Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year's Wishes--Part 2 (Female Edition)

My wish for Skye is that she gets to go on a week long cruise with these guys as her tour guides :-)!!

Mahndisa also gets a week at a science resort, since it was such a big hit with Becky ;-)!! While there Mahndisa gets the opportunity to discuss all kinds of physics' theories with other experts in the field.

My wish for Gayle is a week long vacation at a luxury ranch for her and Walt and all the news channels are moonbat free of the likes of Cindy Sheehan and Hillary Clinton. Just like channels bleep out curse words these will bleep out any news of loony liberals. Also, special Doctors for Walt to completely fix his teeth after his recent accident.

Suzie gets to spend a week traveling with John Walsh campaigning for stricter laws for sex offenders and making a huge impact.

Since Monica is a fellow homeschooling mom I can imagine what she would like. So for her I have a week long spa trip which caters to conservatives. Fox News on all the tvs and lots of fun magazines lying around such as "The Weekly Standard" and "The Limbaugh Letter".

Little Orange Fox gets to spend some time with a hunky, conservative boxing trainer so she can perfect her commie, pummeling skills!!

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