Friday, March 23, 2007

TV Highlights

Rebecca tried to talk me into watching American Idol last year. My oldest daughter wanted to give it a try so we started watching it this year. I like it. My top 3 right now are Gina Glocksen, Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis. The above video is my favorite performance by Gina. Like many I CAN'T BELIEVE that Sanjaya is still on the show. When he didn't get voted off on Wednesday I was just disgusted. He totally doesn't belong in the top 10. Everyone else out sings him and he reminds me of the creepy side of Michael Jackson that appeared after he was famous. Yuck!!

Prison Break continues to amaze me in how good the story lines are and just when you think they've painted themselves into a corner they take a whole new direction. These last 2 weeks have had several shockers. I totally didn't see the President stepping down. I naively thought she was really going to pardon them although I knew in the back of my mind that couldn't happen because it would wreck the show.

I was so impressed with Michael feeling remorse over Sarah and T-bag. Once again the actor who plays T-bag deserves an emmy because he does such a good job on playing someone despicable; who is losing it.

Once again I am amazed at how the show's writers can enable you to feel empathy for almost anyone. I found myself actually feeling sorry for Mahone in this last episode. When I saw him confront Wheeler in the garage I assumed Wheeler was toast, but Wheeler survived intact.

Lost was so good this past Wednesday, even though Sawyer wasn't even in one scene. I really like and am fascinated by Locke's character. It was good to finally find out what caused him to be paralyzed. I have to say that after watching this episode I find his father to be evil incarnate. I also am convinced that Billie is right about the con-man who destroyed Sawyer's life also being Locke's dad. It completely makes sense and would fit in with the rest of the show.

I was also shocked about finding out last week that Claire and Jack are brother and sister. The connections are amazing and fascinating all in one. I love how everything seems to fit together.

I was shocked but not bummed to learn that they bumped off Audrey. I have never been a fan although my husband pointed out, is she really dead? 24 is kind of like Alias, you never know if someone is really dead.

I'm really not buying this storyline with the Vice President declaring war just for the heck of it. First of all, he is supposed to be a Democrat so we know it can't be real. Also, not even Ann Coulter would be ready to strike against a country for the reasons they are coming up with. It makes the whole thing look just a little ridiculous.

I totally cracked up seeing Chloe kiss Morris to find out whether he had been drinking or not. The funny part was Milo looked amused and Morris didn't even get offended. Chloe is never one to disappoint!!

I think its pretty obvious that Nadia isn't the mole, I'm wondering if Ricky Schroeder is.

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