Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shooting in KC

Its always sad when Kansas City makes the National News because of Crime. The details are still coming in but it looks like the gunman stole a woman's car (who happens to be dead), was pulled over by a police officer who he shot and then he went to Ward Parkway Mall and shot and killed 2 people in the parking lot and injured 2 more. He was then gunned down by police in the parking lot of Target. This mall is on the other side of the city from me but its always disturbing when this happens in your own backyard.

I'm still preparing my post on why gun-control isn't the answer but I need to do it soon. A local, liberal blogger is already screaming that we need to confiscate everyone's guns, except each person will be allowed a hunting rifle. While stripping everyone's rights to defend themselves what would this actually accomplish? People kill each other with all kinds of weapons, are we going to ban knives too? Unbelievable!! He can move to a socialist country in Europe where they have his mentality and see how safe that country is, yikes!!

To read more, go to these sites:
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