Monday, November 07, 2011

Laura Bush Honored for her Work in Africa to Beat Malaria!

Amazingly, George W. Bush did more for Africa while he was president, than any other U.S. president to date, and yet one would never know it. In 2006, he held a White House Malaria Summit and announced the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), which has led efforts in 17 countries in sub-Saharan Africa to end malaria deaths. I found this description by Tim Goeglein of Bush particularly telling:
In my present role with Focus on the Family, I had to be up in South Africa earlier this year. Everywhere I went, whether for business meetings or ministry meetings, I was amazed at how highly regarded George W. Bush is in Africa. That’s a direct result of his compassionate conservatism and his historic work battling AIDS and malaria there. The President’s PEPFAR initiative against AIDS, and his anti-malarial program, stand among his most significant foreign policy achievements, and yet they’re little known or appreciated now, at least in the United States. I hope they will be recognized over time.

The great thing about this "Africa Story" is that it became a family affair. Laura Bush and the Bush daughters also took it on as a cause while in the White House, and the whole family continues to help the people of Africa.

Laura Bush was honored last night for her efforts to beat malaria. I have fallen in love with Africa since my missions trip this summer, so I find the Bush family's efforts very inspirational. Kudos to Laura Bush!

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Dave Miller said...

The Africa focus truly was one of the best things President Bush did while in office. It harkened back to his campaign as a "compassionate conservative."

It was a bold effort to win the hearts and minds of the people of Africa towards the US, and for that, I've always applauded him.

It is too bad the Dems do not see the benefit of this, and the conservatives are now dismissive of this approach.