Monday, January 08, 2007

Must See TV!!

Much to everyone's shock (probably) I didn't watch many TV series this past fall because some of them were missing in action. Prison Break and Lost were the main ones and I also watched Survivor and Amazing Race. Prison Break took a break pretty early and Lost was only on for a month so January is an exciting month.

Most exciting of course is 24 starts on January 14th with a 2 hour kick-off and then another 2 hours on the 15th so it begins with a bang. Shane and Kelli are finally caught up so Timothy is probably the only one I have to worry about with the spoilers ;-)!! If you haven't checked out Blogs for Bauer yet you are missing out. Join in on the liveblogging on the 14th & 15th, its a lot of fun!

It was interesting because I re-watched A Few Good Men the other day and I hate Kiefer Sutherland in that movie. He plays such a despicable character and so different than his role in 24. His infamous quote, "Private Santiago is dead and that is a tragedy, but he is dead because he had no code, he is dead because he had no honor and God was watching." Yikes!! I'm not sure I liked Sutherland in any movie before 24 except maybe The Three Musketeers.

Wildfire started up on New Year's Day! It is a fun show about a girl, a horse and much more.

Prison Break comes back from its hiatus on January 22nd. If you are a fan of Prison Break you need to come join us at Prison Break Central especially when the episodes air for liveblogging. Tons of fun!!

Nashville Star is Country Music's version of American Idol and it starts up this thursday, January 11th.

Unfortunately we have to wait until February for Lost but not too long since it starts up on February 7th.

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