Monday, December 21, 2009

A Blogger Wedding!

Several years ago, as many of us ventured out into the blogging realm, a group of us became friends! We aren't and weren't all friends with the exact same people, but many of the circles overlapped and it was a bonding experience to interact with others who were as passionate about politics as we were.

Lone Pony was one of my early friends, she and I had a lot in common and we both lived in the same area of Missouri. We were kindred spirits in many ways, and after blogging for about a year, we met! At that meeting, she talked about how she was going to get to meet one of our other blogging friends, ABFreedom in Canada. Awhile later, several of us noticed "signs" that made us suspect that they were dating ;-). Fast forward to today, and we have a blogger wedding!!!

I was honored that they asked me to be a witness! They plan on having a larger ceremony later, but they are officially hitched!! Congratulations to Lone Pony and Abfreedom!!!

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