Tuesday, September 02, 2014

What is the What--A Review

--I have had a heart for Africa for awhile now.  Yet, even though I visited Senegal, West Africa, I have done more Africa posts about Sudan, than any other African country.

--Between the constant civil wars and the genocide in Darfur, there has been a lot of focus on Sudan, for those who cared to look.

--I heard a little about "the lost boys", but never made the connection that they were the lost boys of Sudan until I read Lopez Lomong's book, Running for my Life.

--What is the What is a very detailed account of Valentino Achak Deng's life, from when he was a child in Sudan with his family, to walking with other lost boys to Ethiopia, and then to a refugee camp in Kenya, and finally to the United States.

--It is amazing what Valentino survived as a child walking across Africa.  He was very fortunate, many, many other boys died.

--Yet, what one never thinks of, is how hard it might be for a "lost boy from Sudan" to adjust to life in the United States.  I'm sure many of us assume that once they get here, life would be easy.  But, just like the rest of us that live here, it is not always easy.

--I learned a lot and it just makes me want to learn more about the lost boys' plight and how they have survived.

--Valentino has continued his endeavor to help other lost boys and the people of Sudan, check out his foundation:
The Valentino Achak Deng (VAD) Foundation

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