Thursday, October 30, 2014

150th Anniversary of the Battle of Westport

-I saw an article in the KC Star about artifacts from the Civil War Battle of Westport that were found by John Adams Jr. over 60 years ago.

-The Battle of Westport took place from October 21-23 in 1864, and 29,000 men fought in it:
A sprawling action, the battle occurred over three days. It started east of Independence and progressed along the Blue River and into what is now Loose Park, near Brush Creek, before turning south. The approximately 29,000 soldiers involved made it the biggest Civil War battle west of the Mississippi River. When the Union prevailed, any hope of a significant Confederate presence in Missouri ended.
-Adams' ancestors owned the land right near where the battle took place.

-As I read the article, I was excited to learn that Kansas City has a Battle of Westport Visitor Center and Museum.  I am planning on going in the near future, and of course I will blog about the experience.

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