Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Review of Sleepers!

--Sleepers is a story that will profoundly affect you.  When I first saw the movie back in the 90's, it had a powerful affect on me.  It challenges your views about justice and revenge.  What makes it even more powerful, is that it really happened.

--I am now in the middle of the book, Sleepers.  The movie sticks very close to the book.  Carcaterra had to change dates, names, places and people to protect the innocent.  There still has been controversy about whether the story is true or not.

--I find everything about the story to be fascinating.  I loved learning about what life was like for those that lived in "Hell's Kitchen" in the 60's.  It was interesting how the Catholic church made an impact on their daily lives, yet, couldn't curb the domestic violence.

--What happened to the 4 boys was horrific, it left me outraged.  Yet, just like their favorite book, The Count of Monte Cristo, there was amazing justice.  It doesn't happen too often in life, which is probably why many think the story can't be true.

--It was interesting to me that The Count of Monte Cristo was also mentioned in another favorite movie/book of mine, Shawshank Redemption.

--Anyway you look at it, both the book and the movie are well worth your time.

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