Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Movie Stuff

There are a couple of movies that have come out this year that I want to see but haven't gotten a chance to yet. I admit that even though I am a big Gibson fan it was hard to think about going to see one of his movies since his incident. But Sean Hannity got to see his newest movie Apocalypto and said it was very good and very moving. That describes a lot of Gibson's movies so I wasn't surprised. It made me want to go and see it especially since its about the Maya Kingdom which is an intriguing subject for me. Also, I know this is a little corny but O'Reilly has this body language expert on occasionally who analyzes people's body language. O'Reilly had her observe Gibson on Leno's show and she said that his body language conveyed a real remorse about what had happened.

I also wanted to see Flags of our Fathers awhile back but never made it to the movie theater. Another one that is out right now that looks good is Bobby which is about Robert F. Kennedy. I'm in desperate need of a movie night but no time right now.

I watched End of the Spear last night and was pretty impressed. I am actually pretty familiar with this story about the 5 missionaries that were killed by tribal people but never knew the details. Elisabeth Elliott is a famous speaker and writer and she was one of the widows of the missionaries. I'm not a big fan of hers since she is a little on the legalistic side but never understood how some of the widows and children went back in to minister to the very people who killed their husbands. When you watch the movie it all makes sense. It is still pretty remarkable and it is a true picture of Christians showing the unconditional love of Christ to the lost. It is a movie well worth seeing.

Joia reminded me that I forgot to mention Clueless in my movie reviews. She lent it to me so I forgot since it wasn't on my Netflix list. This is a total gem of a movie. I was always turned off by it because it just seemed like an airhead, teenage movie to me but its actually very fun. First of all it is a modern version of Jane Austen's book Emma so that makes it neat. Also, I was so excited to see the name of one of the main characters. Alicia Silverstone is the main character whose name is Cher but her best friend is Dionne and they are both named after has been singers. This was so awesome to me because I have literally never seen a movie with a character in it with my name but also for her to be named after the same singer was very cool.

DVD Warning:

Just to save some people some stress I felt I needed to issue this warning. The two big DVD renters that send movies through the mail for a monthly fee are Netflix and Blockbuster. These are awesome services because you get unlimited movies for one low price. My warning comes in that there is a big difference in the customer service of Netflix versus Blockbuster. I started out with Blockbuster and had numerous problems. A friend and I both got frustrated and switched to Netflix. I have used Netflix for about 8 months and have never had any problems. Recently Blockbuster is trying to lure people to them with their option of enabling you to return DVDs that you get through the mail at the store and immediately get a new movie. I thought this would be a nice feature and so decided to give them another try. After going through the hassle of switching back to them I immediately encountered problems. Within one day I had 3 different issues with them. I decided it wasn't worth it and switched back to Netflix immediately. Bottom line, go with Netflix and save yourself a lot of stress.

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