Friday, November 12, 2010

George W. Bush talks to Oprah and O'Reilly!

To see the rest of the interview with Oprah, go here!

I love that Bush chose to use his book as a time to defend all the decisions he made. I'm also glad that while he seems to take most criticism in stride, he admits that being called a racist was beyond the pale. So many people seem so willing to play the "race card" and I find it disgusting.

As Bush says, this shows how awful the political discourse has gotten that if you don't agree with someone you think its okay to say some of the most hurtful and evil things.

Politik Ditto has the video of Kanye West apologizing to Bush over his hurtful comments about him regarding race. As GG says, it might be more impressive had it come much earlier.

Bush often didn't defend himself while President (when many of us wish he would've) and he hasn't criticized the current President (when many of us wish he would). Yet, he is a better man for it, and the chasm between him and Obama is deep. Since, Obama hasn't stopped blaming Bush for all the country's ills.

To see the rest of the interview with O'Reilly, go here!

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