Saturday, February 02, 2013

A review of "Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt"

I read somewhere that in order to be walked on, you have to be lying down.  Well, I wasn't going to lie down any longer.  I knew in that moment that I had to find the power God had given me.  And I had to learn not just to stand in it but to stand tall.--Christi Paul
Christi Paul is currently a TV anchor for HLN and TruTV.  I have always liked her, so I was thrilled when I found out that she is a Christian. 

I discovered Paul's book, Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt when I was looking at the Free Kindle daily deals.  The Free Kindle site lists different books that are free for that day only.  I am so glad I found it.

Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt: Christi Paul from Tyndale House Publishers on Vimeo.

The book shares Paul's personal story of surviving an abusive marriage.  Yet, she doesn't stop there.  She talks about how she got out and the process she went through.  Throughout the book she shares how her strong faith in God empowered her to make it through.  It is truly inspirational.

My story isn't as bad as hers, but it was amazing how therapeutic the book was for me.  I felt like I was getting free counseling as I read it.  I was able to process and journal a lot of the steps she shared about how to heal. 

I highly recommend this to everyone, but especially people who have dealt with verbal abuse.

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