Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Weeks in Review!!

I have been to Dixon and Aurora, Illinois, Out-in-the-Boonies, Michigan and St. Louis, Missouri in the past 2 weeks! As a result, I've ignored my blog and have a lot to catch up on.

--The pictures above show me at Ronald Reagan's Boyhood Home in Dixon, Illinois! The one is of me with a cardboard cutout of Reagan (obviously). Several people thought my picture of Sarah Palin and I was a cardboard cutout, so I took this one to show people what it does look like ;-)!!

What I missed reporting on:
~~Ecstatic about Proposition C passing by 71%

~~Bummed about the outcome of the Clay County Auditor Race

~~An interesting perspective on the 34th District Senate Race

~~More on the Iranian Woman Stoning Case
Shocker!! She was tortured before her "tv confession". What has been done to this woman and what continues to be done to women all over Iran is reprehensible. We as women from free countries need to start speaking up for our sisters who have no freedoms.

~~Obama shocks no one by supporting a controversial Islam Center near 9/11 site
Sickening!! After seeing the OKC bombing memorial I can't imagine having something to celebrate the likes of Timothy McVeigh close by. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Yet, in his classic decisive nature, he then backtracks his support. What a leader we have, what a man of solid convictions...... I guess he gets a little weak spined when he sees that 2/3rds of the American people don't support something.

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