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Fred Phelps=Pure Evil

Cult--A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

Evil is a word that should be reserved for the worst among us so I use the word very cautiously. Yet, when it comes to Fred Phelps I can't think of a more appropriate word to describe him. The harm and pain that this man has caused is indescribable and horrific. He is most widely known for being the leader of Westboro Baptist Church but is not connected to any Baptist association and even 2 of his own sons describe his group not as a church but as a cult. His cult protests the funerals of homosexuals and soldiers.

Who is Fred Phelps?

Here is a brief description of Phelps' early life:
"He rejected his mild Methodist upbringing, cut-off his family, and dropped out of both West Point and Bob Jones University. Time magazine profiled him only a few years later because of his street ministry against sexual vice in California. Phelps married young and moved to Topeka to pastor a Baptist congregation, where his violent behavior ended his pastorate. So he founded Westboro Baptist. But that congregation quickly melted away and Phelps resorted to door-to-door sales work.

After fathering his 13 children, Phelps became a lawyer and specialized in nuisance law suits. He also compelled his children to sell candy door to door every day to fund the church and the family, which are basically interchangeable. The Kansas Supreme Court eventually disbarred Phelps because of "little regard for the ethics of his profession."

He has also been a life-long Democrat who supported Al Gore's run for the presidency in '88. He has since spewed his hatred at Gore for not being anti-gay and even picketed at Gore's father's funeral. He has run for Governor, mayor and even U.S. Senator in Kansas as a Democrat.

He has attacked Republicans and Democrats alike for numerous things but has written letters of support to Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro.

He started picketing at Homosexual funerals in the 90's and then moved onto soldiers' funerals.

Throughout his life he has been a very abusive and violent man. He has been arrested numerous times for assault and was known to routinely beat his own children as they were growing up. Here is what one of his estranged children had to say:
"When I watch what he's doing now, I see shadows and visions of who he was when we were growing up," he said. "When we were kids, he could vent his rage and anger on us. Now, I'm seeing the same kind of vicious rhetoric and cruelty, it's just that he can't beat these people up."--Nate Phelps

Fred Phelps and his cult are an example of what happens when someone TWISTS Scripture to fulfill your own hate-filled agenda.

I cannot tell you how much this angers and grieves me to see someone malign God and pretend to represent Him in this way. When I was a student at Moody Bible Institute I was walking with friends down the street in downtown Chicago. A group similar to Phelps' was speaking on a street corner and screaming that God hated gays. It outraged me so much that I went over and confronted one of the members of the group.

I tried to explain to him that God loved everyone and came to save sinners, not condemn them and express hatred toward them. He gave me the example of Christ being outraged at some people for their behavior. I explained to him that his example was taking Scripture completely out of context. The people Christ was upset with were the Pharisees for being prideful, Christ always ate with the sinners and loved them. Unfortunately, members in any cult or group like this have been brainwashed and there isn't much you can say or do to help them see the light.

Now, to try and sink to an even new low Phelps has announced that his cult will protest the funerals of the Virginia Tech victims. I don't even know what to do with this except to expose it as the evil it is. Christians are supposed to be the face and hands of Christ to comfort the suffering, not to cause additional pain. Fred Phelps' cult has nothing to do with Christianity but everything to do with hate.

I leave you with this verse:
If someone says, "I love God," and hates his brother, he is a liar..."--I John 4:20
UPDATE--Radio Talk Show Host Mike Gallagher offered Phelps' cult airtime if they would call off their protests at the Virginia Tech funerals. They have accepted the offer and called off their protests. Gallagher also did this after they were going to protest at the Amish school shooting victims' funerals. I'm not sure what to think of this. He is protecting the victims' families from further pain but this sounds like giving in to the demands of terrorists and it gives them a venue to spew their hate.

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