Sunday, January 14, 2007

Miracle in Missouri

2 Missing Boys Found Alive in Missouri

I can't tell you what awesome news this is. Ben Ownby disappeared this past monday after getting off his school bus. It was on the local and national news and since the 72 hour mark had passed everyone was fearing the worst. I can't tell you what a shock it was to see the news break live while I was watching Court Tv friday afternoon. They had found him alive but not only that they had found another boy who had been missing for 4 1/2 years. Shawn Hornbeck had also been found alive after disappearing 4 1/2 years earlier.

As the pundits on Fox News were talking about it yesterday they were saying this is the most shocking and best news on a case like this since Elizabeth Smart was found alive. You don't get good news in cases like this very often so it was very exciting.

I also watched Shawn Hornbeck's stepfather talk about the pain he had gone through the past 4 years and what it was like to have the reunion with his son. What always breaks my heart is you know irreparable damage has been done to this kid. Hopefully Ownby won't be too traumatized but with Hornbeck how do you recover from having been kidnapped and held by a sex offender for that amount of time? That was what always made me sad about Elizabeth Smart. It was so great that she was found but how will she ever recover from the abuse that she suffered those months that she was gone? These monsters steal their childhood and then they are supposed to live normal lives. Yet another reason to strengthen our laws against sex offenders.

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