Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Review of The Help!

I am a big fan of movies/books when they are about people taking a stand for what they believe in, righting wrongs, fighting for a cause and bringing about some type of justice.  The movie, The Help is based on the book, The Help by Kathryn Stockett and both are exactly what I just described.

I saw the movie first and was both horrified and inspired.  It was hard to comprehend that racism/prejudice was still so rampant in the 60's.  It helped me understand that certain areas of the south definitely took much longer than other areas of the U.S. in realizing how wrong racism was and seeing it for what it was.

In college, I took classes on combating racism/prejudice and I remember at that time being shocked at how there was still a strong stigma against interracial dating in the 70's.  While racism/prejudice still exist, we definitely have come a long way.  Yet, it saddens me that it took so long.

I watched the movie numerous times and decided it was time to read the book.  I was happy with how closely the movie followed the book, but as always, the book added a lot more rich, detail.  I especially liked learning more in depth about Abilene's faith in God.  It was amazing to see when you looked at what she had to endure in her life.

Obviously, I highly recommend both the movie and the book.

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Timmy Jimmy said...

Dee! You are posting again! I didn't realize it.

This movie looks like one I need to get from Netflix. Shake things up a bit.