Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More From Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock wrote another excellent article entitled, Imus ‘fight’ is over money, fame. Here are some excerpts:
"I simply question the motives of the people who pushed the hardest and shouted the loudest for Imus’ demise. Those people are now covering themselves with the fig leaf that they have a genuine interest in stopping the anti-black, women-objectifying language in rap music.

According to Sharpton, he’s been working on this issue for a number of years.

He’s clever. Fortunately, we’re not stupid. We just watched Jesse and Al sink their teeth in Imus’ rear end and not remove them until MSNBC and CBS put knives in Imus.

That tenacity and enthusiasm have been completely missing from their fight to clean up hip hop. Whether we like him or not, Minister Louis Farrakhan is the only leader with a consistent position on that issue. What we get from Jesse and Al are half-hearted public relations ploys, fights that end well before any blood is drawn. It’s a game, a game Jesse and Al have mastered."
Here is his conclusion:
"If there’s a fight to push Jesse and Al out of the ring, you can sign me up. They’re an embarrassment. They disgrace the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., a great man whose efforts caused division so that we could one day come together.

Jesse and Al cause division for profit, and demand from others the very things they’re unwilling to do — judge people on the content of their character and follow the truth wherever it leads, regardless of color.

Truth is on the side of the righteous. Jesse and Al operate as though they don’t believe in our righteousness. They are far more dangerous than Don Imus."

He was also on Oprah Monday. For numerous reasons I don't watch Oprah anymore (I'll have to do a post on that another time) but I forced myself to tune in to see Whitlock. I have to say that he wasn't allowed to say much and besides him there was only one other lady that I thought had anything decent to say. I'm not sure how much it was worth Whitlock's time but what he did say was good. Here was my favorite quote:
“In the history of mankind, no one has ever received more respect than they were willing to give themselves. And so unless we respect ourselves and stop it first, no one else is going to respect us. We have to do that collectively.”

Some Final Thoughts
Jason Whitlock is Awesome!!
Don Imus and The Justice Brothers

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