Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Keystone Pipeline

-60% of the American people support the Keystone Pipeline

-14 Senate Democrats joined all 45 Republican Senators in voting for it

-Labor Unions are mad at the Democrats who didn't vote for it

-It would provide jobs and have economic benefits
The project would move oil from Canada into the United States and eventually to the Gulf Coast. Supporters say it would create jobs and ease American dependence on Middle East oil. A government environmental impact statement also predicts that a pipeline would result in less damage to the climate than moving the same oil by rail.
-Yet, it failed to pass a veto proof majority by only one vote, and the President plans on vetoing it.

-However, even CNN admits that Obama will unlikely lose this battle in the end.

-Meanwhile, since Democrat Mary Landrieu (who was a big supporter since her constituents support it) wasn't able to convince enough of her fellow Democrats to pass it, she may lose in her run-off election coming up soon.

The Good News:
-Even though the bill failed the veto proof majority by only one vote, it will be back next year and likely pass.

-This will be good news for everyone, except environmental extremists.

1 comment:

Joe Calton said...

The ONLY thing the Keystone pipeline will accomplish is to allow Canada to sell toxic tar sand oil to China at the risk of our water table.

We get absolutely nothing out of this arrangement.

Anyone who can't grasp that is an idiot who has no understanding of how the global oil market actually works.