Sunday, December 31, 2006

We Are Marshall

I have some fun New Year's posts that I want to do tomorrow and later this week but first I had to post about this AWESOME movie I saw today. I cannot say enough good things about it. We Are Marshall is based on a true story and is incredibly moving.

A small college town in West Virginia loses almost their entire football team and many other members of their town in a plane crash. This picture is of the real football team in 1970.

Matthew McConaughey and Matthew Fox star in it and they both did an incredible job. It cracked me up because I'm used to seeing McConaughey as the good-looking bachelor in most of his movies and he played such a different character this time. He had this horrible 70's hairstyle and wore these wretched plaid suits and yet he did such a good job as the coach that he was playing. I cried through most of the movie because it was so moving and inspirational.

It was also neat because it takes place in West Virginia in the 70's and I actually lived in a small town in West Virginia in the 70's so that was kind of cool.

At the end of the movie they showed a lot of pictures of the real people that the movie was about. I always love it when they do that and this is a picture of Fox & McConaughey with their real life counterparts.

Matthew Fox talking about his thoughts about doing the movie and getting to know the real life Coach Red Dawson that he plays in the movie.

LMC gives the movie two thumbs up and I highly recommend you see it. It is also rated PG so it is a great family friendly movie.

Wonderful review by Michael McBride

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