Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Butcher of Baghdad has been executed

This is an important day in history!! A mass murderer who had no qualms even killing people in his own family has met his Maker. Justice has been served.

Father and child gassed in Halabja
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Lest we forget the horrors he inflicted upon thousands and thousands of innocent men, women and children this picture is just a small reminder. This evil man's reign of terror would have continued with his even more pathological sons, Uday and Qusay had it not been for President Bush and our brave U.S. troops.

I watched several A&E biographies on Saddam Hussein and his sons and I was horrified at what I saw. When his sons were very young they were forced to watch the torture and murder of fellow human beings and even ordered to commit murder or be killed themselves. Uday breeded terror among the women at the University of Baghdad where he would pick out the most beautiful women, rape them and then kill them. Qusay was just as brutal and Saddam had succeeded in turning his sons into monsters. Here is an excerpt from a short piece on Saddam's sons:
"The stories told about Saddam’s sons, related to NEWSWEEK by several Iraqi exiles, seem almost too grotesque to be true. Some are probably exaggerated, but not by much, according to a senior administration official who has access to CIA files on Saddam’s sons. More is known about Uday, but only because he was outlandish in his depravity. Qusay is “in the shadows,” says this source. “We don’t know much.” But U.S. intelligence believes that Qusay is Saddam’s true heir apparent, for the simple reason that he controls the security that keeps his father in power and alive. Given their family history, it is remarkable that his two sons have not killed each other (though they may have tried).

Both men (Uday is 38, Qusay 36) were born and bred to violence of the most lurid kind. As infants, they were supposedly given disarmed grenades as toys. More reliably, they were said to accompany their father on outings to the torture chamber. What did they see? The methods used by the ruling Baath Party have never been subtle. When the Army briefly drove out the Baathists in the early 1960s, it discovered a chamber of horrors where Saddam worked as an officer. In the cellars of Qasr-al—Nihayyah (“the Palace of the End,” so-called because King Faisal II was murdered there in 1958), the Army found “electric wires with pincers, pointed iron stakes on which prisoners were made to sit, and a machine which still bore traces of chopped-off fingers,” according to one account based on official sources.

Saddam has always believed in the symbolic power of mutilation. “Under torture, the high and mighty are quite literally exposed as being made of the same stuff as everyone else,” writes Kanan Makiya in his study of Saddam’s Iraq, “Republic of Fear.” As Iraqi ruler, Saddam delivered the broken bodies of his victims to their families. He was aiming at the creation of “a new man” in Iraq, just as Hitler and Stalin had tried to do in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. He may well have made his sons into psychopaths."

Not only did Saddam torture and murder thousands of his fellow muslims but he had many ties to terrororism around the world.

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It must be mentioned that had it been up to the Liberal Democrats and the Cindy Sheehans of the world Saddam Hussein and his sons would still be alive to continue their reign of terror. Thank God for President Bush and our U.S. troops who have protected the lives of countless innocent men, women and children. Even though we are still unearthing mass graves in Iraq no new ones are being created. Saddam's reign of terror is over!!

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