Monday, January 07, 2013

2012 Book List!

Since I'd like to start blogging again, I thought I'd start off with my 2012 list.  I re-read quite a few books from my favorite Stephanie Plum series, but overall, still read quite a few books this past year.

2012 Book List!
1) Heart Cries (Prayers of Biblical Women)--Marylou Carney
2) Words Kids Need to Hear--David Staal
3) The Devil Came on Horseback (Bearing Witness to the Genocide in Darfur)--Brian Steidle
4) One for the Money--Janet Evanovich
5) Kisses from Katie--Katie Davis
6) Respectful Kids--Dr. Todd Cartmell
7) Reagan in His Own Voice--Skinner & Anderson
8) Between 2 Worlds: My Life & Captivity in Iran--Roxana Saberi
9) Power, Money & Sex (How success almost ruined my life)--Deion Sanders
10) No Place Safe--Kim Reid
11) Not Lost Forever--Carmina Salcido & Jackson
12) James--Beth Moore
13) Woman, Thou Art Loosed--T.D. Jakes
14) Encourage Me--Charles Swindoll
15) Decision Points--President George W. Bush
16) Calm My Anxious Heart--Linda Dillow
17) Still Growing--Kirk Cameron
18) Mother Theresa--Sam Wellman
19) Bitter Harvest--Ann Rule
20) Two for the Dough--Janet Evanovich
21) Three to get Deadly--Janet Evanovich
22) Four to Score--Janet Evanovich
23) Running for my Life: One Lost Boy's Journey from the Killing Fields of Sudan to the Olympic Games--Lopez Lomong
24) Jane Austen's Little Advice Book--Michon & Norris
25) A Different Kind of Christmas--Alex Haley
26) Liberty & Tyranny--Mark Levin
27) Terror by Night--Terry Caffey
28) High Five--Janet Evanovich
29) Hot Six--Janet Evanovich
30) Seven Up--Janet Evanovich
31) Hard Eight--Janet Evanovich
32) The Attributes of God--A.W. Tozer
33) The Help--Kathryn Stockett
34) To The Nines--Janet Evanovich
35) Ten Big Ones--Janet Evanovich

If I had to pick a favorite from the year, I would say it would be Kisses from Katie.  She is a young, amazing woman of God who is making a huge difference in Uganda.  I will probably do a post on her, her book, her blog and her ministry.

My other favorites were The Devil Came on Horseback, Between 2 Worlds, Running for My Life and The Help.  I am definitely going to do a post on the book and the movie, The Help.

I am looking forward to reading in 2013.

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