Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Good Lie--A Review

--I saw a pre-screening of The Good Lie last night.  It was an AMAZING movie!  I had high expectations going in, and yet it still surpassed them.

Why I Loved It
--The movie was accurate when it came to the facts.  Almost everything about the lost boys journey from Sudan to Ethiopia to Kenya was similar to what Valentino Achak Deng's account was in his book, What is the What.

--I love it when a movie that is based on true events, sticks closely to the real facts, and this movie did that.  After the lost boys journey, it also accurately depicted the Kakuma refugee camp and their transition to life in America.

--The acting was incredible.  Reese Witherspoon did an incredible job, and so did the kids and the adults that played the lost boys.

--The movie has heart.  It crafted things in a way that made you feel for the lost boys.  I teared up several times.

--This is a great movie for introducing many into what the Lost Boys have been through in Sudan, and what life is like for them once they get here in the U.S.

--I liked the reason for calling the movie, The Great Lie.

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