

Here are the books that I have read:

1) Going Rogue: An American Life~~Sarah Palin
2) 365 Ways to Live Cheap!~~Trent Hamm
3) Sarah~~Kaylene Johnson
4) Margaret Thatcher, Britain's "Iron Lady"~~Doris Faber
5) Madam Prime Minister~~Libby Huges
6) Margaret Thatcher~~Bernard Garfinkel
7) Praying God's Word~~Beth Moore
8) Finding Peace in Life's Storms~~Charles Spurgeon
9) I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced~~Nujood Ali w/Delphine Minoui
10) The Girl Friend's Bible~~Cathy Hamilton
11) Wit and Wisdom of the American Presidents~~Joslyn Pine
12) Our Presidents...At a Glance~~Rolf Benj. Vinmont
13) Clarence Thomas~~Vicki Cox
14) Uncle Bert~~Hulda Hoover McLean
15) The Power of Prayer in a Believer's Life~~Charles Spurgeon
16) The First World War~~Paul Dowswell
17) Tad Lincoln~~John D. Weaver
18) Uncharted Territori~~Tori Spelling
19) The Official Record of the Oklahoma City Bombing~~Oklahoma Today
20) Finger Lickin Fifteen~~Janet Evanovich
21) A Pictorial Biography Ike~~William F. Longgood
22) Women in the First World War~~Neil Storey and Molly Housego
23) First Ladies of the White House~~Nancy Skarmeas
24) Plum Spooky~~Janet Evanovich
25) Fields of Fury~~James McPherson
26) Harriet Beecher Stowe~~Henry Elliot
27) I'll Pass For Your Comrade~~Anita Silvey
28) Women at the Front~~Jean F. Blashfield
29) Spies! Women in the Civil War~~Penny Colman
30) Dr. Mary Edwards Walker~~Bonnie Goldsmith
31) Women in the Civil War~~Larry G. Eggleston
32) The Practice of Praise~~Charles Spurgeon

Here are the books on CD that I've listened too:

1) Feminist Fantasies~~Phyllis Schafly
2) Blue Skies, No Fences: A Memoir of Childhood and Family~~Lynne Cheney
3) The Downing Street Years~~Margaret Thatcher
4) Roots~~Alex Haley
5) Hand of Providence~~Mary Beth Brown
6) The Long Road to Gettysburg~~Jim Murphy
7) U is for Undertow~~Sue Grafton

Book List 1

Book List 2

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