Friday, January 12, 2007

Dealing with Iran

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Thank God the Bush administration did not capitulate to the insane advice from the Iraq Surrender group that we should ask Iran and Syria for help with Iraq. Instead Bush and Condi are finally starting to get tough with Iran.

Yesterday, U.S. Troops Raid 2 Iranian Targets in Iraq, Detain 5 People. Here are some excerpts:
"The action in Irbil is one of the genuinely new additions to the U.S. strategy in Iraq. Bush said Wednesday that the United States will now "seek out and destroy the networks" arming and training U.S. enemies. He also announced that he is ordering another aircraft carrier and supporting ships to the Persian Gulf area near Iran in a show of force.

Marine Gen. Peter Pace, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, charged yesterday that Iran is "complicit" in providing weapons designed to kill American troops. "We will do all we need to do to defend our troops in Iraq by going after the entire network regardless of where those people come from," he said at a news conference with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates.

Rice outlined a carrot-and-stick strategy, offering to meet with her Iranian counterpart "anytime, anywhere" to discuss "every facet" of U.S.-Iranian relations -- with the condition that Tehran suspend its program for enriching uranium, which can be used for nuclear weapons as well as for generating energy. Until that time, she said, the United States will "use all our power to limit and counter the activities of Iranian agents who are attacking our people and innocent civilians in Iraq."

Rice effectively dismissed a key recommendation of the Iraq Study Group, the bipartisan panel that last month urged the administration to launch a dialogue with Iran and Syria to help stabilize Iraq. She told reporters that Tehran and Damascus should not "be paid" to end their "destabilizing behavior," and that such a move would both demoralize friends and embolden enemies across the Middle East."

Most of us are saying what took so long? Gateway Pundit has several great posts on this, my favorite one with this title, How Condi Got Her Groove Back- Threatens Iran, Rejects Dialogue With Syria! His last sentence from that post is strikingly revealing, "Iran and Syria and democrats and the media denounced the Bush plan today." What a shock, terrorist nations, democrats and the media all having the same view on Bush's plan.

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