Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Review of Courage and Consequence!

Photo: Karl Rove and I at Hannity's Take Back Our Country Event in 2010
The courage and conviction I saw among those aboard Air Force One and in the White House in the years ahead gave me the confidence of having been on the right side of the fight.

I wanted things on the wall that reminded me of where I came from and whom I admired.

...the leading reform opponents--this tale's true villains--were Democratic congressman Barney Frank and senator Chris Dodd. Dodd was less angry than Frank--though this could be said of virtually everyone on Capitol Hill--but he was just as wrong in his diagnosis of the problem and his opposition to reform.

At its heart and in its results, politics is the great, moving expression of our democracy. There are knaves and fools in politics, but the arena is also filled with people motivated by high ideals and great causes who work with skill, integrity, and honor.--Karl Rove
-I read this book at the beginning of the year, so this review is way overdue. 

-I have always respected Karl Rove, but this book has only increased my respect for him and President Bush. It was fascinating to see how things took place behind the scenes. A lot of it confirmed things that I thought at the time. 

-I met him at Sean Hannity's Take Back Our Country Event, and he was genuine and kind.  I have a good friend who used to work with Rove and Bush back in Texas while Bush was running for Governor, and he vouches that Rove is the real deal.

-I highly recommend reading it!

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