Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Africa Series!--Part 1--Senegal ABC's!

My passion for Africa started awhile ago, and ever since my trip to Senegal, it has exploded. I am in love with all things Africa.

God got a hold of my heart through politics/current events and through home schooling my son. We are now doing a Unit Study on Africa and making our way through each country. I will be posting about that in this series.

My first post is about my trip to Senegal. I meant to post something right away, but life was crazy and I never got around to it. Below is something I came up with for my church presentation and a letter I sent out. I had to change it a little for safety precautions.

Senegal ABC’s
A-African jewelry-I was given and bought to bring home.
B—Babies I got to love on
C—Charms-many villagers still think they need these to protect them from evil spirits.
D—Dakota, who was one of my teammates on the trip.
E—Ethiopia-One of the men on our team was born in Ethiopia, which gave him a special bond with the people we met.
F—French is spoken by some villagers but most spoke tribal languages.
G—Goats, chickens and other animals roamed freely through the villages, fields and roads.
H—Hands—they eat with the right hand only, the left hand is used for other things.
I—Islam—A lot of the people believe in folk Islam which is a mix of Islam and ATR (African Traditional Religion).
J—Joni was the other woman on our team.
K—Kenya, Sudan and Tanzania were the African countries where my Pastor, Dr. Hadaway had gotten his experience in African Missions.
L—Late—I am notorious for having “issues” with time. So, I adapted to “Africa time” quite well.
M—Mosque—I went with Dr. Hadaway to the mosque one day and was swiftly kicked out.
N—No Problem!—Our driver’s favorite phrase in English!
O—Orphans—the street kids broke my heart and made me want to sweep them all up and start my own orphanage.
P—Pop—I am a Coca-Cola addict, so I was shocked/happy to see that most places had Coke available for pretty cheap.
Q—Quickly, left to go to historical Goree Island. It was one of the main hubs where slaves were picked up and taken in the 1800’s.
R—Rhinos on the safari!
S—Safari that we got to go on!
T—Theater—so many of the experiences would remind me of movies/tv—Roots, Locked up Abroad, The Amazing Race.
U—Unbelievable—how stressful shopping was because of how they descended on you like vultures to pressure you into buying things.
V—Van got stuck in the mud numerous times. We were there in the rainy season.
W—Wife—Dr. Hadaway kept joking that I would become someone’s 3rd wife. I thought this was purely comic humor, but we found out it was all too real for the women who live there.
X—X-rated—I saw lots of naked people in the villages.
Y—Yummy—I wasn’t real excited about the tongue and the liver we prepared in the village, but the 1st week we ate at the retreat and that was great food.
Z—Zebras we saw at the Safari.
Laura Bush Honored for her Work in Africa to Beat Malaria!
I am Going to Senegal, West Africa!

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Tony said...

Dee. These photos are inspiring.

I've long admired your blog and always believed you've had one of the most original Conservative voices in Kansas City.

But these photos and what you've told us you've learned from the voyage are nothing less than impressive and inspiring.

Thank you for posting and please keep up your great work.