Sunday, July 27, 2014

Feel Good Sunday Stories!

--Seinfeld may be coming to Netflix!  I think they would be smart to do so, it could create a whole new generation of fans.  Then, younger people would actually know what us Seinfeld fans are talking about when we reference one of the many things that was said on there and became a part of pop culture.

--Police officer steps in to help a 96 year old woman in stifling house.  A Kansas City police officer helped a 96 year old woman who didn't have air conditioning.  He got in contact with ProjectElderCool and stayed with the woman until they brought her an air conditioner.  Very Cool!


--This Group of Thieves Didn't Count On The MMA Fighter Working at This Gas Station! This is so awesome. Perhaps more businesses should consider hiring MMA fighters.

--Kansas City Blogger Must Read!  Return of The Sassy Conservative!  Thank-ful for the shout-out from Tony's Kansas City.  He is one of my favorite liberals.

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