Friday, July 18, 2014

Malaysian Flight #MH17!

--What We Know About the Crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

--Malaysian Flight #MH17 was 3rd Plane Shot Down by Russian Terrorists This Week

--Official: 181 Bodies Found at Malaysian Plane Site

--Obama: Plane Shot Down by Missile, 1 American Dead

--Doomed Flight Likely Downed by Pro-Russian Separatists

--Sophisticated Surface-to-air System Needed to Shoot Down High-flying Jets

--All Walks of Life on the Plane:
A Malaysia Airlines vice president, Huib Gorter, said 189 of the passengers were Dutch. There were also 29 Malaysians, 28 Australians, 12 Indonesians, nine from the United Kingdom, four each from Germany and Belgium, three from the Philippines, one each from Canada, New Zealand and Hong Kong, according to the airline and officials in Australia and Hong Kong. Two passengers' nationalities remained to be confirmed.
For one Australian family, the Ukraine crash represented an almost unbelievable double tragedy.
Kaylene Mann's brother Rod Burrows and sister-in-law Mary Burrows were on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 when it vanished in March. On Friday, Mann found out that her stepdaughter, Maree Rizk, was killed on Flight 17.

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