Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Praying For Tony Snow

It broke my heart this morning to learn that Tony Snow's cancer has returned. Tony Snow is one of those stand up guys who most rational people can't help but love. He has always been a passionate voice for the conservative cause and yet, he is such a nice guy that it makes it hard for people to dislike him. LGF points out these hateful comments but these are by rabid, irrational, vicious leftists who are so filled with hate that they would never be capable of saying anything even remotely kind about anyone on the right.

Most of us conservatives had kind things to say about Elizabeth Edwards but the kindness and graciousness never seems to be reciprocated by many on the left. It is too bad because cancer is something that should evoke compassion in us all no matter who the person happens to be.

All that to say, I love the man and I will be praying for God's gracious, healing hand to touch him. I will be praying for a quick treatment and a speedy recovery because we need him in D.C. Click here to see the video of President Bush's kind words about him.

My message to Tony:
We love you and are praying for your speedy return!! Hang in there, you have a lot of people pulling for ya!

Medical Experts are saying that he may be able to live with this indefinitely. That is encouraging.

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