Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sending Love to Tony Snow

The above video has one of my favorite Tony quotes of all time when he says this to Helen Thomas, "Well, thank you for the Hezbollah view...". Tony did an awesome job on Fox News Sunday, he was even better as a Talk Show Host and he completely rocks as the White House Press Secretary. He has given conservatives some very enjoyable cheering moments when he calmly took on both David Gregory and Helen Thomas without being rude or harsh.

Right now he is greatly missed and all of us need to send out our love to him. Go here to send Tony Get Well wishes. I sent him an email but I will also be finding a way to send him a card via snail mail as well. It will only help Tony's optimism in getting better to see how many people care.

Also, check out this awesome collection of links that Flopping Aces has on all of Tony's greatest hits.

I'm not normally a Cal Thomas fan but he has written a neat article about Tony. He talks of how Tony's faith deepened after his first cancer surgery. It is pretty inspiring. Thomas points out how appropriate it was for W to ask people to pray for Tony since Tony is a man of faith and prayer. No wonder I love him so much!!

Praying For Tony Snow

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