Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition KC Style

(I finally got my digital camera issues taken care of and was able to transfer my pics of the house!!)

To be honest I've only seen the show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition twice. Yet there was a lot of excitement here the week before last as they had picked a home and family in KC. I found over 16 articles on it done by the KC Star alone. I was talking to the lady at my hair salon about how I had read that the last time the show came here we set a record of 10,000 visitors a day. We weren't sure what that says about KC, maybe that we are pretty desperate for some excitement here ;)!!

Nevertheless, it was kind of neat because the house that they were working on was only 3 minutes from my house. I figured we wouldn't get this close again so I thought it would be fun for the kids and I to go check it out and take some pictures that I could put on here.

The first time, we tried to go on Friday and it turned into a complete NIGHTMARE!! Even though it was only 3 minutes from my house you had to go to the local mall and take a shuttle bus. Somehow my friend and I picked a bad time to go. We waited for an HOUR outside in the cold for the bus. We finally made it on to one and we were relieved. We were only on it for 3 minutes when the BUS BROKE DOWN!! My friend and I were incredulous. To top it off we had the bus driver from hell who was very rude and mean about everything. I took down the correct info so my friend, Little Miss Rude could call and complain for me since she is a pro at such things dealing with the entertainment industry on a daily basis. What ticked us off the most was the bus driver wouldn't let us get on the next bus, she insisted we get back in line at the end of the line after waiting for an hour. My friend and I both had things we had to get to so we left in frustration.

So the next day on Saturday the kids and I set out again, this time on our own. I was dead tired but we went anyway. This experience ended up being the complete opposite. They were running more shuttle buses that day so we literally drove up, got on a bus and we were on our way. The house was pretty awesome and since it was the day before they were going to present it to the family all of the outside was done.

Of course, the family situation is a tear jerker like always. I do think it is neat to see families like this get something nice. The couple, Jesus and Michelle Jacobo had 4 kids, something happened to a relative and they ended up taking in 5 nieces and nephews. So they now had 9 kids and they had a grandfather come live with them to help. That resulted in 12 people living in one small house. The show sent them on a week vacation to Florida while they worked on the house where for some of them it was their first plane ride, hotel stay, etc... So it is a neat thing what the show does for so many families.

To read more about all of it here are some of the articles I found in the KC Star:
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