Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Review of A Place of Yes!

The Myth of Normal!
There is no normal. People and families are who they are, and each one is unique. Your childhood was what it was, and your life now can be whatever you want it to be. Don't seek out normal. Seek out functional. Seek out successful. Seek out happy. To do that, you have to find what works for you, never what you think is supposed to work for people in general.

Don't look to others to show you what you are supposed to be. There are no people "in general." It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks of your life. All that matters is what you think of it, and what you decide to make of it.--Bethenny Frankel
The latest book I finished reading was A Place of Yes, by reality star, Bethenny Frankel. The above quote was my favorite from the book, although I highlighted a big portion of it. While, I would've never imagined reading a book by one of the Real Housewives, Frankel is my favorite. She is very real and genuine. She is open, honest and inspirational in a way that others can't be.

I found her personal story compelling and her words of advice motivating. Her Act on it chapter was one of the reasons that I decided to step out in faith and go to Africa! I highly recommend it!

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