Saturday, April 14, 2007

Jason Whitlock is Awesome!!

Hat tip: Crazy Politico

Jason Whitlock may not be a conservative but he tells it like it is and that scores big points in my book. Jason Whitlock's column on Don Imus has swept the internet this week like wildfire. I, and many others have linked to it. The above video is of him on Tucker Carlson's show speaking out about it and he shares in no uncertain terms what he thinks of Sharpton and Jackson. I for one could be heard cheering as I watched it. It is about time someone says it like it is and Whitlock does just that.

He was also on CNN with Al Sharpton, Go here to see it. He makes the exact point that I have been making that injustice is wrong wherever you find it, whether its against rich, white boys (Duke LaCrosse players) or the Rutgers' Basketball team.

He also appeared on The Today Show. On Monday he is supposed to be on Oprah.

For once, let me go on the record saying I'm proud that Jason Whitlock writes for my local paper, The KC Star. Mark it down, because its a rare day for this conservative to be happy about anything that is written by a liberal in The KC Star.

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